Absolute Final: Nicholas Meregali vs Erich Munis | 2023 IBJJF Pan Championship

Absolute Final: Nicholas Meregali vs Erich Munis | 2023 IBJJF Pan Championship

Witness the ultimate showdown at the 2023 IBJJF Pan Championship as Nicholas Meregali and Erich Munis take the mat in the final match. Meregali, representing New Wave Jiu Jitsu, is the reigning ultra heavyweight champion, while Munis, representing Dream Art, holds the title of super heavyweight champion. Known for his impressive submissions, Meregali starts the match with a takedown attempt that transitions into a dynamic display of foot sweeps and uchimatas. As the match continues, both competitors leverage their length advantages to execute sweeps and maintain control. Meregali’s dominant performance ultimately leads to his victory, securing him the prestigious title of 2023 Pan-American open class champion.

In this captivating video by FloGrappling, observe the intense battle between Nicholas Meregali and Erich Munis, as they compete for glory in the men’s black belt absolute final at the 2023 Pan Championship. With Meregali representing New Wave Jiu Jitsu and Munis hailing from Dream Art, the match promises a thrilling clash of techniques and strategies. As the reigning ultra heavyweight and super heavyweight champions respectively, Meregali and Munis have both showcased their proficiency in submissions throughout the championship. From takedowns to sweeps to relentless control, witness the fierce determination and skill displayed by these top-notch athletes. Don’t miss the replay and highlights of Meregali’s dominant performance, solidifying his position as a top competitor in the sport.

Nicholas Meregali vs Erich Munis | 2023 IBJJF Pan Championship

Absolute Final: Nicholas Meregali vs Erich Munis | 2023 IBJJF Pan Championship

Background Information

The 2023 IBJJF Pan Championship featured the highly anticipated final match between Nicholas Meregali and Erich Munis. This match was the culmination of a tournament filled with impressive displays of jiu-jitsu from both competitors. Meregali, representing New Wave Jiu Jitsu, had a reputation for his dominant submissions, while Munis, from Dream Art, had also showcased his submission skills throughout the championship.

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Competitors’ Representations

Nicholas Meregali, hailing from New Wave Jiu Jitsu, entered the final match as the reigning ultra heavyweight champion. His performances leading up to the final had been nothing short of impressive, with a high submission rate and dominant displays of jiu-jitsu. On the other hand, Erich Munis, representing Dream Art, was the reigning super heavyweight champion. Munis had also showcased his submission skills throughout the tournament, making him a formidable opponent for Meregali.

Reigning Champions

The matchup between Meregali and Munis was a clash between two reigning champions. Meregali held the title of ultra heavyweight champion, while Munis held the title of super heavyweight champion. Both competitors had proven their skills and dominance in their respective weight classes, further heightening the anticipation for their showdown in the open class final.

Wrestling and Transitions

The final match began with Meregali attempting a takedown. However, he quickly transitioned to the gi and started looking for foot sweeps and uchimatas. This seamless transition showcased Meregali’s versatility and ability to adapt his game plan. Munis, on the other hand, focused on countering Meregali’s attacks and maintaining distance, showcasing his defensive skills and strategic approach.

Guard Pull and Distance Management

In the midst of the match, Meregali chose to pull guard, looking for a lasso sweep. This decision showcased his confidence in his guard game and his ability to execute sweeps effectively. Meanwhile, Munis focused on maintaining distance and avoiding Meregali’s sweep attempts. Munis recognized the importance of managing the distance between himself and Meregali to avoid being swept or submitted.

Advantage of Length

Both Meregali and Munis had the advantage of length, which they leveraged to their advantage throughout the match. Their longer limbs allowed them to execute sweeps more effectively and off-balance their opponents. This advantage provided them with additional opportunities to control the flow of the match and gain favorable positions.

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Cross Collar Grip and Control

Meregali showcased his expertise in controlling his opponent with a cross collar grip. This grip allowed him to dictate Munis’s movements and limit his options. By maintaining control and executing his game plan, Meregali demonstrated his mastery of using grips strategically to gain an advantage in the match.

Submission Attempts

Meregali’s reputation for submissions was on full display during the final match. He attempted an omoplata and smoothly transitioned to a triangle, showcasing his technical skills and quick thinking. Munis displayed remarkable flexibility and managed to escape some of Meregali’s submission attempts, demonstrating his ability to defend against high-level techniques.

Top Control and Scoring Points

Throughout the match, Meregali maintained top control, utilizing his size and strength advantage to his benefit. He scored points for passes and mounts, showcasing his dominance in maintaining and advancing his position. Munis showed resilience and determination in his defense, making it difficult for Meregali to secure a submission finish.

Meregali Becomes Champion

In the end, Meregali’s skills and dominant performance secured him the victory, crowning him as the 2023 Pan-American open class champion. His double gold win, which included victories in both the ultra heavyweight and open class divisions, solidified his status as a top competitor in the sport. Meregali’s triumph was met with applause and recognition from the crowd, acknowledging his outstanding performance.

Dominance Throughout the Tournament

Meregali’s victory in the final match was a culmination of his dominance throughout the tournament. He showcased impressive displays of jiu-jitsu in each of his matches, consistently outperforming his opponents. His technical skills, submission rate, and ability to control the flow of the matches were evident in every round, cementing his reputation as a top-tier competitor.

Impressive Displays of Jiu-Jitsu

Both Meregali and Munis put on impressive displays of jiu-jitsu throughout the championship. Their technical abilities, versatility, and strategic thinking were evident in their matches leading up to the final. The crowd and fellow competitors admired their skills and recognized their contributions to the sport.

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Meregali’s High Submission Rate

One of the standout aspects of Meregali’s performance in the tournament was his high submission rate. He consistently showcased his ability to finish matches with successful submissions, making him a formidable opponent for anyone. Meregali’s submission skills were a testament to his mastery of jiu-jitsu techniques and his ability to capitalize on openings.

Meregali’s Status in the Sport

Meregali’s double gold win at the 2023 Pan-American Championship solidified his status as a top competitor in the sport. His dominant performances and impressive displays of jiu-jitsu proved that he was a force to be reckoned with. Meregali’s achievements and impact on the sport were acknowledged and celebrated by the jiu-jitsu community.


The final match between Nicholas Meregali and Erich Munis at the 2023 IBJJF Pan Championship showcased the skill, tenacity, and passion of both competitors. Meregali’s victory in the open class final cemented his status as a dominant force in the sport. His technical abilities, submission rate, and overall performance throughout the tournament left an indelible mark on the championship. Both Meregali and Munis displayed impressive jiu-jitsu skills, providing spectators with a thrilling match. The 2023 Pan-American Championship was a testament to the growth and talent within the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Nicholas Meregali emerged as a standout competitor deserving of recognition and admiration.

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