INSANE Submission Escape | Gabriel Sousa vs Ruan Alvarenga – 2022 ADCC World Championships

INSANE Submission Escape | Gabriel Sousa vs Ruan Alvarenga – 2022 ADCC World Championships

In the intense competition at the 2022 ADCC World Championships, Gabriel Sousa faced off against Ruan Alvarenga in the opening round of the 66kg bracket. Both fighters showcased their skills and determination throughout the match. Ruan Alvarenga, known for his memorable performance in a previous ADCC match against Kennedy Maciel, started the match with a guillotine submission attempt. However, the referee mistakenly thought that Gabriel Sousa was unconscious and temporarily stopped the match. Despite this unexpected pause, both fighters continued to battle fiercely. Gabriel Sousa eventually scored a takedown and secured a two-point lead, which he maintained until the end of the match, securing his victory.

INSANE Submission Escape | Gabriel Sousa vs Ruan Alvarenga - 2022 ADCC World Championships

Event Overview

The ADCC World Championships featured a highly anticipated match between Gabriel Sousa and Ruan Alvarenga in the opening round of the 66kg bracket. Both competitors were known for their impressive skills and previous performances, making this a must-watch event for grappling enthusiasts.


Ruan Alvarenga had gained attention for his memorable performance in a previous match against Kennedy Maciel at the 2019 ADCC. Despite not emerging as the winner, Alvarenga showcased tremendous skill and determination, particularly in his ability to navigate out of a triangle choke. As a somewhat hidden gem in the jiu-jitsu scene, Alvarenga was eager to make a name for himself in this tournament.

Gabriel Sousa, on the other hand, had garnered recognition for his excellent passing and wrestling skills in previous matches. He had particularly impressed spectators with his ability to pass the guard of top-level opponents like Mikey Musumeci at the Who’s Number One Championship. Sousa opened up the match against Alvarenga with a strong wrestling move, setting the stage for what promised to be an intense and dynamic contest.

Match Highlights

The match between Sousa and Alvarenga started with an immediate guillotine submission attempt by Alvarenga. The hold appeared to be tight, causing the referee to momentarily stop the match, thinking that Sousa was unconscious. This created an interesting and unforeseen twist early on, as the competitors had to briefly pause while the referee deliberated on whether Sousa was indeed out.

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Once the match resumed, both athletes displayed impressive techniques and scrambles, thrilling the audience with their skillful maneuvers. Sousa managed to score a takedown, showcasing his wrestling prowess and securing two points. This put Sousa in the lead, establishing his dominance in the match.

Sousa’s Dominance

Despite Alvarenga’s determination and resilience, he struggled to overcome Sousa’s lead. Sousa’s points from the takedown and his overall control of the match made it difficult for Alvarenga to turn the tide in his favor. Sousa consistently showcased his superior skill, making it clear that he was the dominant competitor in this particular match.


In summary, the match between Gabriel Sousa and Ruan Alvarenga at the ADCC World Championships was an intense and exhilarating affair. Both athletes displayed impressive skills and determination, but it was Sousa who emerged as the clear victor. Sousa’s dominance, highlighted by his takedown and control throughout the match, solidified his reputation as a top-notch competitor in the 66kg bracket.

Moving forward, Gabriel Sousa’s impressive performance in this match sets a high standard for future bouts. His skillful passing and wrestling abilities make him a formidable opponent for anyone in his division. Ruan Alvarenga, despite not emerging victorious in this match, showcased his potential and determination, leaving room for future growth and success in his jiu-jitsu career. Overall, this match served as a testament to the talent and competitiveness of both athletes and left spectators eagerly awaiting their next performances.

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