Andre Galvao vs Chris Weidman | 2009 ADCC World Championship

Andre Galvao vs Chris Weidman | 2009 ADCC World Championship

In the intense world of jiu jitsu, there are moments that leave spectators speechless. One such moment occurred during the 2009 ADCC World Championship, when two formidable competitors, Andre Galvao and Chris Weidman, faced off in an exhilarating match. Featured in a video by FloGrappling, this epic battle showcases the skill, strength, and determination of these two athletes. As you watch Galvao and Weidman go head to head, you’ll be captivated by their lightning-fast moves and tactical prowess. This video is a must-see for anyone who appreciates the artistry and excitement of jiu jitsu. So sit back, relax, and prepare to witness the intense clash between Galvao and Weidman.


About Andre Galvao

Andre Galvao is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) black belt and former ADCC (Abu Dhabi Combat Club) World Champion. Born on September 29, 1982, in São José dos Campos, Brazil, Galvao began his BJJ training at the age of 16. Throughout his career, Galvao has become renowned for his exceptional skill and technique, earning numerous accolades and establishing himself as one of the top competitors in the sport.

About Chris Weidman

Chris Weidman is an American mixed martial artist who has competed in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Born on June 17, 1984, in Baldwin, New York, Weidman has a wrestling background and was a two-time All-American wrestler at Hofstra University. He transitioned to MMA and quickly rose through the ranks, becoming the UFC Middleweight Champion in 2013 by dethroning the legendary Anderson Silva.

ADCC World Championship

The ADCC World Championship is a prestigious grappling tournament that attracts top-level competitors from around the world. Founded in 1998 by Sheikh Tahnoon bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the event showcases the skills of athletes in various grappling disciplines, including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, judo, and sambo. The tournament is known for its non-gi format and has become one of the most respected competitions in the grappling community.

Pre-fight Analysis

Styles and Techniques

Both Galvao and Weidman bring different styles and techniques to the table. Galvao, with his extensive BJJ background, is renowned for his exceptional groundwork, submission prowess, and fluid transitions. Weidman, on the other hand, combines his wrestling background with solid striking skills, making him a well-rounded fighter capable of dictating the pace and position of the fight.

Previous Performances

Leading up to their encounter at the 2009 ADCC World Championship, both Galvao and Weidman had showcased their skills in various competitions. Galvao had already established himself as one of the top BJJ competitors, winning multiple championships and earning his black belt in 2004. Weidman, although not as decorated in the grappling world, had displayed great potential in his MMA career, showcasing his wrestling dominance and finishing ability.

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Predicting the outcome of a fight is always challenging, especially when both competitors have proven themselves in their respective disciplines. Galvao’s technical prowess and experience in high-level BJJ competitions give him an advantage on the ground, while Weidman’s wrestling background and striking ability make him a formidable opponent. It is likely that Galvao will seek to take the fight to the ground and utilize his superior grappling skills, while Weidman will look to keep the fight standing and capitalize on his striking advantage.

The Fight

Event Details

The 2009 ADCC World Championship took place in Barcelona, Spain, attracting top-level grapplers from around the world. The competition spanned multiple weight classes and featured both men’s and women’s divisions. It provided a platform for athletes to showcase their skills and compete for the prestigious title of ADCC World Champion.

Fight Highlights

The fight between Andre Galvao and Chris Weidman was highly anticipated, as it pitted two talented athletes from different disciplines against each other. Both fighters exhibited their skills during the match, showcasing their techniques and determination to come out on top.

Round-by-Round Breakdown

In the first round of the fight, Galvao and Weidman engaged in a series of clinches and takedowns attempts, each trying to establish dominance. Galvao utilized his BJJ skills, attempting submissions from various positions, while Weidman showcased his wrestling background, successfully defending against Galvao’s submission attempts and controlling the fight on the ground.

In the second round, Galvao managed to secure a takedown and transitioned to dominant positions, looking for submissions. Weidman, however, displayed resilience and managed to escape Galvao’s submission attempts, using his wrestling skills to stay in control.

As the fight progressed into the third and final round, both fighters continued to exchange positions and submission attempts. Galvao’s technical proficiency and transitions were matched by Weidman’s defensive skills, making it an evenly contested round.

Andre Galvao vs Chris Weidman | 2009 ADCC World Championship


Impact of the Fight

The fight between Galvao and Weidman showcased the talent and skill of both fighters, drawing attention to the crossover between BJJ and MMA. It demonstrated the effectiveness of grappling techniques in competitive fighting and further solidified the reputation of both athletes in their respective disciplines.

Career Trajectory

Following the ADCC World Championship, Andre Galvao continued to compete in BJJ competitions and build an impressive legacy in the sport. He went on to win multiple championships, including further ADCC titles, and became one of the most respected figures in the grappling community.

Chris Weidman’s performance against Galvao propelled him to further success in his MMA career. He went on to become the UFC Middleweight Champion, defeating legendary fighters such as Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida. Weidman’s victory over Galvao demonstrated his potential and set him on a path of continued success in the UFC.


The fight between Galvao and Weidman left a lasting impact on the grappling and MMA communities. It highlighted the importance of grappling skills in determining outcomes in competitive fights, leading to increased interest and respect for the grappling arts. Both fighters solidified their legacies by showcasing their skills and setting a benchmark for future generations of grapplers and mixed martial artists.

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Comparing Galvao and Weidman

Background and Training

Andre Galvao’s background in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and his extensive training in the discipline have made him one of the most accomplished grapplers of his generation. He has competed at the highest level in BJJ and established himself as a respected figure in the sport.

Chris Weidman, on the other hand, comes from a wrestling background, which provided him with a strong foundation for his MMA career. He excelled in college wrestling and utilized his skills to transition into a successful career in the UFC.

Fighting Style

Galvao’s fighting style revolves around his exceptional BJJ skills. He combines fluid transitions, dynamic sweeps, and a wide array of submissions to dominate his opponents on the ground. Galvao’s ability to rapidly flow from one position to another and his technical proficiency make him a formidable force in grappling competitions.

Weidman’s fighting style incorporates his wrestling dominance and striking ability. He utilizes his wrestling skills to control the fight, dictate the pace, and takes his opponents down with ease. Weidman also possesses solid striking technique, allowing him to implement effective striking combinations and capitalize on his opponents’ vulnerabilities.


Andre Galvao boasts an impressive list of accomplishments, including multiple ADCC World Championship titles, BJJ World Championship titles, and Pan American Championship titles. His dedication and hard work have earned him recognition as one of the greatest BJJ competitors of all time.

Chris Weidman’s accomplishments are predominantly in the realm of mixed martial arts. He became the UFC Middleweight Champion by defeating Anderson Silva, one of the most dominant champions in UFC history. Weidman’s victory over Silva catapulted him into the spotlight and cemented his place among the top fighters in the UFC.

Galvao’s Preparation

Training Camp

Leading up to the ADCC World Championship, Galvao underwent an intense training camp to refine his skills and ensure he was in peak physical condition. His training consisted of hours spent on the mats, drilling various techniques, and engaging in live sparring sessions with high-level training partners.


Galvao’s strategy for the fight against Weidman likely revolved around utilizing his superior BJJ skills. He would aim to take the fight to the ground, where he could showcase his technical proficiency and seek opportunities for submissions. Galvao’s ability to flow seamlessly between positions would be advantageous, allowing him to remain one step ahead of his opponent at all times.


Galvao’s mindset heading into the fight was likely one of focus and determination. As a highly decorated BJJ practitioner, he would be confident in his abilities and aware of his potential to dominate the fight on the ground. Galvao would have approached the matchup with a combination of respect for Weidman’s skills and a firm belief in his own capabilities.

Weidman’s Preparation

Training Camp

Weidman’s preparation for the ADCC World Championship would have incorporated various aspects, including refining his wrestling skills and working on his submission defense. He likely spent hours training with high-level grappling partners, focusing on maintaining top position, defending against submissions, and developing strategies to neutralize Galvao’s BJJ expertise.


Weidman’s strategy for the fight against Galvao would have revolved around capitalizing on his wrestling background and avoiding extended engagements on the ground. He would aim to keep the fight standing, utilizing his striking skills to score points and control the distance. Weidman’s wrestling base would also serve as a strong defense against Galvao’s takedown attempts.

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Weidman’s mindset heading into the fight would have been one of confidence and determination. As a successful MMA fighter, he would have approached the matchup with the belief in his ability to neutralize Galvao’s ground game and impose his will on the fight. Weidman’s strong mental fortitude and competitive spirit would have driven him to give his best performance.

Key Moments in the Fight

Takedown Attempts

Throughout the fight, both Galvao and Weidman engaged in numerous takedown attempts, each vying to gain the upper hand and establish positional dominance. Galvao relied on his BJJ expertise to secure takedowns using sweeps and trips, while Weidman utilized his wrestling background to thwart Galvao’s attempts and maintain control.

Submission Attempts

With Galvao’s exceptional submission skills and Weidman’s defensive prowess, there were several instances where submission attempts were made by both fighters. Galvao sought to use his technical proficiency to secure submissions from various positions, while Weidman displayed excellent defense and escaped dangerous situations.

Striking Exchanges

Although the fight primarily took place on the ground, there were occasional striking exchanges between Galvao and Weidman. Weidman’s striking skills allowed him to land effective strikes, forcing Galvao to be cautious in his approach. Galvao would have attempted to close the distance and utilize his grappling skills in response to Weidman’s striking attacks.

Expert Analysis

Experts’ Opinions

Experts in the grappling and MMA community would have provided their analysis and predictions leading up to the fight between Galvao and Weidman. Some experts might have emphasized Galvao’s BJJ pedigree and technical prowess, predicting that his ground game would be the deciding factor in the fight. Others might have highlighted Weidman’s wrestling background and striking ability, noting that his versatility could pose a significant challenge for Galvao.

Technique Breakdown

Experts would have dissected and analyzed the techniques utilized by Galvao and Weidman throughout the fight. They would have examined the effectiveness of Galvao’s transitions, submission attempts, and Weidman’s wrestling defense and striking combinations. These technical breakdowns would have provided valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of each fighter.


Experts would have assessed the fight based on the scoring criteria set forth by the ADCC World Championship. Factors such as positional dominance, submission attempts, and effective striking would have been taken into account when determining the winner of each round. The final result would have been a reflection of the judges’ assessment of each fighter’s performance.


Significance of the Fight

The fight between Andre Galvao and Chris Weidman at the 2009 ADCC World Championship holds great significance in the grappling and MMA communities. It demonstrated the crossover between BJJ and MMA, showcasing the impact that grappling skills can have in a competitive fighting environment. The matchup highlighted the abilities of both fighters and provided valuable lessons for future generations of athletes.

Legacy of Galvao and Weidman

The fight added to the already impressive legacies of both Andre Galvao and Chris Weidman. Galvao further solidified his reputation as one of the greatest BJJ competitors of all time, continuing to achieve remarkable success in the grappling world. Weidman’s performance against Galvao propelled him to greater heights in his MMA career, leading to his UFC Middleweight Championship and establishing him as a top-tier fighter in the organization. Both Galvao and Weidman left an indelible mark on their respective disciplines, inspiring aspiring grapplers and mixed martial artists around the world.

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