Best Match of ADCC: Vagner Rocha vs Izaak Michell (FULL HIGHLIGHT)

Best Match of ADCC: Vagner Rocha vs Izaak Michell (FULL HIGHLIGHT)

Witness the thrilling showdown between veteran grappler Vagner Rocha and rising star Izaak Michell in the highly anticipated match of ADCC 2022. Presented by FloGrappling, this captivating highlight video showcases the intense battle between these two talented jiu jitsu practitioners. With Michell’s energy and youth on his side and Rocha’s experience and strategic prowess, the match is a rollercoaster ride of impressive takedowns, submissions, and relentless determination. From the trials to the silver medal, both fighters exhibit their skills and resilience, making this bout an absolute must-watch for all jiu jitsu enthusiasts. Strap in and prepare for an exhilarating display of technique and passion in this epic clash.

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Best Match of ADCC: Vagner Rocha vs Izaak Michell (FULL HIGHLIGHT)

The Match

The match between Vagner Rocha and Izaak Michell at ADCC 2022 was undoubtedly one of the most exhilarating matches of the tournament. It pitted the veteran against the young Australian upstart, making for an intriguing matchup. Both competitors were highly skilled and possessed unique strategies that brought excitement to the event. The match showcased the intensity and technicality of jiu-jitsu, leaving fans on the edge of their seats throughout.

Introducing the competitors

Vagner Rocha, a seasoned competitor with years of experience under his belt, faced off against Izaak Michell, a rising star in the jiu-jitsu community. Rocha, known for his tough style and tenacity, brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the match. Michell, on the other hand, brought youth and agility, along with his impressive skills. The clash between these two fighters promised an exciting showdown.

Expectations for the match

Given Rocha’s experience and Michell’s youth, expectations for the match were high. Many speculated that Michell’s speed and agility would give him an advantage, while others believed Rocha’s seasoned techniques would be enough to overpower his opponent. The anticipation for this bout was palpable, with fans eagerly awaiting the outcome and the display of skill that was about to unfold.

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Highlights from the match

The match was action-packed from the start, with both competitors showcasing their abilities. Rocha tried to utilize his dirty tactics to gain an upper hand, while Michell remained focused and determined. The highlights of the match included Rocha’s takedown attempts and Michell’s impressive backtake. The intensity continued into overtime, with Michell ultimately securing the victory. The match was a testament to the talent and dedication of both fighters.

Vagner Rocha’s Strategy

Playing dirty

Rocha’s strategy revolved around playing dirty. He aimed to use unconventional tactics to throw his opponent off balance and gain an advantage. This involved pushing the boundaries of the rules, exploiting loopholes, and taking advantage of any opportunity that presented itself. Rocha’s experience and knowledge of the sport allowed him to navigate this strategy effectively.

Trying to get in Izaak’s head

Another aspect of Rocha’s strategy was attempting to get into Izaak Michell’s head. He understood that Michell’s youth and inexperience might make him susceptible to mind games. Rocha aimed to frustrate his opponent and disrupt his focus by engaging in trash talk and psychological warfare. This tactic was intended to create doubt and hesitation in Michell’s mind, giving Rocha an edge.

Relying on experience

Rocha relied heavily on his experience in the sport. He knew that his opponent was younger and faster, so he relied on his own technical prowess and knowledge to counteract Michell’s strengths. Rocha’s years of training and competition allowed him to anticipate and adapt to his opponent’s moves, giving him an advantage in the match.

Izaak Michell’s Strategy

Utilizing his youth

Michell recognized that his youth could be a significant advantage in the match. He aimed to utilize his speed, agility, and endurance to outmaneuver his opponent. His strategy involved keeping a high tempo and constantly pushing the pace to tire out Rocha. Michell’s youthfulness allowed him to maintain a relentless pace throughout the match, wearing down his opponent.

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Displaying his skills

Michell’s strategy also centered around displaying his skills and technical abilities. He was confident in his jiu-jitsu prowess and wanted to showcase his talent to the world. Michell aimed to engage in fluid transitions, precise submissions, and dominant positions to assert his dominance over Rocha. His goal was not only to defeat his opponent but also to leave a lasting impression.

Going for takedowns

Knowing that Rocha was known for his ground game, Michell decided to focus on takedowns. He believed that securing takedowns would not only score points but also disrupt Rocha’s rhythm and game plan. Michell’s strategy involved engaging in dynamic takedown attempts, utilizing his speed and agility to catch Rocha off guard. His dedication to this strategy paid off, as he successfully executed several impressive takedowns during the match.

Key Moments

Vagner’s takedown attempts

Throughout the match, Vagner Rocha made several takedown attempts in an effort to gain an advantage over Izaak Michell. Rocha’s experience and technique were evident as he strategically set up these takedowns. However, Michell’s agility and quick reflexes allowed him to evade these attempts.

Izaak’s backtake

One of the key moments of the match was when Izaak Michell successfully executed a backtake on Vagner Rocha. Michell’s display of technique and skill was impressive, as he swiftly transitioned to Rocha’s back and secured a dominant position. This moment showcased Michell’s talent and ability to capitalize on opportunities.


As the match went into overtime, the tension and excitement reached a peak. Both fighters were determined to come out on top, and the pressure was palpable. The overtime period showcased the resilience and determination of both Rocha and Michell as they fought for victory.

Overtime Decider

Five-minute overtime

The match between Vagner Rocha and Izaak Michell went into a five-minute overtime period to determine the winner. This added an extra layer of suspense and excitement to the already intense match. The competitors had to dig deep and showcase their skills under pressure.

Scoring positions

In the overtime period, scoring positions became crucial in determining the victor. Both Rocha and Michell vied for dominant positions and attempted to secure submissions. The focus shifted to who could gain the upper hand and score the necessary points to emerge as the winner.

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Izaak’s victory

In the end, it was Izaak Michell who came out on top, securing the victory in the overtime period. His relentless pace, technical abilities, and ability to capitalize on opportunities ultimately propelled him to success. Michell’s victory over a seasoned veteran like Rocha is a testament to his talent and potential in the world of jiu-jitsu.

Post-Match Analysis

The importance of initiatives

The post-match analysis of the Rocha vs. Michell match highlighted the importance of initiatives in jiu-jitsu. Both fighters displayed an eagerness to take the lead and assert their dominance. It was noted that while Rocha initially seemed to have the upper hand in terms of initiatives, Michell quickly turned the tide and showcased his own initiatives throughout the match.

Acknowledging both competitors

The analysis emphasized the skill and talent of both Vagner Rocha and Izaak Michell. While Michell emerged as the victor, it was acknowledged that Rocha’s experience and tactics were commendable. The match highlighted the competitive spirit and dedication of both fighters, offering viewers a captivating display of jiu-jitsu.

Appreciating the display of jiu-jitsu

The post-match analysis also underscored the beauty and technicality of the sport of jiu-jitsu. Both Rocha and Michell showcased their skills and mastery of the art throughout the match. The analysis highlighted specific moments and techniques that were executed flawlessly, appreciating the artistry in their movements.


The match between Vagner Rocha and Izaak Michell was undoubtedly one of the most intense and captivating of ADCC 2022. The clash between the seasoned veteran and the young upstart brought excitement and anticipation to the event. Both fighters brought their unique strategies and skillsets to the match, resulting in a display of high-level jiu-jitsu.

The implications of this match for future competitions are significant. It showcased the potential of young talents like Izaak Michell and the resilience of veterans like Vagner Rocha. This match will certainly be remembered as a benchmark in the careers of both fighters and will serve as inspiration for future generations of jiu-jitsu practitioners.

In conclusion, the match between Vagner Rocha and Izaak Michell was a true spectacle, leaving fans in awe of the talent and skill displayed. It is a testament to the beauty and intensity of the sport of jiu-jitsu and will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the standout matches of ADCC 2022.

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