The All-Stars Who Punched Their Ticket To Day 2 | ADCC 2022 West Coast Trials Day 1 Recap

The All-Stars Who Punched Their Ticket To Day 2 | ADCC 2022 West Coast Trials Day 1 Recap

Over a thousand competitors gathered for the ADCC 2022 West Coast Trials, but only 160 have advanced to day two. The first day of trials saw impressive submission wins from favorites and underdogs alike, showcasing the talent and determination of these athletes. In the 66-kilogram division, top seed Heather Corian secured two victories, while Gianni Griffin also impressed with two submission wins. Moving on to the 77-kilogram division, William Tackett, Karen Kitchuk, and Eugene Hage shined as the top three favorites, each earning submission wins in their matches. Notably, Cody Steele suffered a surprising upset, losing a decision victory. The action will continue tomorrow with a highly anticipated match-up between Jon Combs and former ADCC silver medalist AJ Aguirzarm in the 77-kilogram division. Lastly, the 88-kilogram division showcased the dominance of Jacob Couch, who secured his spot in day two with a submission and points victory. However, Renée Souza truly stole the show in this weight class, securing three impressive submission wins. With just 16 men remaining in the heavier weight divisions, the competition is heating up.

The All-Stars Who Punched Their Ticket To Day 2 | ADCC 2022 West Coast Trials Day 1 Recap

66 Kilogram Division

The first day of the ADCC West Coast Trials kicked off with the 66 Kilogram division, and it did not disappoint. The number one seed, Heather Corian, proved why she was the top contender by winning two matches and securing her spot in day two. She displayed impressive skills and determination, leaving no doubt that she is a force to be reckoned with.

But Corian wasn’t the only standout in this division. Gianni Griffin, the number two seed, also had an impressive day, collecting two submission wins. His technique and precision were on full display as he dominated his opponents. Alongside Corian and Griffin, there were other notable performances by Josh Cisneros, Robert Deagle, and Junior Ocasio, who all showcased their skills and left a lasting impression on the spectators.

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77 Kilogram Division

The 77 Kilogram division saw some of the favorites live up to expectations and put on outstanding performances. William Tackett, Karen Kitchuk, and Eugene Hage were the top three seeds in this division, and they did not disappoint. Tackett, known for his submission prowess, secured two submissions in his two matches, showing why he is considered the man to beat in this division.

Kitchuk, too, had an exceptional showing with two submissions of her own. Her technical skills and ability to capitalize on her opponents’ weaknesses were evident in her performances. Hage, on the other hand, showcased a balanced game by securing a submission as well as a points victory. These three favorites proved that they are the ones to watch as the tournament progresses.

However, there was an upset in this division as Cody Steele failed to move forward and lost a decision victory. This unexpected turn of events adds an element of unpredictability to the remainder of the competition.

77 Kilogram Match to Watch Tomorrow

As the tournament moves into day two, one match stands out in the 77 Kilogram division. Jon Combs will go head-to-head with AJ Aguirazarm, a former ADCC silver medalist. This match is sure to be an intense and captivating battle, as both competitors possess exceptional skills and bring their best to the mat. It will be a thrilling showdown to kick off the day.

88 Kilogram Division

In the 88 Kilogram division, Jacob Couch, the number one seed, made quite an impression. Couch received a first-round bye, giving him an advantage right from the start. He then went on to win his first actual match by submission and followed it up with a points victory. Couch’s dominant performances solidified his status as the one to watch in this division.

However, the real standout in the 88 Kilogram division was Renee Souza. Souza showcased her submission skills with three impressive victories. Her finishes included a heel hook, an incredible brachial choke, and an arm lock from the back. Souza’s performances were nothing short of spectacular and have positioned her as a strong contender moving forward.

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16 Competitors Left in Heavyweight Divisions

The heavyweight divisions saw fierce competition and some remarkable performances on day one. As the dust settled, only 16 competitors remained in these weight categories. Notably, three former ADCC veterans qualified for the second day of trials, proving their experience and skill.

In the under 99-kilogram division, Paul Ardea, Elliot Kelly, and Jared Dob secured their spots for day two. However, they will face tough challenges from other competitors. Devante Johnson and Elder Cruz stood out in this division with impressive performances. Johnson started his day with two submission wins, showcasing his technical abilities. Cruz, on the other hand, displayed exceptional wrestling skills, outwrestling all of his opponents. Both Johnson and Cruz are on a collision course and are expected to put on a thrilling battle in the upcoming matches.

The over 99-kilogram category witnessed a shocking performance by Michael Pixley. Despite being a blue belt, Pixley submitted both of his opponents with a choke in under a minute each. His quick and effective finishes earned him a spot in day two, where he will face Paul Ardea in the very first match. Another standout in this division was Joe Dierkeising, who secured two leglock submission victories. These heavyweight divisions promise intense matchups and exciting action as the competition continues.

Whittled Down to Final 16 in Female Categories

The female categories also saw fierce competition, and after day one, only 16 competitors remained. Many of the favorites managed to secure their spots for day two. Brianna St. Marie, Trinity Pun, and Raquel Canuto showcased their skills and proved why they are considered top contenders in their respective weight classes.

The over 60-kilogram category witnessed Kendall Roosing’s dominant performances, solidifying her position as a strong contender. Elizabeth Clay, the number two seed, also pushed through, setting up a highly anticipated final between Kendall and Liz.

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However, it’s not just the favorites who are making waves in the female divisions. Young competitors like Jaden Mueller and Paige Event showed exceptional potential and proved that they are up-and-coming talents to watch out for. The final rounds in these categories are shaping up to be highly competitive and full of excitement.


The first day of the ADCC West Coast Trials brought thrilling matches, impressive performances, and unexpected upsets. Competitors showcased their skills and determination as they fought for their spots in day two. From the dominant displays of favorites like Heather Corian, William Tackett, and Jacob Couch to the breakthrough performances of underdogs like Renee Souza and Michael Pixley, the competition was intense.

Day two promises to bring even more excitement as the matches continue and the field narrows down. With the highly anticipated matchup between Jon Combs and AJ Aguirazarm in the 77 Kilogram division and the final rounds in the female categories, there is no shortage of captivating battles to look forward to.

As the ADCC West Coast Trials move into day two, the stage is set for more thrilling jiu-jitsu action. Who will punch their ticket to the ADCC World Championships? Tune in tomorrow at 2 PM Eastern to find out.

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