Andre Galvao’s Transcendent Energy at 2019 ADCC Victory

Andre Galvao’s Transcendent Energy at 2019 ADCC Victory

“Andre Galvao’s Transcendent Energy at 2019 ADCC Victory” showcases the incredible journey of Andre Galvao and his remarkable performance at the ADCC tournament. The video, produced by FloGrappling, captures Galvao’s victorious moments as he demonstrates his exceptional skills in jiu-jitsu. The article outlines Galvao’s thoughts and emotions before, during, and after the fight, highlighting the presence of his supportive friends, the energy in the room, and his unwavering faith. Galvao’s performance on the mat is analyzed, focusing on his strong pace, takedowns, and control of the fight. Despite facing a tough opponent, Galvao’s determination and skill shine through, leading to a well-deserved victory. The article concludes with Galvao’s profound gratitude and celebration, emphasizing the significance of the moment and the unity of his team.

Overall, “Andre Galvao’s Transcendent Energy at 2019 ADCC Victory” provides an insightful and inspiring account of Galvao’s triumph, offering a glimpse into his journey as a jiu-jitsu athlete and the profound impact of his performance on both himself and his team.

Pre-Fight Preparation

Andre Galvaos Transcendent Energy at 2019 ADCC Victory

Surrounded by great human beings

Before the fight, Andre Galvao had the privilege of being surrounded by amazing individuals. He had his best friends and great human beings by his side, providing him with the support and positive energy he needed. Unfortunately, there is no footage of this particular moment, but Galvao vividly remembers the laughter and joy shared among them.

Presence of Anderson Silva

One of the remarkable aspects of Galvao’s pre-fight preparation was the presence of MMA legend Anderson Silva. Known for his incredible energy and talent, Silva joined Galvao before the fight, along with his family. Not only was Silva a great friend of Galvao’s, but his presence also added an extra boost of motivation and inspiration.

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Training with his students

Galvao also had the opportunity to train with his students: Josh, Nassar, and Lucas. As they all awaited their fights on the spot, they found solace in laughter and fun. In those moments of bonding, they created an atmosphere filled with positive energy and support for one another. Galvao remembers the camaraderie they shared, which helped alleviate any pre-fight nerves.

Magical Moments

Laughter and fun before the fight

Galvao reminisces about the joy shared among his friends and students before the fight. The laughter and light-heartedness served as a reminder to not take themselves too seriously and to enjoy the process. It created a relaxed and positive atmosphere that allowed Galvao to enter the fight with a clear and focused mindset.

Feeling the energy in the room

Before stepping onto the mats, Galvao and his team took a moment to pray and feel the energy in the room. They understood the significance of the moment and soaked in the connectedness they felt to one another and to a higher power. It was a moment of shared spirituality and a reminder of the divine presence in their lives.

Connectedness and presence of God

Galvao describes the events prior to the fight as being seamlessly connected. From the beginning of his training camp to the moment of victory, everything seemed to flow perfectly. He attributes this to the presence of God in the room, acknowledging that the transcendent energy surrounding him played a crucial role in his success.

Analysis of the Match

Felipe’s rash guard

The match between Galvao and Felipe began with an interesting decision made by Felipe. He started the fight with a rash guard but then took it off midway. Galvao reflects on whether Felipe might have considered it a disadvantage or a mistake to wear the rash guard during their bout.

Andre’s strong pace

Galvao initiated the match with a strong pace, which immediately caught Felipe off guard. Galvao could sense Felipe’s concern and utilized this to gain an advantage. By setting the tone and pushing the tempo, Galvao created a sense of control and dominance early on.

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Felipe’s incredible guard

Throughout the match, Felipe showcased an incredible guard. His leg movements and joint flexibility were truly remarkable. Galvao recalls the challenge of trying to maneuver around Felipe’s guard and the constant pressure he faced in his attempts to gain a dominant position.

Pushing the pace

Galvao continued to push the pace relentlessly, knowing that his conditioning was superior. He aimed to take advantage of any fatigued moments from Felipe and exploit them to secure victory. This strategy required Galvao to maintain his own stamina and capitalize on any opportunities presented to him.

Taking advantage of moments

During the fight, Galvao took advantage of a moment when Felipe fell onto a table. Although it was unintentional and the result of the rules allowing continuous action, Galvao seized the opportunity to keep fighting. This quick thinking and adaptability allowed him to maintain his momentum and control.

Referee’s interference

At one point in the match, the referee’s interference became a point of frustration for Galvao. He recalls the difficulty he faced in trying to connect his hands and move toward the middle of the mat. Despite the referee’s intervention, Galvao remained focused and committed to showcasing his skills.

Trying to take Felipe’s back

Galvao attempted to take Felipe’s back during the fight but unfortunately missed the opportunity. He recalls throwing his hook with immense force, but Felipe was able to escape, denying Galvao the chance to secure a dominant position. This moment served as a reminder that even the best-laid plans may not always come to fruition.

Controlling the fight

Despite the missed opportunity to secure a submission, Galvao maintained control throughout the fight. He emphasizes the importance of purposeful pacing, conditioning, and mental fortitude in staying ahead of his opponent. Galvao’s ability to control the fight put him in a winning position and showcased his tactical prowess.

Unable to get a submission

Galvao reflects on his inability to secure a submission against Felipe, acknowledging Felipe’s toughness and resilience. Although disappointed, Galvao recognizes that overcoming challenges is an essential part of competing in a super fight. He remains motivated to improve and emphasizes the importance of self-reflection and learning from mistakes.

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Post-Match Celebration

Immediate celebration with the team

As soon as Galvao realized he had won the match, his team celebrated immediately. They rushed towards him, expressing their excitement and support. The energy was electric, and the atmosphere was filled with jubilation and pride. Galvao was overwhelmed by the love and camaraderie demonstrated by his team.

The feeling of victory

Winning the match brought an indescribable feeling of victory to Galvao. The culmination of his hard work and dedication resonated deeply within him. The sense of accomplishment was overwhelming and served as a testament to Galvao’s commitment to his craft.

The joy in everyone’s eyes

Galvao vividly remembers the expressions of joy and happiness in the eyes of his teammates and supporters. Their genuine happiness for his success touched him deeply. The shared experience forged stronger bonds among them and reinforced the importance of surrounding oneself with a supportive community.

Thanking God for the moment

In the midst of the celebration, Galvao took a moment to thank God for the triumph. He recognized the presence of a higher power in his journey and acknowledged the blessings bestowed upon him. Gratitude filled his heart as he reflected on the grace and guidance that led him to that remarkable victory.

A memorable and amazing feeling

The post-match celebration left an everlasting impression on Galvao. It was a moment that he will never forget, demonstrating the power of teamwork and shared success. The unique and incredible feeling of that celebration serves as a reminder of the collective effort and hard work that went into achieving victory.


Andre Galvao’s victory at the 2019 ADCC showcased his transcendence and remarkable energy. His pre-fight preparation, surrounded by great human beings, served as a solid foundation for success. The magical moments leading up to and during the match reinforced Galvao’s connectedness and the presence of a higher power.

The analysis of the match highlighted Felipe’s rash guard choice, Galvao’s strong pace, and Felipe’s incredible guard. Galvao’s ability to push the pace and take advantage of important moments displayed his tactical awareness. Despite the challenges and referee interference, Galvao maintained control and showcased his skills.

The post-match celebration was filled with immediate joy and gratitude. The collective support of Galvao’s team and the feeling of victory were unparalleled. The celebration not only marked an unforgettable moment but also reinforced the power of gratitude and the importance of a strong support system.

In conclusion, Andre Galvao’s victory at the 2019 ADCC was a testament to his unwavering dedication and the impact of surrounding oneself with great people. From his pre-fight preparation to the magical moments experienced, Galvao’s journey was filled with challenges and triumphs. This unforgettable victory will forever be etched in the annals of jiu-jitsu history.

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