BEAUTIFUL Heel Hook Finish | Andy Murasaki vs Igor Feliz – 2022 IBJJF No-Gi Worlds

BEAUTIFUL Heel Hook Finish | Andy Murasaki vs Igor Feliz – 2022 IBJJF No-Gi Worlds

In a thrilling showdown at the 2022 IBJJF No-Gi World Championship, Andy Murasaki and Igor Feliz clashed in an intense battle for the middleweight title. The video, brought to you by FloGrappling, showcases the skill and determination of these two exceptional jiu jitsu competitors. As the match unfolds, viewers are treated to explosive takedowns, dynamic transitions, and incredible submissions. Both Murasaki and Feliz leave it all on the mat, demonstrating their prowess and leaving spectators in awe. This showdown is a must-watch for any jiu jitsu enthusiast, offering an exciting display of talent and technique.

Throughout the match, Murasaki, representing Octo’s Jiu Jitsu, showcases his exceptional grappling skills, while Feliz, from Green BJJA, proves to be a formidable opponent. Murasaki’s strategic use of guard play and intricate submissions keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. In a stunning move, Murasaki employs a false reap to secure a 50/50 heel hook on Feliz, resulting in a beautiful and decisive finish. This thrilling matchup between two skilled athletes is a testament to the excitement and intensity of the sport of jiu jitsu.

BEAUTIFUL Heel Hook Finish | Andy Murasaki vs Igor Feliz - 2022 IBJJF No-Gi Worlds


In the finals of the 2022 IBJJF No-Gi World Championship, Andy Murasaki faced off against Igor Feliz in a highly anticipated match. Both competitors are known for their explosive and dynamic styles, making this matchup an exciting one to watch. Throughout the event, Murasaki had been performing exceptionally well, while Feliz had proven himself to be a formidable opponent. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of the match, highlighting key moments and analyzing the strategies employed by both fighters.

Background Information

Andy Murasaki, representing Octo’s Jiu Jitsu, and Igor Feliz, representing Green BJJA, are both highly skilled Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners. Murasaki has been on fire throughout the tournament, showcasing his technical prowess and ability to dominate his opponents. Feliz, on the other hand, is known for his explosive style and dynamic approach to grappling. Both fighters have faced each other in previous matches, adding an extra layer of excitement to their showdown in the finals.

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Match Overview

The match between Murasaki and Feliz was highly anticipated due to their previous encounters and their impressive performances throughout the tournament. Murasaki opted to pull guard, which was unusual for him as he had primarily relied on his wrestling skills in previous matches. This decision likely resulted from Feliz’s strong wrestling abilities, forcing Murasaki to adapt his strategy.

Andy Murasaki

Murasaki, representing Octo’s Jiu Jitsu, showcased his technical skills and versatility throughout the match. His commitment to constantly improving and adding new techniques to his arsenal was evident. Murasaki utilized a variety of submissions and positional control techniques to dominate his opponent. His ability to transition seamlessly between different submission attempts demonstrated his high-level skills and adaptability.

Igor Feliz

Feliz, representing Green BJJA, brought his explosive and dynamic style to the mat. Despite facing a tough opponent in Murasaki, Feliz showed resilience and determination throughout the match. His wrestling background and athleticism allowed him to create openings and put pressure on Murasaki. Feliz constantly pushed the pace, looking for opportunities to capitalize on his opponent’s mistakes.

Previous Matches

Murasaki and Feliz had previously faced each other in matches, most notably at the Pan AMS in 2022. These encounters showcased the skill and determination of both fighters. The history between them added an extra layer of intensity to their matchup in the finals of the IBJJF No-Gi World Championship.

Guard Play

In an unexpected move, Murasaki opted to pull guard against Feliz. This decision was likely influenced by Feliz’s strong wrestling abilities, making it challenging for Murasaki to engage in a wrestling match with him. By pulling guard, Murasaki aimed to control the tempo of the match and utilize his technical skills to secure submissions.

Submission Attempts

Throughout the match, both Murasaki and Feliz actively pursued submission attempts. Murasaki’s technical proficiency and ability to seamlessly transition between different submission attacks were on full display. He continuously applied pressure and forced Feliz to defend against various submissions. Feliz, with his explosive style, showed great resilience in fending off these attacks and creating opportunities of his own.

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Use of False Reap

An intriguing moment in the match was when Murasaki utilized the false reap technique. This technique involves manipulating the opponent’s leg position to create an opening for a submission. Murasaki executed this move flawlessly, transitioning into a 50/50 heel hook on Feliz. The use of this unconventional technique showcased Murasaki’s creativity and willingness to try new approaches in his matches.


The match between Andy Murasaki and Igor Feliz was an intense and highly entertaining showdown. Murasaki’s technical proficiency and willingness to adapt his strategy proved to be the deciding factors in securing the victory. Feliz’s explosive and dynamic style posed a significant challenge to Murasaki, but ultimately, it was Murasaki’s ability to control the pace of the match and capitalize on submission opportunities that earned him the win. Both fighters displayed remarkable skill and showcased why they are considered among the top competitors in the sport of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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