ADCC Highlight: Haisam vs Cyborg

ADCC Highlight: Haisam vs Cyborg

Get ready to witness one of the most thrilling grappling moments of the year in this ADCC highlight featuring the epic showdown between Haisam and Cyborg. FloGrappling brings you all the angles in this exhilarating video, so make sure to like, comment, and subscribe for more top-notch jiu jitsu content. Follow FloGrappling on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated with the latest videos and news in the world of jiu jitsu.

Cyborg has a remarkable record in this rule set, but breaking his posture has proven to be a challenge for many. As the match begins, Haisam appears solid like a statue, but with a swift shoulder check, he manages to slightly disturb Cyborg. With relentless determination, Cyborg maintains a strong collar grip while displaying impressive posture through his upper back and neck. Haisam, however, seizes the opportunity and turns the tables, taking advantage of his control over Cyborg’s head. The crowd erupts with applause as Haisam finishes the match with a powerful armbar, securing his place in the quarterfinals against Roosevelt Souza. It’s a remarkable victory that Haisam confidently celebrates, emphasizing that it’s his time to shine and proving that visions of success can indeed become reality. This intense encounter between two incredible athletes is just the beginning, and more exciting moments can be expected in the future.

ADCC Highlight: Haisam vs Cyborg


In the world of grappling, there are many moments that leave spectators in awe, and the match between Haisam and Cyborg at ADCC is definitely one of them. This article will delve into the highlights of their intense battle, analyzing their techniques, strategies, and the impact it had on both their careers. So buckle up and get ready to relive a thrilling moment in the world of jiu-jitsu.

Background Information on ADCC

What is ADCC?

ADCC stands for Abu Dhabi Combat Club, an organization that hosts one of the most prestigious grappling events in the world. It brings together top-tier athletes from various grappling disciplines, such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, judo, and sambo, to compete against each other for the ultimate title.

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Importance of ADCC

ADCC is known for its high level of competition and rigorous ruleset, making it a true test of skill and technique. Winning an ADCC title is a testament to an athlete’s abilities and places them among the elite in the grappling community. The tournament showcases the best of the best, drawing in fans from all over the world who eagerly anticipate each match.

Overview of the rules

ADCC follows a unique ruleset that emphasizes submission grappling. Matches are divided into weight classes, and the competitors aim to earn points by executing takedowns, passing the guard, achieving dominant positions, and securing submissions. The goal is to force the opponent to submit, either by tapping out or being rendered unable to continue.

Haisam vs Cyborg Match Highlights

Video by FloGrappling

FloGrappling, a popular platform for jiu-jitsu enthusiasts, captured the Haisam vs Cyborg match from multiple angles, allowing viewers to experience the intensity of the battle firsthand. The video offers a comprehensive view of the techniques employed by both fighters and offers a thrilling recap of the match.

Pre-match analysis

Before the match, there was speculation about how Haisam would fare against the legendary Cyborg. Both fighters had their own strengths and unique styles, which generated anticipation and excitement among fans. Analysts and experts debated the potential outcomes and strategies that each competitor might employ.

Start of the match

As the match began, it was apparent that both Haisam and Cyborg were focused and ready to give it their all. Haisam wasted no time in engaging with Cyborg, displaying his confidence and determination. Cyborg, known for his formidable skillset, remained composed and showcased his trademark posture.

Cyborg’s posture and defensive skills

One of the key aspects of Cyborg’s performance was his exceptional posture. His upper back and neck maintained a solid position, making it challenging for Haisam to break his posture and execute his attacks effectively. The significance of proper posture in grappling cannot be overstated, as it not only prevents the opponent from gaining control but also conserves energy.

Haisam’s strategy and attacks

Haisam, aware of Cyborg’s defensive skills, devised a strategy to overcome his opponent’s posture and exploit potential opportunities. He launched a series of attacks, looking to secure dominant positions and ultimately submit Cyborg. His relentless pressure and calculated movements showcased his technical prowess and determination.

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Significant moments in the match

Throughout the match, there were several moments that had the audience on the edge of their seats. From near submissions to impressive escapes, both Haisam and Cyborg displayed their resilience and skill. These exchanges showcased the true spirit of ADCC and left an indelible mark on the grappling community.

Winner by submission

In a surprising turn of events, Haisam secured an armbar to force Cyborg to tap out, claiming victory in the match. This unexpected outcome shocked many, as Cyborg’s dominance in ADCC was well-established. Haisam’s triumph solidified his name among the grappling elites and added an exciting chapter to ADCC’s history.

Post-match reactions

Following the match, there was a mix of emotions and reactions from both Haisam and Cyborg. Haisam expressed his elation at the win, emphasizing how he had visualized this victory countless times. He credited his hard work, technical skills, and determination for his success. On the other hand, Cyborg, while disappointed, showed respect for his opponent and vowed to return even stronger in future competitions.

Haisam’s Journey in ADCC

Haisam’s previous matches in ADCC

Haisam’s victory over Cyborg was not an overnight success. He had previously competed in multiple ADCC matches, honing his skills and gaining valuable experience. These matches allowed him to showcase his abilities and establish himself as a formidable force within the grappling community.

Performance and achievements

Haisam’s performance in ADCC was nothing short of exceptional. With each match, he displayed technical brilliance, strength, and an unyielding fighting spirit. His ability to adapt to different opponents and capitalize on their weaknesses showcased his versatility as a grappler. His victory against Cyborg was undoubtedly the crowning achievement of his ADCC journey thus far.

Expectations and goals

Following his extraordinary win against Cyborg, expectations for Haisam skyrocketed. Many fans and experts eagerly await his performance in future ADCC events, hoping to witness more of his impressive techniques and strategies. The grappling community eagerly anticipates Haisam’s future goals, including potentially capturing an ADCC title and cementing his legacy in the sport.

Cyborg’s Dominance in ADCC

Cyborg’s experience in ADCC

Cyborg’s name is synonymous with ADCC dominance. Throughout his career, he has showcased his skills in numerous ADCC events, consistently proving why he is considered one of the best in the sport. His experience and familiarity with the ADCC ruleset give him a significant advantage, allowing him to adapt to various opponents and strategies.

Record and reputation

Cyborg’s record in ADCC speaks for itself. With multiple victories and standout performances, he has established himself as a force to be reckoned with. His reputation as a world-class grappler and his ability to consistently showcase his skills in prestigious events have earned him the respect and admiration of the grappling community.

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Comparison with other ADCC champions

When discussing ADCC champions, Cyborg’s name is always mentioned in the same breath as other legendary grapplers. His longevity and ability to maintain dominance in a sport filled with talent is a testament to his skills and dedication. Comparisons to other ADCC champions highlight his impact on the sport and solidify his place among the greats.

Techniques and Strategies Used

Analysis of Haisam’s submission

Haisam’s victory over Cyborg was achieved through a well-executed armbar. A detailed analysis of this submission reveals Haisam’s technical brilliance and ability to exploit his opponent’s vulnerabilities. Breaking down the mechanics of the armbar showcases the precision and timing required to secure such a decisive victory.

Overview of Cyborg’s defensive techniques

While Cyborg did not come out victorious in the match against Haisam, his defensive skills should not be overlooked. Analyzing his postures, escapes, and counters provides valuable insights into his ability to neutralize his opponents’ attacks. Cyborg’s defensive expertise serves as a valuable learning tool for aspiring grapplers looking to improve their defensive capabilities.

Tactical elements in the match

Every successful match in ADCC involves a combination of techniques, strategy, and tactical execution. Analyzing the tactical elements in the Haisam vs Cyborg match sheds light on the competitors’ decision-making, movement, and overall approach to the fight. Understanding the tactical nuances of the match provides valuable lessons for grapplers of all levels.

The Impact of the Match

Reception from the grappling community

The Haisam vs Cyborg match garnered widespread attention from the grappling community. Fans, athletes, and experts alike expressed their excitement and admiration for the intensity and skill displayed by both fighters. The match served as a source of inspiration and motivation for aspiring grapplers, sparking conversations and debates among enthusiasts around the world.

Relevance to future ADCC events

The outcome of the Haisam vs Cyborg match has significant implications for future ADCC events. It has brought attention to emerging talent and shifted the landscape of the grappling scene. It serves as a reminder that in ADCC, anything can happen, and new stars can emerge at any moment. The match undoubtedly adds to the anticipation and excitement surrounding future ADCC competitions.

Impact on Haisam and Cyborg’s careers

For Haisam, the victory against Cyborg propelled his career to new heights. It solidified his position as an elite grappler and opened doors to new opportunities and recognition within the grappling community. Cyborg, despite the loss, showcased his resilience and determination, fueling his desire to bounce back and further establish his legacy in ADCC.


The match between Haisam and Cyborg at ADCC will forever be etched in the annals of grappling history. Their skills, determination, and the unexpected outcome left a lasting impact on the grappling community. It serves as a reminder of the unpredictability of ADCC and the immense talent that exists within the sport. As we eagerly await future ADCC events, we can only wonder what other thrilling moments await us on the mats.

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