Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena | Vlog Ep 3: Gordon and Felipe Arrive In Dallas

Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena | Vlog Ep 3: Gordon and Felipe Arrive In Dallas

In this episode of the vlog series, titled “Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena | Vlog Ep 3: Gordon and Felipe Arrive In Dallas,” Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena make their way to Dallas for their highly anticipated jiu jitsu match. The video, created by FloGrappling, showcases their journey, training sessions, and the excitement leading up to the event. Gordon confidently expresses his thoughts on Felipe, dismissing his “chubby baby” persona and emphasizing his own skills in jiu jitsu. Meanwhile, Felipe shares his perspective on the upcoming match, criticizing previous opponents’ behavior and asserting his readiness to face Gordon on the mat. As the vlog captures their preparations and moments on the road, the tension builds as the match day draws near.

Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena | Vlog Ep 3: Gordon and Felipe Arrive In Dallas

Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena

Vlog Ep 3: Gordon and Felipe Arrive In Dallas

In this episode of the vlog, Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena are preparing for their upcoming match at the Tezos WNO event in Dallas. The video is presented by Fat Tire and is available on FloGrappling’s social media platforms.

Introduction to the video

The video starts off with a short introduction, highlighting the Tezos WNO event and encouraging viewers to like, comment, and subscribe on FloGrappling’s social media channels to stay updated on the latest jiu-jitsu videos.

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Gordon Ryan’s comments about Felipe Pena’s physical stature

Gordon Ryan begins the vlog by addressing Felipe Pena’s previous comments about his physical appearance. Ryan dismisses Pena’s remarks and confidently states that his own jiu-jitsu skills are superior. He expresses his excitement for the upcoming match and jokes about Pena’s performance in recent matches.

Ryan’s belief in his own jiu-jitsu skills

Ryan continues to explain that he believes Pena underestimates his abilities. He asserts that Pena is expecting to face the 2017 version of Ryan, but states that he has evolved since then. Ryan expresses confidence in his grips and suggests that Pena will be in for a surprise once they start grappling.

Ryan’s excitement for the upcoming match

Despite his claims of superiority, Ryan maintains his excitement for the match against Pena. He jokingly mentions morphing into a newborn and playfully mocks Pena’s recent performances. Ryan is eager for the opportunity to compete against Pena and prove his skills on the mat.

Training at Roca and heading to the airport

The vlog transitions to Ryan and his team finishing up their training session at Roca. Ryan mentions that they are heading to the airport to pick up his mom and a friend before traveling to Dallas. He expresses his excitement about the upcoming match and his happiness that it is finally happening.

Felipe Pena’s opinion on Gordon Ryan

The video then shifts to Felipe Pena sharing his thoughts on Gordon Ryan. Pena acknowledges their first match and expresses his respect for Pedro, Ryan’s previous opponent. He criticizes disrespectful behavior and discusses his mindset going into the upcoming match.

Pena’s view on their first match

Pena reflects on their previous encounter and addresses Ryan’s claims about passing his guard. He states that if someone talks a lot of trash, they should be prepared to handle the consequences. Pena reiterates his willingness to engage in similar exchanges during their upcoming match.

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Pena’s respect for Pedro

Pena emphasizes his respect for Pedro, highlighting that their match did not involve any disrespectful behavior. He criticizes certain actions, such as placing a hand on someone’s head and making fun of them, considering them to be disrespectful in the context of jiu-jitsu.

Pena’s mindset for the upcoming match

Pena concludes by stating that he will maintain his mindset going into the match with Ryan. He discusses the possibility of injury or mishaps and expresses his excitement for the opportunity to compete against Ryan once again.

Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena on their way to Dallas

The video shifts back to Ryan and his team as they make their way to Dallas. They stop for lunch at Whole Foods to fuel their bodies before the journey. Snacks and drinks are prepared for the road, including cucumbers, eggs, Red Bull, Kombuchas, and water. Ryan shows a note from Pena that says “Good morning chubby baby,” adding a playful dynamic to their rivalry.

Leaving the house and the travel time

Ryan and his team leave the house late in the evening, planning for a 15-minute trip to the airport. The video captures their journey through the night, with Ryan documenting their stops along the way. Due to a missed exit, they end up at a Quick Trip instead of their intended stop at Bucky’s, leading to some disappointment.


In conclusion, this vlog episode provides an inside look into the preparations and mindset of both Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena leading up to their highly anticipated match at the Tezos WNO event. Viewers are given a glimpse into their training sessions, travel arrangements, and humorous exchanges, adding excitement and anticipation for the upcoming competition.

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