2017 ADCC Vlog: Training In A Bomb Shelter

2017 ADCC Vlog: Training In A Bomb Shelter

In the 2017 ADCC Vlog titled “Training In A Bomb Shelter,” FloGrappling takes viewers on a journey deep into a Finnish bomb shelter where some of the best grapplers in the world are training. Led by Cyborg, the group includes Asian trials winner Roman from Georgia, Enrico Coco, and other renowned names in the sport. The gym, located underground, is a unique and awe-inspiring training space that captures the attention of everyone present. The video showcases intense training sessions, including wrestling drills and jiu-jitsu techniques, providing a sneak peek of what to expect in the upcoming ADCC tournament.

Training in a Bomb Shelter

2017 ADCC Vlog: Training In A Bomb Shelter

Introduction to the ADCC Vlog

In the 2017 ADCC Vlog, Cyborg takes viewers deep into a Finnish bomb shelter to train with some of the best grapplers in the world. This unique training experience offers a glimpse into the intense preparation that these athletes undergo in pursuit of greatness.

Location and Purpose of Training

The training takes place in Helsinki, Finland, in an underground bomb shelter. This unconventional setting adds a sense of intrigue and excitement to the training sessions. The purpose of training in this unique location is to challenge the athletes both mentally and physically, forcing them to adapt to their surroundings and push themselves to new limits.

The Gym’s Unique Setting

The bomb shelter gym is unlike any other training facility. It is located deep underground, at the end of a long tunnel. The underground setting adds an element of intensity and focus to the training sessions, creating a unique atmosphere for the athletes to train in.

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Cyborg and the MMA Atlanta Team

Cyborg leads the training sessions, bringing his expertise and experience to the team. He is joined by a group of talented athletes, including the Asian trials winner, Roman from Georgia. Other notable names in the team include Enrico Coco, Jared, Lovato, and Hye-jin. Together, they form a formidable group of fighters, ready to take on any challenge.

Notable Names in the Team

The MMA Atlanta team consists of several well-known fighters in the grappling world. Each brings their own unique skills and talents to the training sessions. Some notable names include Enrico Coco, who showcases his impressive opening game, and Cyborg, who focuses on his wrestling training. These athletes demonstrate their dedication and passion for their craft.

First Impressions of the Bomb Shelter Gym

Upon entering the gym, the vlog narrator expresses his initial surprise at the gym’s appearance. It does not resemble a typical gym, and the narrator is eager to discover what makes this place so special. The underground location and the sense of mystery surrounding the gym create a sense of anticipation.

Description of the Gym’s Appearance

Inside the bomb shelter gym, the atmosphere is intense and gritty. The vlog narrator describes the gym as unlike anything he has ever seen before. The underground setting adds an air of authenticity and toughness to the training sessions. It is evident that this is not just any ordinary gym, but a place where serious athletes come to push their limits.

Training Session Details

The training sessions begin with preparations before the actual training. The athletes warm up and get their bodies loose, ready to take on the challenges of the session. The goals and expectations for the training are set, with the aim of breaking a good sweat and preparing for the upcoming ADCC tournament. Various techniques and styles are explored and practiced during the training sessions, ensuring that the athletes are well-rounded and prepared for any situation.

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Pre-training Preparations

Before the training sessions begin, the athletes go through a series of preparations. They warm up their bodies, ensuring that they are loose and ready for the intense training ahead. This includes stretching and mobility exercises to prevent injuries and optimize performance.

Goals and Expectations for the Training

The athletes have specific goals and expectations for the training sessions. They aim to break a good sweat and push themselves to their limits. The training is designed to prepare them physically and mentally for the upcoming ADCC tournament. The athletes are determined to give their best and make the most of this unique training opportunity.

Training Techniques and Styles

During the training sessions, various techniques and styles are explored. The athletes work on refining their skills and expanding their repertoire of moves. They practice both striking and grappling techniques, ensuring that they are well-rounded fighters. The diverse range of techniques and styles ensures that the athletes are prepared for any situation they may encounter in the ADCC tournament.

Highlighting Individual Performances

Enrico Coco’s Opening Game Enrico Coco showcases his opening game during the training sessions. His unique style and approach to grappling are on full display as he executes various moves and transitions. His performance impresses both his teammates and viewers alike, highlighting his skill and potential as a grappler.

Cyborg’s Wrestle Training Cyborg focuses on his wrestle training during the sessions. His intense and powerful style is a sight to behold as he showcases his strength and technique. His wrestling skills add another dimension to his grappling game, making him a formidable opponent.

Entertaining Camera Trap Sequences Throughout the vlog, there are entertaining camera trap sequences that capture the energy and excitement of the training sessions. These sequences offer a behind-the-scenes look at the athletes in action, showcasing their dedication and passion for their craft. The camera trap sequences provide viewers with an intimate glimpse into the training sessions.

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Flow Grappling’s Stop Roll

Introduction to the Stop Roll Series The vlog introduces viewers to Flow Grappling’s Stop Roll series. This ongoing series features big-name black belts and their unique approaches to jiu-jitsu. The Stop Roll series offers valuable insights and techniques for grapplers of all levels.

Chase’s Encounter with Black Belts Chase, one of the athletes in the training sessions, is featured in the Stop Roll series. He has the opportunity to roll and train with big-name black belts, exposing him to high-level jiu-jitsu. This experience challenges Chase and provides valuable learning opportunities for his own growth as a grappler.

Incorporating Breathing Exercises with Jiu-Jitsu

The Importance of Breathing in Jiu-Jitsu Breathing is an essential element of jiu-jitsu. The vlog emphasizes the importance of controlling and utilizing breathing techniques during training. Breathing efficiently can enhance performance and help in challenging situations, such as when opponents are attempting to strangle or exert control.

Common Ground Between Training Groups The vlog highlights the commonalities between different training groups when it comes to incorporating breathing exercises in their routines. Both the ADCC training group and the MMA Atlanta team recognize the benefits of breathing exercises and use them to improve their jiu-jitsu skills. This shared practice demonstrates the importance and effectiveness of incorporating breathing techniques into training.


Training Wrap-Up After intense training sessions, the athletes reflect on their accomplishments and progress. The training sessions have allowed them to push their limits and improve their skills. They are satisfied with their efforts and look forward to the upcoming ADCC tournament.

Anticipation for ADCC Tournament The athletes are excited and eagerly anticipate the ADCC tournament. They have trained hard and are confident in their abilities. The tournament represents an opportunity for them to showcase their skills and compete against some of the best grapplers in the world.

Final Thoughts and Encouragement The vlog concludes with final thoughts and encouragement from all those involved. The athletes express their gratitude for the training experience and the opportunities it has provided. They encourage viewers to follow their journey and cheer them on as they compete in the ADCC tournament. The vlog ends on a positive note, leaving viewers excited and inspired by the athletes’ dedication and passion for their craft.

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