Absurd Dominance: Follow Gordon Through His 11 Second Submission In ADCC Semis

Absurd Dominance: Follow Gordon Through His 11 Second Submission In ADCC Semis

In “Absurd Dominance: Follow Gordon Through His 11 Second Submission In ADCC Semis,” readers are taken behind the scenes as they witness Gordon’s impressive 11-second submission at the ADCC Semis. The article also includes insights from Gordon himself, as he discusses his victory and upcoming matches. The video, created by FloGrappling, offers an intimate look into the world of competitive grappling, showcasing the excitement and determination that drives these athletes. Through this captivating narrative, readers are immersed in the high-stakes world of professional grappling as they follow Gordon on his journey to victory.

The article provides an exclusive glimpse into the intense training and strategy involved in the ADCC competition. With the aim of preserving energy for the finals against Andre, Gordon shares that the entire week has been focused on conserving energy and staying fresh. He also weighs in on the outcome of the match between Rod and Peta, expressing his belief in Felipe’s tactical expertise while acknowledging the toughness of his opponents. As readers delve into this gripping account, they experience the anticipation and passion that fuels these athletes on game day.


In this article, we will be delving into Gordon’s incredible performance at the ADCC Semis, specifically focusing on his 11-second submission. We will discuss his pre-match preparation, analyze his match strategy, and explore his mindset and emotions after the victory. Additionally, we will look ahead to upcoming matches, particularly his highly anticipated face-off against Andre. Throughout the article, we will emphasize the importance of strategic preparation and highlight the talent and toughness of Gordon and his opponents.


The ADCC Semis showcased some truly remarkable moments, none more so than Gordon’s lightning-fast submission that lasted a mere 11 seconds. This article aims to take readers behind the scenes, providing an in-depth analysis of Gordon’s performance and shedding light on his preparation and mindset leading up to the match.

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About the ADCC Semis

The ADCC Semis is a highly prestigious Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournament that brings together elite grapplers from around the world. With an incredibly high level of competition, it serves as the ultimate test of skill, strength, and strategy. Gordon’s participation in this event is a testament to his status as one of the top grapplers in the sport.

Gordon’s 11 Second Submission

The highlight of the ADCC Semis was undoubtedly Gordon’s lightning-fast submission, which unfolded in just 11 seconds. Such an achievement is a testament to his immense skill and dominance on the mat. We will dissect this submission, exploring the technique and precision that allowed Gordon to secure such a rapid victory.

Discussion of Victory and Upcoming Matches

Following his remarkable 11-second submission, Gordon took some time to reflect on the win and discuss his upcoming matches. We will delve into his feelings and emotions after the victory, analyzing how this remarkable performance has impacted his mindset heading into future matches.

Pre-Match Preparation

Gordon heading to the mat

As Gordon prepared to step onto the mat, every movement, every breath was calculated. He understood the importance of beginning the match on the right foot and the need to establish control early on. We will explore his mindset and approach as he made his way to the mat, ready to face his opponent with confidence and determination.

Energy conservation strategy

One of the key aspects of Gordon’s pre-match preparation was his focus on conserving energy. He recognized that the path to victory required not only skill and technique but also physical endurance. By strategically managing his energy levels throughout the day, Gordon aimed to arrive at his highly anticipated match against Andre as fresh as possible. We will delve into the specifics of his energy conservation strategy and its impact on his performance.

Importance of getting to Andre fresh

Gordon’s ultimate goal for the ADCC Semis was to face Andre, a formidable opponent, in as pristine condition as possible. He understood that every match leading up to that crucial face-off must be approached with careful consideration. We will discuss the significance of arriving at the match against Andre with a fresh physical and mental state.

Match Analysis

Rod vs. Peta – prediction and expectations

Before Gordon’s own match, he had his eye on the battle between Rod and Peta. Both skilled competitors, this match had the potential to set the tone for the overall tournament. We will explore Gordon’s predictions and expectations for this crucial clash and examine how it unfolded.

Felipe as the favorite

Looking ahead to his potential opponents, Gordon acknowledged that Felipe stood as the favorite in his mind. Recognizing Felipe’s tactical prowess and veteran experience, Gordon admired his opponent’s skill. We will discuss Gordon’s perspective on Felipe as the frontrunner and the challenges he anticipated in a potential match against him.

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Recognition of Dickey Rod’s toughness and tactics

While acknowledging Felipe as the favorite, Gordon was careful not to underestimate Dickey Rod. He recognized Rod’s tenacity, toughness, and strategic prowess. Gordon knew that Rod had the potential to upset the odds and emerge victorious. We will examine the respect Gordon had for his opponents and analyze Rod’s tactics throughout the tournament.

Absurd Dominance: Follow Gordon Through His 11 Second Submission In ADCC Semis

Gordon’s Performance

Gordon’s mindset and confidence

Heading into the ADCC Semis, Gordon possessed a mindset of unwavering confidence. His dedication to his craft and his commitment to constantly improving his skills fueled his self-assurance. We will delve into Gordon’s mindset and explore how his unwavering confidence contributed to his exceptional performance.

Emphasis on game day mentality

Gordon understood the importance of maintaining a strong game day mentality. He focused on staying disciplined, present, and focused on the task at hand. We will discuss the specific techniques and strategies Gordon employed to maintain his mental clarity and perform at his best on the day of the tournament.

Gordon’s 11-second submission

The highlight of Gordon’s performance was undoubtedly his astonishing 11-second submission. We will analyze this moment in detail, appreciating the speed, precision, and beauty of his technique. This submission showcased Gordon’s mastery of the sport and solidified his reputation as one of the top grapplers in the world.

Appreciation for the beauty of the submission

Beyond its effectiveness, Gordon’s 11-second submission was a display of pure beauty. Its execution was seamless and fluid, captivating both the audience and his opponents. We will emphasize the awe-inspiring nature of this submission and delve into the technical aspects that made it so remarkable.

Post-Match Discussion

Gordon’s feelings and emotions after the win

With victory secured, Gordon experienced a range of emotions in the aftermath of his 11-second submission. We will explore the emotions he felt and discuss how this incredible performance affected his overall outlook and confidence heading into future matches.

Reflection on his performance throughout the day

After the dust had settled and the adrenaline wore off, Gordon took some time to reflect on his performance throughout the day. We will delve into his thoughts on his matches leading up to the 11-second submission and explore how his performance evolved over the course of the tournament.

Upcoming Matches

Focus on the match against Andre

Having secured his place in the next round, Gordon set his sights on his highly anticipated match against Andre. We will discuss the significance of this matchup and the immense challenge Andre posed to Gordon’s quest for dominance. With Andre’s skill and experience in mind, Gordon recognized the importance of strategic preparation.

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Importance of facing Andre as fresh as possible

As Gordon prepared for his match against Andre, he focused on maintaining his physical and mental freshness. He understood that only in his best form would he be able to match Andre’s skill and tactics. We will delve into his approach to ensuring that he faced Andre in prime condition.

Recognizing Andre’s skill and experience

In recognizing the challenge Andre posed, Gordon had a deep appreciation for his opponent’s skill and experience. He understood that Andre’s talents were formidable and that this match would require his utmost effort. We will explore Gordon’s respect for Andre and the level of competition that awaited him.

Expectations for Andre vs. Felipe

Felipe as a tactical veteran

Looking ahead to Andre’s match against Felipe, Gordon acknowledged Felipe’s tactical acumen. He recognized Felipe’s veteran status and understood the challenge he presented to Andre. We will discuss Gordon’s expectations for this match and examine how Felipe’s tactical expertise could potentially influence its outcome.

Considering the possibility of Felipe winning

While Felipe’s skill made him a formidable opponent, Gordon also recognized the possibility of him emerging victorious. Acknowledging Felipe’s ability to capitalize on any opportunity, Gordon understood that the outcome was not set in stone. We will delve into Gordon’s assessment of the match’s potential outcome and the factors that could contribute to Felipe’s victory.

Appreciation for Andre’s abilities

Gordon held Andre in high regard, appreciating his abilities as a grappler. He recognized Andre’s talent, strength, and experience, understanding that he was facing a formidable opponent. We will discuss the level of respect Gordon held for Andre and how this recognition fueled his drive to prepare strategically.

Acknowledging Andre as a potential winner

While Gordon acknowledged Andre’s talent, he was aware of the possibility that he could emerge as the winner. Recognizing Andre’s experience and skill, Gordon understood the challenge that awaited him. We will discuss the potential outcomes of the match and the various factors that could contribute to Andre’s victory.

Game Day Energy

Gordon’s determination and focus

On game day, Gordon’s determination and focus were unwavering. He knew that distractions could be detrimental to his performance and made a conscious effort to maintain his singular focus on the task at hand. We will explore the mental fortitude and determination Gordon exhibited throughout the day, highlighting his commitment to success.

Avoiding distractions

In the high-pressure environment of the ADCC Semis, distractions were aplenty. Gordon recognized the need to avoid being drawn away from his game plan and tactics. He honed his ability to block out external factors and maintain his focus on his opponents and their strategies. We will delve into Gordon’s approach to avoiding distractions and how it contributed to his success.

Reference to emotional moments during the day

Throughout the day, Gordon experienced a range of emotions. From anticipation to excitement to satisfaction, the emotional rollercoaster of competing at such a high level was evident. We will touch upon the emotional journey Gordon undertook throughout the day and its impact on his overall performance.


Gordon’s 11-second submission at the ADCC Semis showcased his absurd dominance on the mat. With his unwavering confidence, strategic preparation, and exceptional technique, Gordon proved himself to be a force to be reckoned with. As we look ahead to future matches, the anticipation for what Gordon will accomplish next is palpable. This article has emphasized the importance of strategic preparation and highlighted the remarkable performances of Gordon and his opponents. The ADCC Semis reminded us of the beauty and intensity of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, leaving us eager to witness the next chapter in Gordon’s journey to greatness.

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