The Road to ADCC is almost here 🔥 – July 17, featuring World Champions Kaynan Duarte & Matheus Diniz

The Road to ADCC is almost here 🔥 – July 17, featuring World Champions Kaynan Duarte & Matheus Diniz

Get ready for an exciting event as two world champions in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Kaynan Duarte and Matheus Diniz, showcase their skills in “The Road to ADCC” on July 17. Kaynan Duarte, a black belt from Sao Paulo, Brazil, and a member of the Atos team based in San Diego, is the reigning champion in the +99kg division of the prestigious ADCC tournament. On the other hand, Matheus Diniz, a black belt from Uberlandia, Brazil, represents the Alliance MGA team in New York and holds the title of the 2019 ADCC champion in the +88kg division. Don’t miss this epic showdown featuring these incredible athletes.

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The Road to ADCC is almost here 🔥 - July 17, featuring World Champions Kaynan Duarte  Matheus Diniz

The Road to ADCC is almost here 🔥 – July 17

The ADCC (Abu Dhabi Combat Club) is one of the most prestigious grappling tournaments in the world, and it is set to take place on July 17. This year’s event is highly anticipated, especially with the participation of two incredible athletes, Kaynan Duarte and Matheus Diniz, who have proven themselves as world champions in their respective weight divisions.

Kaynan Duarte


Kaynan Duarte hails from Pederneiras, Sao Paulo, and is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt. Born on January 24, 1998, Duarte has dedicated his life to perfecting his craft in the world of jiu-jitsu. He has gained recognition for his exceptional skills and technical prowess on the mat.

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Training under Andre Galvao

One of the key factors in Duarte’s success is his training under the legendary Andre Galvao. Galvao, a multiple-time world champion himself, has been instrumental in shaping Duarte’s jiu-jitsu journey. The training environment at Atos, the San Diego-based team led by Galvao, has undoubtedly played a crucial role in Duarte’s growth and development as an athlete.

Representing Atos team

Duarte proudly represents the Atos team, known for producing world-class jiu-jitsu competitors. With a team that fosters a high-performance culture, Duarte is constantly surrounded by top-level training partners who push him to his limits. Being part of such a prestigious team provides Duarte with the support and resources necessary to excel in his competitive endeavors.

Matheus Diniz


Matheus Diniz, born on April 8, 1993, in Uberlandia, Brazil, is also a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt. With a strong foundation in jiu-jitsu, Diniz has built a reputation for his technical finesse and strategic approach to the sport. He has consistently proven himself as a force to be reckoned with on the competition circuit.

Training under Marcelo Garcia

Diniz has the privilege of training under the guidance of Marcelo Garcia, one of the greatest jiu-jitsu practitioners of all time. Garcia’s unique style and innovative techniques have undoubtedly influenced Diniz’s approach to the sport. The New York-based Alliance MGA team, led by Garcia, has created an environment that cultivates excellence and allows Diniz to thrive.

Representing Alliance MGA team

Diniz proudly represents the Alliance MGA team, which has a long history of success in the world of jiu-jitsu. The team’s reputation for producing top-level competitors is a testament to the commitment to excellence and the high standards set by Garcia. Being part of this esteemed team gives Diniz a strong foundation and a solid support system.

2019 ADCC Champions

Both Kaynan Duarte and Matheus Diniz showcased their incredible skills and determination in the 2019 ADCC championships.

Duarte emerged victorious in the +99kg division, dominating his opponents with his strength, technique, and relentless drive. His performance displayed a level of skill and maturity beyond his years, solidifying his position as one of the top grapplers in the world.

Diniz, on the other hand, claimed victory in the +88kg division, showcasing his technical wizardry and tactical brilliance. He displayed an exemplary combination of technique and strategic awareness, outsmarting his opponents and securing the gold medal.

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Kaynan Duarte’s Journey

Prior ADCC championships

The 2019 ADCC championship was a breakthrough moment for Duarte. Prior to that, he had already made a name for himself in the jiu-jitsu community, winning numerous other prestigious competitions. His success at the ADCC only further solidified his status as an elite competitor.

Training regimen

Duarte’s training regimen is rigorous and consistent. He spends countless hours on the mat, honing his skills and refining his technique. His training includes a combination of drilling, sparring, strength and conditioning, and competition simulation. Duarte pushes his limits every day, constantly seeking improvement and growth in his jiu-jitsu journey.

Expectations for this year’s tournament

As the defending champion in the +99kg division, all eyes will be on Duarte. He carries the weight of high expectations but remains focused and determined. Duarte aims to defend his title and prove once again why he is considered one of the best in the world. His combination of size, strength, and technical prowess make him a formidable competitor in any match.

Matheus Diniz’s Journey

Prior ADCC championships

Diniz’s victory in the 2019 ADCC championship was a culmination of his years of hard work and dedication. Prior to that, he had consistently performed well in other competitions, showcasing his technical finesse and strategic brilliance.

Training regimen

Diniz follows a training regimen that encompasses all aspects of his game. He focuses on enhancing his technical skills, improving his physical conditioning, and developing a strong mental game. His training incorporates a wide range of techniques and strategies, ensuring he is well-prepared for any situation he may encounter on the mat.

Expectations for this year’s tournament

Diniz aims to continue his winning streak and defend his title in the +88kg division. He is aware of the challenges that lie ahead and embraces them with a positive mindset. Diniz’s relentless work ethic and determination make him a formidable opponent for anyone he faces. He is ready to showcase his skills once again and prove that he is a force to be reckoned with.

Overview of the ADCC

What is ADCC

The ADCC (Abu Dhabi Combat Club) World Submission Fighting Championship is a prestigious grappling tournament that attracts top-level jiu-jitsu practitioners from around the globe. It is known for its submission-only format, high-level competition, and intense action.

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History of the tournament

The ADCC was founded in 1998 by Sheikh Tahnoon Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, with the aim of providing a platform for the best grapplers in the world to showcase their skills. Over the years, the tournament has grown in popularity and has become a significant event in the grappling community.

Format and rules

The ADCC tournament follows a unique format, with various weight divisions and a Absolute division where competitors of all weights face off. The matches are submission-only, which means that the emphasis is on securing a submission rather than winning by points. This format encourages a more dynamic and aggressive style of grappling, creating exciting and unpredictable matches.

Other Contenders to Watch

Notable competitors in different weight divisions

Aside from Kaynan Duarte and Matheus Diniz, there are several other notable competitors to watch out for in this year’s ADCC tournament. With a lineup of world-class athletes from different weight divisions, the competition promises to be fierce and thrilling.

Predictions for potential matchups

Predicting the outcome of matches in a highly competitive tournament like the ADCC is no easy feat. However, based on the track records of certain competitors and their styles of grappling, it is possible to make some informed predictions. Fans can expect to witness some epic battles and unexpected upsets as these top-level athletes go head-to-head.

Preparation for the Tournament

Training camps

In the lead-up to the ADCC tournament, many athletes engage in specialized training camps to fine-tune their skills and prepare themselves physically and mentally. These training camps provide a focused environment where athletes can commit fully to their preparation, surrounded by other like-minded individuals striving for excellence.

Physical conditioning

Physical conditioning plays a crucial role in an athlete’s performance in the ADCC. The tournament demands strength, agility, and endurance, as matches can be grueling and physically demanding. Athletes engage in specific strength and conditioning programs to ensure they are in optimal shape for the competition.

Mental preparation

The mental aspect of competing in the ADCC is equally as important as the physical preparation. Athletes work on their mental fortitude, visualization techniques, and developing a winning mindset. The ability to stay calm under pressure and make strategic decisions is often what separates the best from the rest.


The countdown to the ADCC tournament on July 17 is filled with anticipation and excitement. With athletes like Kaynan Duarte and Matheus Diniz, who have proven themselves as world champions, the tournament is sure to be a spectacle of high-level grappling. Fans from around the world eagerly await the opportunity to witness these incredible athletes in action, as they showcase their skills, strength, and determination on the mats. The Road to ADCC is almost here, and it promises to be an unforgettable event in the world of grappling.

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