Dante Leon vs Mateusz Szczecinski | 2022 ADCC World Championships

Dante Leon vs Mateusz Szczecinski | 2022 ADCC World Championships

In the highly anticipated match at the 2022 ADCC World Championships, Dante Leon and Mateusz Szczecinski faced off in the semi-finals. Both fighters had advanced through the tournament with impressive submission victories – Leon defeating William Tackett and Szczecinski defeating Magid Hague. The bout showcased Szczecinski’s focus on leg attacks, as he consistently tried to bring Dante’s ankle up to his neck. However, Dante’s strong defense and proficient offense with leg attacks proved to be a challenge for Szczecinski. Dante’s wrestling skills played a significant role in his success, and his previous match against Lucas Lepre in 2019 served as a valuable study for his technique. Ultimately, after an intense match that went into overtime, Dante Leon secured a dominant position on the back of his opponent, earning him the victory and a spot in the semi-finals against Mika Galvao.

Dante Leon vs Mateusz Szczecinski

Dante Leon vs Mateusz Szczecinski | 2022 ADCC World Championships

Advance to the Semi-Finals by Submission

Dante Leon and Mateusz Szczecinski both showcased their skills and determination in the 2022 ADCC World Championships as they secured victories over their opponents. Leon advanced to the semi-finals by defeating William Tackett, while Szczecinski took out Magid Hague. Both victories came by submission, highlighting their expertise in grappling and their ability to finish fights. It was a promising start for both athletes and set the stage for an exciting clash in the upcoming rounds.

Szczecinski’s Leg Attack Focus

Mateusz Szczecinski is known for his exceptional leg attack game, and he wasted no time in trying to bring Dante Leon’s ankle up to his neck. He displayed excellent technique and relentless pressure as he attempted to trap Leon in a heel hook. However, Leon showcased his defensive prowess by using his right leg as a primary line of defense. He stuffed the top leg, preventing Szczecinski from fully executing his submission attempts and keeping his knee line free. Despite Szczecinski’s persistent attacks, Leon showed resilience and skill in maintaining his position.

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Dante’s Defense Strategies

Dante Leon’s defensive strategies played a crucial role in neutralizing Szczecinski’s leg attacks. His ability to stuff the top leg was instrumental in keeping himself safe from potential submissions. By using his right leg as a shield, Leon effectively blocked Szczecinski’s attempts to bring his ankle up to his neck. Leon’s defensive awareness and quick reflexes allowed him to anticipate Szczecinski’s movements and react accordingly. It was a testament to Leon’s defensive skills and his ability to adapt to his opponent’s game plan.

Dante’s Proficiency in both Offense and Defense with Leg Attacks

Dante Leon’s performance in the ADCC World Championships showcased his well-rounded skillset in both offense and defense with leg attacks. While he demonstrated his defensive prowess against Szczecinski’s attacks, Leon was also proficient in launching his own offensive submissions. He displayed confidence in attacking his opponents’ legs while simultaneously defending against their counterattacks. Leon’s versatility in both aspects of leg attacks made him a formidable opponent in the competition. His ability to seamlessly transition between offensive and defensive techniques was a key factor in his successes.

Well-rounded Skillset

Apart from his expertise in leg attacks, Dante Leon possesses a well-rounded skillset that makes him a formidable competitor. His wrestling skills, in particular, played a significant role in his success. Leon’s proficiency in wrestling allowed him to dictate the pace of the matches and control the positioning against his opponents. His wrestling background provided him with a strong foundation in takedowns and transitions, giving him an edge in both standing and ground exchanges. Leon’s ability to seamlessly combine his grappling skills with his wrestling background made him a well-rounded and dangerous opponent.

Studying Dante’s Wrestling Technique

One of the aspects that makes Dante Leon a formidable opponent is his wrestling technique. The match against Lepre in 2019 is worth studying for those looking to improve their wrestling skills. Leon’s impressive display of takedowns and transitions showcased his mastery of wrestling techniques. His confidence in utilizing wrestling moves in his grappling game allowed him to dominate his opponents and control the flow of the match. Studying Leon’s wrestling technique can provide valuable insights for grapplers looking to enhance their wrestling skills and improve their overall game.

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Impressive Performance in Wrestle UPS Match

Dante Leon’s performance in his Wrestle UPS match further highlighted his skills and abilities. Throughout the match, Leon displayed great awareness and defense, avoiding his opponent’s attacks while capitalizing on openings for his own offensive moves. His offensive skills were showcased as he confidently executed submissions and maintained control over his opponent. Leon’s ability to seamlessly transition between attacking and defending positions demonstrated his high-level grappling expertise.

Awareness and Defense Displayed by Leon

One of the notable aspects of Dante Leon’s match was his exceptional awareness and defense. He showed an acute understanding of his opponent’s movements, effectively countering their attacks and maintaining control. Leon’s defensive skills were on full display as he consistently thwarted his opponent’s submission attempts. His ability to stay calm under pressure and react with quick and precise defenses allowed him to neutralize his opponent’s offense. It was a testament to Leon’s technical proficiency and tactical awareness.

Offensive Skills Showcased

In addition to his impressive defensive abilities, Dante Leon also showcased his offensive skills throughout the match. He displayed confidence in his ability to launch attacks and remained proactive in his approach. Leon’s offensive arsenal included a wide range of submissions and transitions, keeping his opponent guessing and constantly defending. His offensive skills were a testament to his technical prowess and strategic mindset, as he consistently put himself in advantageous positions to attack.

Confidence in Attacking and Defending

Dante Leon’s confidence was palpable throughout the match. He displayed unwavering belief in his abilities, both in attacking and defending. His composure and self-assurance allowed him to make calculated moves and take risks when necessary. Leon’s confidence played a crucial role in his success, as it enabled him to trust his instincts and execute his techniques with precision. His unwavering confidence in his skills transformed him into a formidable force on the mats.

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Overtime Victory via Dominant Back Position

The match between Dante Leon and his opponent went into overtime, where Leon secured a dominant back position. He showcased his technical proficiency by trapping his opponent’s arm and maintaining control from the back. Leon’s ability to secure and maintain the back position demonstrated his mastery of positional control and his relentless pursuit of victory. Ultimately, the judges determined Leon as the winner, earning him a spot in the semi-finals to face Mika Galvao.

Move to Semi-Finals to Face Mika Galvao

Dante Leon’s impressive performance led him to the semi-finals, where he would face Mika Galvao. His victories in the earlier rounds demonstrated his skills and determination, earning him the opportunity to compete against another high-level opponent. As Leon prepared for his upcoming match, his previous performances served as a testament to his abilities and marked him as a force to be reckoned with in the competition.


Dante Leon’s journey in the 2022 ADCC World Championships showcased his exceptional grappling skills, versatility, and determination. His victories over William Tackett and Magid Hague highlighted his proficiency in both offense and defense with leg attacks. Leon’s wrestling background proved to be a critical factor in his success, allowing him to control the pace of the matches and dictate the positioning against his opponents. His defensive awareness, offensive skills, and unwavering confidence made him a formidable competitor throughout the competition. As he advanced to the semi-finals to face Mika Galvao, Leon’s performances served as a testament to his high-level grappling abilities and set the stage for an exciting continuation of his ADCC journey.

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