John Danaher On How To Train For No Time Limit Matches

John Danaher On How To Train For No Time Limit Matches

In this article, New Wave Jiu-Jitsu head coach John Danaher provides valuable insights on how to train for no time limit matches. He discusses the challenges of preparing for such matches and explores different strategies to manage pacing and fatigue. Danaher emphasizes the importance of being in great shape but also cautions against exhausting oneself too quickly. He highlights the significance of the final moments of a match, which ultimately determines the outcome and what people remember. Overall, this article offers a comprehensive guide for elite grapplers looking to compete in no time limit matches, providing practical advice from an experienced coach.

Preparing for a No Time Limit Match

John Danaher On How To Train For No Time Limit Matches

Understanding the Challenge

Preparing for a no time limit match is no easy task. It requires a different approach compared to preparing for timed matches. In timed matches, you have a set amount of time to strategize and execute your game plan. However, in a no time limit match, the dynamic changes completely. The challenge lies in not knowing how long the match could potentially last, which brings an element of uncertainty and unpredictability.

Managing Pacing

One of the key aspects of preparing for a no time limit match is managing pacing. Determining the appropriate round length becomes crucial. While it might be tempting to engage in high-intensity exchanges right from the start, it is important to strike a balance between exerting energy and conserving it for the long run. It is also important to explore probabilistic approaches, considering that most no time limit matches tend to be over within a certain timeframe. Additionally, strategizing to wear out an opponent over time becomes essential. The ability to face multiple fresh opponents and adapt to their energy levels is another important aspect to consider.

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Dealing with Unknowns

One of the unique challenges of preparing for no time limit matches is the presence of unknown variables. Unlike timed matches where you have the luxury of studying your opponent beforehand, in a no time limit match, you go into it with limited knowledge about your opponent’s style and strategies. This adds an element of intrigue and excitement for both the coach and the athlete. It becomes crucial to adapt and make decisions on the fly based on the opponent’s abilities and weaknesses.

Importance of Conditioning

Being in great physical shape is of utmost importance when preparing for a no time limit match. Since there is no set time frame, the match could potentially go on for hours. Therefore, building excellent conditioning becomes crucial. Avoiding early exhaustion is key, as launching multiple attacks in the beginning might look impressive, but it can drain your energy quickly. Finding the right balance between attack intensity and energy expenditure becomes paramount. Ultimately, focusing on the end result and maintaining optimal performance throughout the match is the ultimate goal.

Training Techniques and Strategies

Developing a diverse skill set is essential when preparing for a no time limit match. Being able to adapt to different opponents and their unique styles is a key factor in success. Studying past matches and analyzing strategies can provide valuable insights into potential game plans. Focusing on high-percentage techniques that have a greater chance of success becomes important, as it minimizes the risk of wasting energy on less effective moves.

Mental Preparation

In addition to physical training, mental preparation is equally important when training for a no time limit match. Building mental toughness and developing a winning mindset are vital aspects. Handling pressure and uncertainty is a key skill that must be honed. Maintaining focus and strategy throughout the match, regardless of its duration, becomes crucial in ensuring optimal performance.

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Strategies for No Time Limit Matches

Controlling the pace of the match becomes a strategic aspect in no time limit matches. Being able to dictate the rhythm and tempo can give the athlete an advantage. Strategizing for long-term endurance is important, as the match can potentially last for an extended period. Capitalizing on an opponent’s fatigue becomes a potential opening for success. Conserving energy for key moments can make a significant difference in the outcome of the match.

Training Regimen

Structuring training sessions becomes essential in preparing for no time limit matches. Including specific drills and exercises that simulate the unpredictable nature of these matches is crucial. Gradually increasing the training intensity over time prepares the athlete for the physical demands of extended matches. Simulating no time limit scenarios allows athletes to develop strategies and test their endurance under similar conditions.


Preparing for a no time limit match is challenging and requires a unique approach. Understanding the nature of the challenge, managing pacing, adapting to unknown variables, and focusing on conditioning are all essential elements of preparation. By incorporating effective training techniques, mental preparation, and strategic considerations, athletes can increase their chances of success in no time limit matches.

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