Nicholas Meregali and Gordon Ryan Train In the Gi | 2022 Road to Worlds Vlog

Nicholas Meregali and Gordon Ryan Train In the Gi | 2022 Road to Worlds Vlog

In the video titled “Nicholas Meregali and Gordon Ryan Train In the Gi | 2022 Road to Worlds Vlog,” Nicholas Meregali and Gordon Ryan are seen training in the Gi at New Wave in preparation for the 2022 Road to Worlds. The video, produced by FloGrappling, showcases their training session at Roca Headquarters in Austin, Texas, where they focus on techniques and drills for passing guard in the Gi. Throughout the video, viewers witness impressive training and sparring sessions from both Meregali and Ryan, with Ryan even mentioning that training in the Gi has become more enjoyable for him. Additionally, Meregali talks about his upcoming trip to Brazil to train with his last team. Overall, the video provides a glimpse into the intense and dedicated training that these two athletes undergo as they prepare for the World championships.

As the official start of the 2022 Road to Worlds, this vlog by FloGrappling takes viewers on a journey through the intense training sessions of Nicholas Meregali and Gordon Ryan in the Gi. Beginning at New Wave and later moving to Roca Headquarters in Austin, Texas, Meregali and Ryan focus on passing guard in the Gi and showcase their impressive skills and techniques. With Meregali discussing his upcoming trip to Brazil to train with his former team, the video not only highlights the intense training these athletes undergo but also provides insights into their mindset and dedication to the sport. As viewers follow along on this captivating vlog, they get a taste of the rigorous preparation that Meregali and Ryan undertake as they strive for success in the 2022 World championships.

Nicholas Meregali and Gordon Ryan Train In the Gi | 2022 Road to Worlds Vlog


In the latest vlog from FloGrappling, viewers are given an inside look at the training session of two highly skilled black belt jiu-jitsu practitioners, Nicholas Meregali and Gordon Ryan. The video serves as a preview for the 2022 Road to Worlds, which promises to be an exciting journey for both competitors and fans alike. The vlog begins at Roca Headquarters in Austin, Texas, where Meregali and Ryan are seen preparing for their upcoming matches by focusing on guard passing techniques in the gi. Throughout the video, the athletes share their thoughts and experiences, offering valuable insight into their training methods and motivations.

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Training Location

The training session takes place at Roca Headquarters, a renowned jiu-jitsu academy located in Austin, Texas. Roca Headquarters is known for its high-level training environment and state-of-the-art facility, making it an ideal place for Meregali and Ryan to prepare for the upcoming World Championships. The gym is spacious and well-equipped, providing the athletes with all the tools they need to refine their skills and techniques. The atmosphere is lively and energetic, creating a positive and motivating environment for training and sparring.

Focus on Guard Passing Techniques

During the training session, Meregali and Ryan dedicate a significant amount of time to honing their guard passing skills. Guard passing is a fundamental aspect of jiu-jitsu and is crucial for gaining dominant positions and ultimately securing submissions. The athletes meticulously break down each technique, explaining the mechanics and strategy behind their movements. They demonstrate various passes, such as knee slides, folding passes, and leg drags, showcasing their expertise and adaptability in different situations. By focusing on guard passing, Meregali and Ryan aim to enhance their ability to control and dismantle their opponents’ guard, giving them a distinct advantage in competition.

Gordon Ryan’s Enjoyment of Gi Training

Surprisingly, Gordon Ryan expresses his newfound enjoyment of training in the gi. Known for his dominance in no-gi competitions, Ryan explains that transitioning to gi training has opened up new possibilities and challenges for him. He credits his training with John Danaher at Henzo’s academy for instilling a strong foundation in jiu-jitsu and preparing him to excel in both gi and no-gi settings. Ryan appreciates the strategic nuances of gi grappling, particularly the use of collar and sleeve grips to control his opponents. He also highlights the benefits of being able to force specific positions, such as half guard, through the use of the gi. Overall, Ryan’s positive experience in gi training is a testament to his growth as an athlete and his willingness to constantly evolve and expand his skill set.

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Nicholas Meregali’s Trip to Brazil

Nicholas Meregali discusses his upcoming trip to Brazil, where he plans to train with his former team. Meregali’s journey back to his roots in Brazil holds a special place in his heart, as he seeks to reconnect with his old training partners and immerse himself in the Brazilian jiu-jitsu culture. He reminisces about his previous trips to Brazil, sharing stories of memorable victories and the camaraderie he experienced on and off the mats. Meregali hopes that his time in Brazil will provide him with the necessary focus and motivation to prepare for the World Championships. He acknowledges the importance of embracing his heritage and the impact it has on his jiu-jitsu journey.

Training and Sparring Highlights

The video showcases various training and sparring highlights from Meregali and Ryan’s session. The athletes engage in intense rolls, displaying their high-level technique, athleticism, and adaptability. Their movements are fluid and precise, demonstrating their ability to seamlessly transition between positions and initiate powerful attacks. Meregali and Ryan push each other to the limit, creating an environment of friendly competition and mutual growth. The video captures their testaments of progress and resilience, as they discuss the challenges they have faced in their jiu-jitsu journeys. By sharing these highlights, the vlog provides viewers with a glimpse into the dedication and determination required to excel at the elite level of competitive jiu-jitsu.

Impressive Performances by Nicholas Meregali and Gordon Ryan

Both Nicholas Meregali and Gordon Ryan exhibit impressive performances during their training session. Meregali’s technical finesse and creative approach to grappling are evident as he effortlessly navigates through his opponents’ guards and secures dominant positions. His timing and control allow him to execute quick and efficient submissions, showcasing his exceptional skill set. Meanwhile, Ryan’s strength and athleticism are on full display as he effortlessly overpowers his opponents and imposes his will. His understanding of leverage and body mechanics enables him to effortlessly execute sweeps and submissions. The combination of Meregali’s technical prowess and Ryan’s physical dominance makes them formidable competitors in any setting.

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In the 2022 Road to Worlds Vlog featuring Nicholas Meregali and Gordon Ryan, viewers are treated to an inside look at the training and preparation process of two world-class jiu-jitsu athletes. The video highlights the dedication, skill, and passion that Meregali and Ryan bring to their craft as they strive to reach peak performance for the upcoming World Championships. Through their focus on guard passing techniques, their willingness to embrace new challenges, and their shared experiences, Meregali and Ryan inspire other aspiring jiu-jitsu practitioners to push their limits and continue evolving. As the video concludes, the anticipation for the 2022 Road to Worlds continues to build, setting the stage for a thrilling competition and further showcasing the phenomenal talent of Meregali and Ryan.

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