Craig Jones vs Mason Fowler – 2019 ADCC

Craig Jones vs Mason Fowler – 2019 ADCC

In the highly anticipated match between Craig Jones and Mason Fowler at the 2019 ADCC, spectators were treated to a clash of contrasting styles. Jones, known as a leglock phenomenon, showcased his impressive Z guard setup and his arsenal of attacks, including arm walkers and triangle submissions. Fowler, with his unique wrestling heavy game and rubber guard system, tirelessly defended against Jones’s submissions. However, it was Jones who emerged victorious, securing a guillotine choke and advancing to the semi-finals of the tournament.

The match, captured on video by FloGrappling, captivated viewers as they witnessed the skill and strategy of both competitors. With Jones’s impressive passing skills and Fowler’s resilience, the back-and-forth nature of the match kept spectators on the edge of their seats. Signaling a potential evolution in his fighting style, Jones demonstrated not only his leglocking prowess but also his ability to adapt and utilize different attacks. As Jones celebrated his win, he solidified his position as a top contender in the tournament, leaving fans excited for his upcoming matches in the semi-finals.

Match Overview

Craig Jones vs Mason Fowler - 2019 ADCC

Craig Jones vs Mason Fowler at 2019 ADCC

The match between Craig Jones and Mason Fowler at the 2019 ADCC tournament was highly anticipated by grappling enthusiasts worldwide. Both fighters have proven themselves to be formidable opponents in their respective styles, and this match was expected to deliver intense action and technical prowess.

Importance of the Match

This match carried significant importance for both Craig Jones and Mason Fowler. A win in this match would secure their progression in the tournament and bring them one step closer to becoming ADCC champions. Additionally, a victory against such skilled opponents would further solidify their standing in the grappling community and elevate their careers to new heights.

Background of the Fighters

Craig Jones, hailing from Australia, is known for his expertise in leglock submissions. His ability to seamlessly transition from one leglock submission to another has earned him the title of “Leglock Phenomenon.” Jones has garnered a formidable reputation in the grappling world and has consistently impressed with his technical skills.

Mason Fowler, on the other hand, possesses a unique wrestling heavy game and a rubber guard system. His wrestling skills give him a strong advantage in takedowns and controlling the pace of the match, while his rubber guard system allows him to control and attack from the bottom position. Fowler’s unorthodox style has posed a challenge to many opponents and has garnered attention from the grappling community.

Craig Jones – The Leglock Phenomenon

2.1 Introduction to Craig Jones

Craig Jones, a native of Australia, burst onto the grappling scene in recent years with his exceptional leglock game. Known for his incredible ability to secure leglock submissions, Jones has become synonymous with this particular aspect of grappling. His technical proficiency and strategic approach to leglocks have earned him a reputation as one of the best leglock specialists in the world.

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2.2 Dominant Leglock Game

Jones has developed a dominant leglock game that incorporates various techniques and transitions. His knowledge of leglock setups, entries, and finishes allows him to control the pace of the match and dictate the outcomes. Jones’ ability to seamlessly move from one leglock submission to another makes him a formidable opponent to anyone who underestimates his leglock game.

2.3 Notable Achievements

Craig Jones has achieved numerous notable accomplishments throughout his grappling career. His impressive performances in various tournaments have solidified his place as one of the top grapplers in the world. Jones has emerged victorious in prestigious events such as Polaris, Eddie Bravo Invitational, and the Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC) Trials.

2.4 Previous ADCC Performances

Jones has a commendable track record in the ADCC tournament, showcasing his skills against top-tier opponents. In previous ADCC competitions, Jones demonstrated his ability to utilize his leglock game effectively against highly skilled grapplers. His past performances and experience in this tournament have played a significant role in shaping his approach to this match against Mason Fowler.

Mason Fowler – Unique Wrestling Heavy Game and Rubber Guard System

3.1 Introduction to Mason Fowler

Mason Fowler brings a unique skill set and style to the grappling arena. With a background in wrestling, Fowler has honed his skills to develop a wrestling heavy game that emphasizes takedowns and control. His ability to impose his will on opponents with his wrestling technique has earned him recognition as a formidable competitor.

3.2 Wrestling Heavy Game

Fowler’s wrestling heavy game provides him with an advantage in takedowns and control on the mat. His extensive wrestling experience gives him a solid foundation in positioning and grappling against opponents of various styles. By utilizing his wrestling skills, Fowler can dictate the pace of the match and nullify his opponent’s attacks.

3.3 Rubber Guard System

In addition to his wrestling prowess, Fowler incorporates a rubber guard system into his grappling arsenal. The rubber guard system allows Fowler to control his opponent from the bottom position and set up a variety of submissions. This unorthodox approach provides Fowler with additional options and strategies to confound his opponents and secure victories.

3.4 Key Techniques and Strategies

Fowler’s key techniques and strategies revolve around his wrestling heavy game and rubber guard system. He aims to control the action with his superior wrestling skills and utilize his rubber guard system to attack and submit his opponent. By combining these elements, Fowler presents a unique challenge to opponents who are unfamiliar with his style.

Craig Jones’ Z Guard Setup for Leg Injuries, Arm Walkers, and Triangle Attacks

4.1 Overview of Z Guard

One of Craig Jones’ key setups is the Z Guard position. The Z Guard is a half guard variation that allows Jones to effectively control his opponent’s posture and movements. From this position, Jones can launch a series of attacks including leglock submissions, arm walkers, and triangle attacks.

4.2 Utilizing Z Guard for Leg Injuries

Jones has masterfully adapted the Z Guard to target specific vulnerable areas, such as leg injuries, of his opponents. By controlling his opponent’s legs, Jones can isolate and attack weak or injured areas with various leglock submissions. This strategic approach has proven highly effective in disabling his opponents and securing victories.

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4.3 Arm Walkers from Z Guard

In addition to targeting leg injuries, Jones utilizes the Z Guard to execute arm walkers. This technique involves trapping his opponent’s arm and applying pressure to create discomfort and pain. By forcing his opponent to defend against the arm walker, Jones opens up opportunities for further attacks and submissions.

4.4 Triangle Attacks

The Z Guard setup also allows Jones to launch triangle attacks from multiple angles. Jones’ ability to transition seamlessly from controlling the legs to trapping his opponent’s head and arm enables him to set up and finish triangle chokes. This versatility in his attacking options forces his opponents to constantly be on guard and anticipate his next move.

Fowler’s Defense against Jones’ Submissions

5.1 Counter Striking Submission Attempts

Mason Fowler’s defensive skills are a key component in his strategy against Craig Jones. With Jones’ reputation as a leglock specialist and submission expert, Fowler must be vigilant in countering and defending against Jones’ submission attempts. Fowler’s ability to strike back when Jones initiates a submission can disrupt Jones’ momentum and force him to reconsider his approach.

5.2 Protecting Against Leglocks

Knowing Jones’ proficiency in leglocks, Fowler must prioritize protecting his legs and minimizing opportunities for Jones to attack. By maintaining strong leg positioning and actively defending against leglock setups, Fowler can neutralize Jones’ primary offensive weapon and frustrate his submission attempts.

5.3 Strategies to Neutralize Jones’ Attacks

Fowler’s game plan includes neutralizing Jones’ attacks and reducing his ability to implement his techniques effectively. By implementing a combination of defensive grappling, strategic movement, and counter attacks, Fowler can disrupt Jones’ rhythm and prevent him from executing his submissions with ease. Fowler’s focus on nullifying Jones’ attacks will be crucial in gaining an advantageous position in the match.

Jones Showcasing Passing Skills and Different Attacks

6.1 Passing Techniques Utilized by Jones

Contrary to his reputation as a leglock specialist, Craig Jones has recently showcased his passing skills in matches. He has been able to effectively navigate his opponent’s guard and transition to dominant positions. Jones’ passing techniques vary and can include techniques such as knee slides, leg drags, and torreandos. His ability to seamlessly transition between different passing options keeps his opponents guessing and creates opportunities for him to attack.

6.2 Attacking from Top Position

From the top position, Jones exhibits a high level of control and the ability to initiate a range of attacks. By firmly establishing top control, Jones sets the stage for his submissions and can initiate attacks such as chokes, armbars, and shoulder locks. His versatility from the top position allows him to adjust his attacks based on his opponent’s defenses and weaknesses.

6.3 Versatility in Attacks

Jones’ versatility in his attacks is a testament to his technical proficiency and adaptability. Whether he is attacking from the bottom position with leglocks or implementing passing techniques and top attacks, Jones is able to seamlessly transition between different strategies and apply effective submissions. This versatility keeps his opponents constantly guessing and makes him a dangerous opponent to face.

6.4 Study of Jones’ Performance

Analyzing Jones’ performance in previous matches reveals patterns, tendencies, and strategies that opponents can exploit. By studying his movement, timing, and attack sequences, opponents can develop specific defenses and counterattacks to mitigate Jones’ effectiveness and nullify his submissions. A comprehensive study of Jones’ performances can provide valuable insights for opponents facing him in future matches.

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Craig Jones Wins with a Guillotine Choke

7.1 Moment of Triumph

In a stunning display of his technical prowess, Craig Jones secured victory over Mason Fowler with a guillotine choke. The moment of triumph for Jones came after an intense back-and-forth battle between the two fighters. Jones’ ability to capitalize on an opening and execute a submission showcased his skill and precision.

7.2 Setting Up the Guillotine Choke

The guillotine choke executed by Jones showcased his mastery of the technique. Jones carefully maneuvered to secure a dominant position, allowing him to trap Fowler’s neck and apply pressure. His technical understanding and control during the setup ensured a tight and effective guillotine choke.

7.3 Fowler’s Resistance

Mason Fowler’s resilience and defense during the match were commendable. Despite being caught in Jones’ submission attempts, Fowler showcased his ability to endure and escape dangerous positions. His resistance tested Jones’ skills and highlighted the competitive nature of the match.

7.4 Jones’ Execution and Victory

Craig Jones’ execution of the guillotine choke was flawless. His relentless pressure and precise timing resulted in a quick submission victory over Fowler. This win showcased Jones’ ability to adapt to different opponents and capitalize on opportunities to secure submissions.

Jones Advances to the Semi-Finals of the Tournament

8.1 Implications of the Win

Craig Jones’ victory over Mason Fowler in the match had significant implications for his progression in the ADCC tournament. The win secured Jones’ advancement to the semi-finals, bringing him one step closer to his goal of becoming an ADCC champion. This victory also solidified his standing as one of the top competitors in the sport.

8.2 Semi-Final Opponent

With his advancement to the semi-finals, Craig Jones awaited the announcement of his next opponent. The semi-final matchup would pit him against another highly skilled grappler vying for a shot at championship glory. The anticipation grew as fans and competitors speculated about the potential match and the strategies each fighter would employ.

8.3 Jones’ Chances in the Tournament

Based on his impressive performances and technical proficiency displayed thus far, Craig Jones’ chances in the ADCC tournament looked promising. His dominant leglock game, passing skills, and diverse range of attacks made him a formidable opponent for anyone he would face in the later stages of the tournament. The grappling community eagerly awaited Jones’ next appearance and anticipated more thrilling action from this exceptional competitor.


The match between Craig Jones and Mason Fowler at the 2019 ADCC was a showcase of exceptional grappling talent and technical prowess. Jones’ leglock game and Fowler’s unique wrestling heavy game and rubber guard system created a clash of styles that captivated audiences. Jones’ utilization of the Z Guard setup and Fowler’s defensive strategies set the stage for an intense battle. Ultimately, Jones emerged victorious with a guillotine choke, securing his place in the semi-finals of the tournament. This match served as a testament to the skill and dedication of both fighters, underscoring the significance of the ADCC tournament for their careers.

The analysis of key moments and techniques in this match shed light on the strategies employed by Jones and Fowler. It provided valuable insight into their strengths, weaknesses, and the challenges they faced throughout the match. The implications of Jones’ win, his chances in the tournament, and the anticipation surrounding his next opponent heightened the excitement and anticipation for future ADCC matches. Overall, this match between Craig Jones and Mason Fowler showcased the incredible talent, dedication, and sportsmanship that defines the world of grappling.

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