Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena | Vlog Ep 1: Gordon’s Final Prep For Preguica

Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena | Vlog Ep 1: Gordon’s Final Prep For Preguica

In the video titled “Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena | Vlog Ep 1: Gordon’s Final Prep For Preguica,” created by FloGrappling, viewers get an inside look into Gordon Ryan’s preparation for his upcoming no time limit match with Felipe Pena at WNO on August 7th. The video showcases Gordon’s daily routine, including his chores and his decision to dye his beard white. He gives advice on the process and even shares a unique method he came up with to combat the bleach fumes. The video also highlights Gordon’s plans for his backyard, which include building a deck, installing an outdoor shower and sauna, and creating a cozy sitting area. Despite some challenges, Gordon is excited for the match and expresses gratitude towards Felipe for the opportunity to upgrade his home after the fight.

In the video, Gordon Ryan shares details about his final preparations for his match with Felipe Pena. He discusses his decision to dye his beard white and provides a word of caution for anyone considering doing the same. Gordon also talks about his plans to renovate his backyard, including building a deck and adding an outdoor shower and sauna. He mentions the challenges he faces in getting approval from his homeowners association for a shed to accommodate his friend, Josh Hanger. Additionally, Gordon mentions a bet he made with Felipe and expresses his excitement for the match, confident in his abilities and feeling sorry for his opponent’s delusions.

Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena | Vlog Ep 1: Gordon’s Final Prep For Preguica

Video By FloGrappling

FloGrappling presents an exciting vlog episode, taking viewers inside the life of Gordon Ryan as he makes his final preparations for his upcoming match against Felipe Pena at WNO on Sunday, August 7th. This behind-the-scenes glimpse gives fans an exclusive look at Gordon’s training and mindset leading up to the highly anticipated event. Make sure to like, comment, and subscribe to FloGrappling to access all the latest jiu-jitsu videos!

Gordon Ryan’s Final Preparations

As the match with Felipe Pena approaches, Gordon Ryan is leaving no stone unturned in his training. He is fully committed to ensuring that he is in the best possible shape for this showdown. Ryan’s intense training regimen involves grueling workouts and rigorous drilling sessions. His dedication to his craft is evident as he pushes himself to the limit to prepare for this no time limit match.

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Match with Felipe Pena at WNO on Sunday, August 7th

The anticipation for the match between Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena is reaching new heights. Both grapplers are highly skilled and widely regarded as some of the best in the world. This clash promises to be an intense battle of technique, strength, and strategy. Fans can’t wait to see these two athletes go head-to-head on August 7th at WNO.

About FloGrappling

FloGrappling is a leading platform for jiu-jitsu enthusiasts, providing high-quality content, tutorials, and event coverage. With a strong social media presence on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, FloGrappling keeps fans engaged and up-to-date with the latest jiu-jitsu news. Their videos showcase the best talent in the sport and give viewers a glimpse into the lives of their favorite grapplers.

Inside the life of Gordon Ryan

This vlog episode offers a unique insight into the daily life of Gordon Ryan. From his training routines to his personal moments, viewers get a behind-the-scenes look at the life of an elite athlete. Through this intimate portrayal, fans can see the determination and dedication that drives Ryan to be the best in the world.

Final preparations for the match

With the match drawing near, Gordon Ryan is focused on fine-tuning his skills and ensuring that he is mentally and physically prepared. This involves intense training sessions and strategic planning with his team. Ryan knows that every detail matters and is leaving no room for complacency in his final preparations.

Gordon’s decision to dye his beard white

As part of his preparation for the match, Gordon Ryan made the decision to dye his beard white. This unique choice was inspired by someone he follows on Instagram who had dyed their hair white. Ryan felt that this change would make his beard stand out and give him a fresh look for the match.

Inspiration from someone on Instagram

Seeing someone else with a white-dyed hairstyle on Instagram sparked the idea for Gordon Ryan’s white beard. He admired how it looked on the other person and decided to try it out for himself. This shows that even elite athletes draw inspiration from others and are not afraid to experiment with their appearance.

Describing the process of dyeing his beard

Dyeing his beard required a specific process. First, his hair was bleached to remove the natural color. Then, a white dye was applied to achieve the desired white beard look. This process can take time, and it requires careful application to ensure an even color throughout the beard.

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His method to combat inhaling bleach fumes

Gordon Ryan discovered that the process of bleaching the beard and inhaling bleach fumes was not ideal. In a creative move, he came up with a solution to combat this issue. He cut the end off a water bottle, clamped his nose shut, and breathed through the open end of the bottle. This allowed him to breathe fresh air further away from the concentrated bleach fumes, making the process more manageable.

Advice on dyeing beards

For anyone considering dyeing their beard, Gordon Ryan offers some advice. He underscores the importance of breathing fresh air during the process, highlighting the potential risks of inhaling bleach fumes. Finding ways to mitigate these risks, such as using the water bottle method he employed, can make the experience safer and more comfortable.

Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena | Vlog Ep 1: Gordons Final Prep For Preguica

Importance of breathing fresh air

Gordon Ryan emphasizes the importance of breathing fresh air, especially during activities like dyeing beards. Inhaling fumes or pollutants can have adverse effects on one’s health, so finding ways to minimize exposure is crucial. Ryan’s creative solution with the water bottle shows his commitment to addressing this concern and taking care of his well-being.

Setting up Gordon’s backyard

The vlog episode also provides a glimpse into Gordon Ryan’s backyard setup. With the help of his friend Mellie, he has created a dream wall, complete with fake plants and an outdoor TV. The space is designed for relaxation, featuring a comfortable chair and a couch that will soon be replaced. Ryan has plans to include an ice bath, an outdoor shower, and a sauna, transforming his backyard into a personal oasis.

Dream wall by friend Mellie

One standout feature of Gordon Ryan’s backyard setup is the dream wall created by his friend Mellie. This wall adds a touch of aesthetic appeal to the outdoor space and complements the overall ambiance. It showcases the value of personalizing one’s surroundings to create a space that brings joy and relaxation.

Description of the space and furniture

Gordon Ryan’s backyard features various elements that contribute to its inviting atmosphere. Alongside the dream wall, there is an outdoor TV for entertainment and a chair for relaxation. The couch, although temporary, will soon be replaced with an ice bath. Ryan’s attention to detail and consideration for his well-being are evident in the thoughtfully chosen furniture and setup.

Future plans for the backyard

The backyard setup is not yet complete, as Gordon Ryan has ambitious plans for further improvements. These include adding an outdoor shower, a sauna, and a sitting area with a roofed-off pergola. He envisions a cozy and comfortable space where he can unwind and enjoy his surroundings. Lighting and decorative elements, such as pebbles around the fireplace, will enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the backyard.

Josh Hanger living under the deck

A unique aspect of Gordon Ryan’s backyard is the presence of Josh Hanger, who lives under the deck. Ryan explains that the deck is scheduled to be replaced, which means Hanger’s living quarters will also need to be relocated. This highlights the camaraderie and friendship shared between the two grapplers as they navigate the logistics of their living arrangements.

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Demoing the deck for a new one

To accommodate the changes in the backyard setup, Gordon Ryan plans to demolish the existing deck. This step is necessary for the construction of a new deck, which will be funded by Felipe Pena. This process not only allows Ryan to improve his backyard space but also reinforces the friendly rivalry between the two grapplers.

Outdoor shower and sauna plans

Among the upcoming additions to Gordon Ryan’s backyard are an outdoor shower and a sauna. These features will further enhance his relaxation and recovery routines. Ryan is conscious of the importance of taking care of his body and recognizes the benefits of such amenities in maintaining his physical and mental well-being.

Getting approval from HOA

However, before these plans can be realized, Gordon Ryan must seek approval from his homeowners’ association (HOA). The need for approval stems from the desire to relocate Josh Hanger’s living space. Ryan acknowledges that navigating the process requires adherence to HOA regulations, and obtaining the necessary permission is currently his main concern.

Felipe Pena’s bet with Gordon

Gordon Ryan divulges details of a bet he made with Felipe Pena regarding their upcoming match. Ryan offered Pena 10 to 1 odds, and to his surprise, Pena managed to come up with 10 grand to honor the wager. This reflects the competitiveness and confidence both athletes possess, creating an added element of excitement and financial stakes for the match.

10 to 1 odds and the stakes of the match

By offering Pena 10 to 1 odds, Gordon Ryan has raised the stakes for their upcoming match. The financial aspect adds another layer of competitiveness and motivation for both athletes. Ryan acknowledges the significance of the match in his plans for an upgraded backyard and expresses gratitude for Pena’s participation in the bet.

Gordon’s gratitude and plans to thank Felipe

Win or lose, Gordon Ryan intends to express his gratitude to Felipe Pena for his involvement in the bet. Pena’s contribution will help finance the improvements to Ryan’s backyard, including the new deck. Ryan recognizes the value of goodwill and sportsmanship in the jiu-jitsu community, and he plans to acknowledge Pena’s involvement after the match.

Gordon’s final preparations

As the match draws nearer, Gordon Ryan intensifies his training and focuses on his final preparations. This entails pushing himself to the limits during his last hard training sessions. After the grueling preparation, Ryan will travel to Dallas for the match, ready to give it his all and showcase his skills on the mat.

Last hard training sessions

In preparation for the match, Gordon Ryan puts himself through demanding training sessions. These sessions are designed to fine-tune his technique, improve his endurance, and ensure that he is fully prepared both mentally and physically. Every session is an opportunity for Ryan to push his limits and optimize his performance for the upcoming bout.

Traveling to Dallas for the match

With his final preparations complete, Gordon Ryan gears up for the journey to Dallas, where the match against Felipe Pena will take place. Ryan’s dedication to his craft is evident as he travels to the venue, ready to showcase his skills and leave everything on the mat. The excitement and anticipation build as the match day approaches.

In conclusion, this vlog episode provides viewers with an in-depth look into the life of Gordon Ryan as he prepares for his match against Felipe Pena. From his training regimen to his personal preparations, Ryan’s commitment to his craft shines through. The upcoming clash promises to be an exciting and intense battle, captivating fans and showcasing the immense skill of both athletes.

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