Meregali Match Breakdown: How Meregali Secured The Smother Choke At Pans!

Meregali Match Breakdown: How Meregali Secured The Smother Choke At Pans!

In this article, the focus is on Nicholas Meregali’s match breakdown of his smother choke submission win against Josh Guerra at the 2023 Pan Championship. Meregali explains the techniques and strategies he used during the match, including off balancing his opponent, maintaining control of the upper body, and working on his opponent’s lower body. He emphasizes the importance of maintaining the right grips and not wasting energy on grips that are being broken. Meregali reflects on his performance and expresses satisfaction with the outcome of the match.

The video, created by FloGrappling, provides a detailed breakdown of Meregali’s match against Guerra, and viewers are encouraged to like, comment, and subscribe for more jiu-jitsu videos. Meregali discusses his mindset heading into the match and how he focused on off balancing his opponent to create opportunities for sweeps and submissions. He highlights the successful elevation and sweep he executed during the match and the importance of maintaining control to secure the submission. Meregali’s breakdown offers valuable insights into his technique and mindset, making it an informative and engaging resource for jiu-jitsu enthusiasts.

Meregali Match Breakdown: How Meregali Secured The Smother Choke At Pans!


In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the match between Nicholas Meregali and Josh Guerra at the 2023 Pan Championship. Specifically, we will analyze Meregali’s successful smother choke submission win and its significance in his jiu jitsu career. This breakdown will provide valuable insights into Meregali’s techniques, strategies, and mindset during the match.

Off Balancing the Opponent

To create opportunities for sweeps and submissions, Meregali emphasizes the importance of off balancing his opponent. This involves constantly working on both the upper and lower body of his opponent, disrupting their posture and stability. By forcing his opponent to constantly adjust and move, Meregali can effectively set up attacks and capitalize on their mistakes.

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Importance of Proper Grips

Maintaining the right grips is crucial in controlling the opponent and setting up successful attacks. Meregali strategically identifies and utilizes effective grips, while also recognizing the futility of wasting energy on broken grips. He emphasizes the need to have at least one grip on the opponent’s upper body and one grip on their lower body to ensure control.

Working on the Opponent’s Upper Body

Targeting the opponent’s upper body allows Meregali to dictate the pace of the match and keep his opponent uncomfortable. He employs various techniques and strategies to work on the upper body, such as gripping the collar, controlling the biceps, and manipulating the shoulder. Through these tactics, Meregali sets the stage for successful sweeps and submissions.

Maintaining Control of the Opponent’s Lower Body

Controlling the lower body is crucial in jiu jitsu, as it restricts the opponent’s movements and prevents them from gaining advantageous positions. Meregali explains the importance of maintaining control of the lower body through techniques like gripping the pants, controlling the hips, and limiting the opponent’s ability to find angles or create space.

Elevation and Sweep

One of the highlights of Meregali’s match against Guerra was his successful execution of an elevation and sweep. He breaks down the techniques and timing involved, showcasing his ability to create momentum and capitalize on the vulnerability of his opponent. This elevation and sweep allowed Meregali to gain top position and further control the match.

Control of the Lever

Understanding and effectively controlling the lever is key in dominating the opponent and dictating the match. Meregali explains the lever concept in jiu jitsu and shares his strategies for maintaining control of the lever throughout the match. By doing so, he keeps his opponent off balance and limits their ability to escape or counter his attacks.

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Maintaining Top Position

Maintaining top position is crucial in jiu jitsu, as it allows for better control and facilitates successful attacks. Meregali shares his strategies for staying on top, such as maintaining good head position, using his hand to create a solid base, and intercepting his opponent’s attempts to regain control. His ability to stay on top further solidifies his dominance in the match.

Securing the Submission

The climax of Meregali’s match against Guerra was the securing of the smother choke submission. He explains the mindset and techniques he employed to successfully execute this submission. By maintaining control of his opponent’s upper body, extending the lever, and capitalizing on the opportunity, Meregali was able to secure the submission and claim victory.

Reflecting on the Performance

In the aftermath of his match, Meregali reflects on his performance and decision-making. He analyzes his own techniques, strategies, and execution, highlighting areas of success and areas for improvement. Ultimately, Meregali expresses satisfaction with the outcome of the match, showcasing his confidence and belief in his abilities.

In conclusion, Nicholas Meregali’s match breakdown provides valuable insights into his successful smother choke submission win at the 2023 Pan Championship. Through a combination of off balancing his opponent, maintaining proper grips, working on the opponent’s upper and lower body, executing effective elevations and sweeps, controlling the lever, maintaining top position, securing the submission, and reflecting on his performance, Meregali showcases his skill, strategy, and composure in the world of jiu jitsu.

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