All Access: Cole Abate’s Last Tournament At Purple Belt

All Access: Cole Abate’s Last Tournament At Purple Belt

This article titled “All Access: Cole Abate’s Last Tournament At Purple Belt” showcases a video by FloGrappling that captures Cole Abate’s entire run at the 2023 IBJJF European Championship. The video provides viewers with a front-row seat to witness Abate’s jiu jitsu skills and techniques as he competes at the purple belt level. From his warm-up routine to his strategic approach to each match, Abate takes on the challenge of a 72-person division in an effort to showcase his growth and new skills. The article encourages readers to watch the video and engage with FloGrappling’s social media accounts to access more jiu jitsu content.


This article takes a comprehensive look at Cole Abate’s last tournament at purple belt in the 2023 IBJJF European Championship. Cole Abate is a talented jiu jitsu practitioner who showcased his skills and abilities throughout the tournament. From his training and preparation to his performance in each match, this article aims to provide an in-depth analysis of Cole’s journey. Additionally, it delves into Cole’s background, highlighting his upbringing, training, and development of a unique style. Overall, this article captures the excitement and determination that characterized Cole Abate’s tournament experience.

Preparing for the Tournament

Training with a Partner

Before the tournament, Cole Abate emphasized the importance of training with a familiar partner. He trained with Steve, someone he had trained with extensively before. This familiarity allowed them to flow together and understand each other’s strategies and techniques. The focus during these training sessions was to drill and develop muscle memory for the techniques they commonly used. Cole preferred warming up with drills rather than exercises, similar to how he structures warm-ups for his own students. This approach allowed him to get into the competition mindset and ensure that he was prepared for the challenges ahead.

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Warming Up with Drills

Cole Abate mentioned that he finds drills to be an effective warm-up method. He also expressed his preference for incorporating drills in his warm-up routine during his classes. This method not only helps warm up the body but also allows him to practice the specific techniques that will be the focus of his training for the rest of the week. While he may start with some stretching at the beginning, he believes that getting right into drills helps him get warmed up more effectively. By prioritizing drills, Cole ensures that he is mentally and physically prepared for the tournament.

Understanding the Competition

The Size of the Division

Cole Abate competed in the largest division of the entire tournament, consisting of 72 people. Being a number two seed, he had the advantage of a first-round bye. This meant that he only had to compete in six fights instead of the potential seven. The size of the division highlights the competitiveness and diversity of the opponents Cole would face throughout the tournament.

Approaching the First Round

Even though Cole had a first-round bye, he recognized the importance of approaching each match with a focused mindset. He acknowledged that the later rounds would potentially feature tougher opponents. However, he also acknowledged that he should not underestimate anyone in the earlier rounds. Many European competitors participated solely in this tournament, making it a unique opportunity to face new opponents. Cole aimed to showcase different aspects of his game in each match and utilize the six fights as an opportunity to demonstrate the new skills he had been working on.

All Access: Cole Abates Last Tournament At Purple Belt

Cole Abate’s Performance

Showcasing Different Aspects of His Game

Throughout the tournament, Cole Abate displayed versatility and adaptability by showcasing different aspects of his game in each match. He recognized that his opponents possessed unique strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, he strategically adjusted his approach to capitalize on their vulnerabilities. Cole’s ability to seamlessly transition between different techniques and positions demonstrated his deep understanding of the sport and his opponents’ tendencies.

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Demonstrating New Skills

Cole Abate was determined to showcase the new skills he had been diligently working on. With six fights ahead of him, he saw ample opportunities to implement these techniques. His dedication to refining his skills was evident in the way he executed each move with precision and confidence. Cole’s continuous growth and willingness to learn were on full display throughout the tournament.

The Final Match

Cole’s Ice-Cold Demeanor

As Cole Abate progressed through the tournament, his composure and calmness remained constant. Even when the atmosphere was filled with excitement and anticipation, Cole maintained an ice-cold demeanor. This unflappable nature earned him the nickname “Ice Cole.” It was clear that he was fully focused on the task at hand, demonstrating his mental strength and ability to stay composed in high-pressure situations.

Facing a Tough Opponent

In the final match, Cole Abate faced a formidable opponent. Despite the challenges, he remained committed to his strategy and remained unfazed by his opponent’s skills. Cole’s determination and resilience were admirable, as he tactfully executed his techniques to secure victory. It was a true testament to his abilities and showcased his mastery of the sport.

Cole’s Journey to the Final

Highlights of the Matches

Throughout his journey in the tournament, Cole Abate had several standout moments. His matches were filled with exciting exchanges, skillful submissions, and strategic decision-making. Fans witnessed his technical prowess and his ability to adapt to different opponents’ styles. From takedowns to sweeps to submissions, Cole’s matches were a testament to his comprehensive understanding of jiu jitsu and his ability to execute a wide range of techniques.

Strategic Decision-Making

One of the key factors in Cole Abate’s success was his strategic decision-making on the mat. He showcased a deep understanding of his opponents’ tendencies and adjusted his game accordingly. Whether it was exploiting a weakness or capitalizing on a moment of opportunity, Cole consistently made smart choices during his matches. His ability to adapt and make split-second decisions played a crucial role in his journey to the final.

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Reflections on the Tournament

Feeling Satisfied with Performance

After the tournament, Cole Abate expressed his satisfaction with his performance. Despite the challenges and the high level of competition, he remained calm and focused throughout. This level of composure contributed to his success and the overall satisfaction he felt with his performance. Cole’s ability to execute his game plan and showcase his skills left him with a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Staying Calm and Maintaining Energy

One of the key takeaways from the tournament for Cole Abate was the importance of maintaining a sense of calm and managing his energy levels. He emphasized the need to find a balance between explosive bursts of energy and strategic pacing. Cole’s experience and preparation allowed him to gauge when to push himself and when to conserve energy. This understanding of his own body and performance contributed to his success in the tournament.

Cole Abate’s Background

Childhood and Early Training

Cole Abate’s journey in jiu jitsu began at a young age. He started training as a child and developed a passion for the sport. Growing up, he trained both top and bottom positions, gaining valuable experience in various techniques and strategies. This early exposure to different aspects of the sport laid the foundation for his development as an athlete.

Playing Top and Bottom

Throughout his training and competition journey, Cole Abate honed his skills in both top and bottom positions. This versatility allowed him to approach matches from different angles and adapt to various situations. His experience in playing both top and bottom positions enabled him to develop a well-rounded game that could address any scenario on the mat.

Developing a Unique Style

Cole Abate’s continuous growth in the sport led to the development of a unique style. His ability to seamlessly transition between techniques and his strategic decision-making distinguished him from his opponents. Cole’s style was a product of his dedication to refining his skills and his willingness to constantly learn and evolve. This unique approach to the sport set him apart and contributed to his success in the tournament.


Cole Abate’s performance at the 2023 IBJJF European Championship showcased his talent, determination, and strategic prowess. From his meticulous preparation to his composed demeanor and impressive skills on the mat, Cole’s journey was a testament to his dedication and love for the sport. As he progresses in his jiu jitsu career, Cole will undoubtedly continue to leave a lasting impact in the world of grappling.

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