Nicholas Meregali Wants To Bring His Gi Style To No-Gi Career

Nicholas Meregali Wants To Bring His Gi Style To No-Gi Career

Nicholas Meregali, a talented jiu jitsu practitioner, is eager to showcase his traditional gi style in the world of no-gi. In a match against Kaynan Duarte, Meregali plans to bring his unique approach to the mat. While acknowledging that Duarte has more experience in the no-gi world, Meregali remains confident in his technical skills. He anticipates a strategic battle, with both athletes trying to control the fight. Meregali aims to push the pace and dominate his opponent, highlighting his dedication to improving and excelling in the sport of jiu jitsu.

As Meregali prepares for this upcoming challenge, he reflects on his journey and the significance of bridging the gap between his gi and no-gi careers. While acknowledging the differences between training in the gym and competing in tournaments, Meregali believes in constantly striving to dominate his opponents and increase the distance between him and his competitors. With a strong belief in approaching martial arts with determination and athleticism, Meregali is determined to make his mark in the world of jiu jitsu by bringing his Gi style to the No-Gi platform.


Nicholas Meregali, a highly acclaimed jiu jitsu practitioner, is gearing up for a highly anticipated fight against Kaynan Duarte in the no-gi world. In this article, we will explore the excitement surrounding this match-up, delve into their previous fights, discuss the challenges Meregali faces in the no-gi world, and examine the difference in experience levels between the two fighters. Additionally, we will explore Meregali’s strategy for the match, his approach to training and competing, and his desire to bring his gi style to his no-gi career.

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Nicholas Meregali’s Fight Against Kaynan Duarte

Excitement for the Match

The upcoming fight between Nicholas Meregali and Kaynan Duarte has generated a great deal of excitement within the jiu jitsu community. Both fighters are highly skilled and have an impressive track record, making this match a highly anticipated event. Fans and fellow athletes alike are eagerly awaiting to see these two talented individuals battle it out on the mat.

Previous Fights Between Meregali and Duarte

Meregali and Duarte have faced off against each other five times in the past, making their upcoming fight even more intriguing. These previous encounters have showcased the technical abilities and adaptability of both fighters. While Meregali has had opportunities to finish Duarte by taking his back, Duarte’s strength and defensive skills have prevented Meregali from capitalizing on these opportunities. Their previous fights have highlighted the need for Meregali to find new strategies to overcome the challenges Duarte poses.

Challenges for Meregali in the No-Gi World

Meregali has primarily excelled in the world of gi jiu jitsu, which involves the use of a traditional uniform. However, transitioning to the no-gi world presents its own set of challenges. Without the grips and control provided by the gi, fighters must rely on different techniques and strategies to gain an advantage. Meregali, who only recently started training in no-gi half a year ago, faces the task of adapting his skills to this new environment and overcoming his lack of experience in the no-gi world.

Difference in Experience Levels

One significant factor that sets Meregali and Duarte apart is their difference in experience levels in the no-gi world. Duarte has been competing in no-gi since 2015 and has achieved notable success, including winning the Trials in 2015. In contrast, Meregali is still relatively new to the no-gi scene and has limited experience in this realm. While Meregali believes that he is technically superior to Duarte, he acknowledges that Duarte’s extensive experience will be a significant factor in their upcoming match.

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Nicholas Meregali Wants To Bring His Gi Style To No-Gi Career

Meregali’s Strategy for the Match

Avoiding Stand-up Engagements

Recognizing Duarte’s strengths in stand-up engagements, Meregali plans to avoid this aspect of the fight. Knowing that Duarte has superior wrestling skills, Meregali aims to minimize the time spent on the feet and instead focus on areas where he has an advantage. By avoiding the stand-up game, Meregali aims to play to his strengths and exploit Duarte’s weaknesses.

Pulling Guard as a Strategic Move

To dictate the pace of the fight and work towards his advantage, Meregali plans to employ a strategic move – pulling guard. By immediately pulling guard at the beginning of the match, Meregali aims to secure a position that he is comfortable with and limit Duarte’s ability to take advantage of his wrestling skills. This move allows Meregali to control the fight from the bottom position and increases the likelihood of being able to execute his techniques effectively.

Meregali’s Confidence in Escaping Submissions

Despite Duarte’s submission abilities, Meregali remains confident in his ability to escape and avoid being caught in compromising positions. Meregali believes that Duarte lacks the technical proficiency needed to submit him, despite his success in previous tournaments. This confidence stems from Meregali’s belief in his own skills and ability to defend against submissions. He plans to rely on his technique and knowledge to evade Duarte’s submission attempts and maintain control throughout the match.

Meregali’s Approach to Training and Competing

The Importance of Dominating Opponents

For Meregali, dominance in a fight is of utmost importance. He aims to not only defeat his opponents but to do so in a complete and dominant fashion. Meregali views jiu jitsu as a means to establish superiority over his opponents, both mentally and physically. This mindset drives him to continually improve his skills and widen the gap between himself and his competitors.

Continuous Improvement in Martial Arts

Meregali is committed to the constant pursuit of improvement in his martial arts journey. He understands the need to continuously evolve and refine his skills in order to stay competitive in the ever-evolving world of jiu jitsu. Meregali’s dedication to training and his desire to reach new heights in his career motivates him to put in the time and effort needed to become a better athlete and martial artist.

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Bringing Gi Style to No-Gi Career

One of Meregali’s goals is to bring his gi style into his no-gi career. While his success has primarily been in the gi, Meregali recognizes the need to adapt his skills and techniques to thrive in the no-gi world. By incorporating elements of his successful gi style into his no-gi game, Meregali aims to showcase the effectiveness of his approach and establish himself as a force to be reckoned with in both realms.


Nicholas Meregali’s upcoming fight against Kaynan Duarte promises to be an exciting and highly competitive match. Meregali’s strategy, confidence, and determination reflect his commitment to evolving as a martial artist and establishing his dominance in the world of jiu jitsu. As he looks to bring his successful gi style into his no-gi career, Meregali’s upcoming fight serves as an opportunity to showcase his skills, adaptability, and relentless pursuit of excellence.

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