INSANE LAST SECOND COMEBACK FROM 9 POINT DEFICIT | Adam Wardzinksi vs Fellipe Andrew At Pans

INSANE LAST SECOND COMEBACK FROM 9 POINT DEFICIT | Adam Wardzinksi vs Fellipe Andrew At Pans

Adam Wardzinski and Fellipe Andrew put on an intense and thrilling match at the 2023 IBJJF Pan Championship. Fellipe Andrew began the final with a lead, utilizing his strong submissions to make an impact. However, Adam Wardzinski showed incredible resilience, using his half guard and butterfly guard to defend against Fellipe’s attacks. In a stunning last-second comeback, Adam used butterfly guard sweeps to pass to the mount and tie the score. With only seconds remaining, Adam attempted a cross collar choke from the mount, securing an advantage and winning the match. Adam Wardzinski was crowned the 2023 Pan heavyweight champion in a truly remarkable display of skill and determination.

I. Introduction

Adam Wardzinski and Fellipe Andrew had an intense match at the 2023 IBJJF Pan Championship. What made this match so exciting was Wardzinski’s incredible comeback, despite being behind for the majority of the match. Wardzinski used his defensive strategy and the butterfly guard to turn the tide and ultimately secure the win. This article will delve into the background of both competitors, Wardzinski’s defensive strategy, Andrew’s lead, Wardzinski’s comeback, the importance of butterfly guard sweeps, the last-second drama of the match, and conclude with Wardzinski being crowned the Pan heavyweight champion.

II. Background

A. Adam Wardzinski and Fellipe Andrew

Adam Wardzinski, representing checkmat, and Fellipe Andrew, representing Alliance, were the two finalists in the men’s black belt heavyweight division at the 2023 Pan Championship. Both competitors had been performing exceptionally well throughout the championship, showcasing their skills and determination.

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B. IBJJF Pan Championship

The IBJJF Pan Championship is one of the most prestigious Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournaments in the world. Held annually, it attracts top-level competitors from all over the globe. This championship is known for its fierce competition and displays of technical mastery.

C. Fellipe Andrew’s previous submissions

Leading up to the final, Fellipe Andrew had already secured two submissions in his previous matches. This showcased his high level of skill and his ability to finish matches decisively. Andrew was definitely a force to be reckoned with.

INSANE LAST SECOND COMEBACK FROM 9 POINT DEFICIT | Adam Wardzinksi vs Fellipe Andrew At Pans

III. Wardzinski’s Defensive Strategy

A. Half guard

Wardzinski utilized the half guard position as a part of his defensive strategy against Andrew’s attacks. The half guard is a versatile position that allows the bottom player to control and neutralize the top player’s attacks, making it difficult for them to pass the guard or secure submissions.

B. Butterfly guard

Another key element of Wardzinski’s defensive strategy was the butterfly guard. He utilized this guard to maintain distance and control over Andrew, preventing him from establishing dominant positions or executing his attacks effectively. The butterfly guard also allowed Wardzinski to initiate sweeps and potentially transition to advantageous positions.

IV. Andrew’s Lead

A. Andrew’s points lead

During the match, Fellipe Andrew managed to secure a lead of three points over Adam Wardzinski. This lead was a result of Andrew’s effective passing and guard control, which earned him points. Wardzinski found himself having to overcome a deficit in order to turn the tide in his favor.

B. Wardzinski’s comeback

Despite Andrew’s lead, Wardzinski remained composed and focused on finding a way to make a comeback. His determination and belief in his abilities were evident as he worked to undermine Andrew’s control and secure sweeps of his own. This comeback would prove to be crucial in the outcome of the match.

V. Butterfly Guard Sweeps

A. Wardzinski’s strategy

Wardzinski’s strategy revolved around his proficiency in the butterfly guard sweeps. He recognized the power of these sweeps in not only scoring points but also in disrupting his opponent’s rhythm and control. The butterfly guard allowed Wardzinski to create openings and initiate dynamic sweeps that would place him in advantageous positions.

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B. Passing to the mount

One of the key objectives for Wardzinski was to pass Andrew’s guard and secure the mount position. The mount position provides a significant advantage as it offers control over the opponent and opens up opportunities for submissions. Wardzinski’s ability to effectively pass Andrew’s guard and transition to the mount would prove to play a pivotal role in the match.

C. Tying the score at 11-11

Through his well-executed butterfly guard sweeps and successful mount transitions, Wardzinski managed to tie the score with Andrew at 11-11. This was a remarkable achievement considering the initial point deficit and showcased Wardzinski’s resilience and technical mastery.

VI. Last Seconds Drama

A. Wardzinski’s choke attempt

In the last few seconds of the match, Wardzinski attempted a cross collar choke from the mount position. This choke attempt was a bold move, showcasing Wardzinski’s willingness to go for the win until the very last moment. The choke attempt would prove to be a pivotal moment in the match.

B. Gaining advantage

Wardzinski’s choke attempt resulted in gaining an advantage, which further solidified his dominance in the match. This advantage, earned right as the time expired, would prove to be the deciding factor that secured Wardzinski the win and cemented his place as the Pan heavyweight champion.

C. Winning the match

With an exceptional last-second comeback and the advantage earned from the choke attempt, Adam Wardzinski emerged as the victor of the match. His ability to stay calm under pressure and execute his game plan effectively ultimately led to his well-deserved victory.

VII. Conclusion

A. Adam Wardzinski crowned Pan heavyweight champion

Adam Wardzinski’s remarkable comeback and victory at the 2023 IBJJF Pan Championship solidified his place as the Pan heavyweight champion. His strategic use of the half guard and butterfly guard, combined with his technical prowess, allowed him to overcome a significant point deficit and secure the win. Wardzinski’s performance showcased the essence of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, demonstrating the importance of perseverance, strategy, and technical skill.

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