2022 Euros Day 4 Recap: Brown Belt Double Gold Is Going To Brazil

2022 Euros Day 4 Recap: Brown Belt Double Gold Is Going To Brazil

On Day four of the 2022 IBJJF European Championships, the men’s brown belt division took center stage, and the standout performer was Lucas Pogino from Brazil. Pogino secured double gold in both the weight class and absolute divisions, impressively winning all three of his matches by armbar. His dominant performance showcased his skill and determination, and he is expected to make waves internationally this year. In addition to Pogino, there were other remarkable performances from competitors around the globe, such as Hope Light from Frontline Norway, who secured gold in the ultra heavyweight division with flawless victories. The brown belt rank at the championships also demonstrated a truly international fair, with athletes like Shea Montague of Ireland and Nadav Bargail of Israel making their debut as brown belts and displaying exceptional skills in their respective weight classes. As the competition moves into the black belt division, excitement builds, with over 30 athletes competing in the men’s absolute division alone.

Overview of Day 4

Day four of the 2022 IBJJF European Championships was filled with thrilling matches and standout performances. One of the highlights of the day was the men’s brown belt division, where Lucas Pogino emerged as the double gold winner. In addition to Pogino’s impressive performance, there were many other notable competitors from different countries who showcased their skills at the brown belt rank. The day also set the stage for the upcoming black belt competition, which promises to be another exciting event.

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Brown Belt Double Gold Winner – Lucas Pogino

Lucas Pogino’s Performance

Lucas Pogino’s performance on day four was nothing short of remarkable. Competing in the brown belt division as a middleweight, Pogino displayed incredible skills and determination throughout the tournament. In a total of eight matches, he secured three submissions, all of them by armbar. Pogino’s relentless pace and technical prowess were evident as he dominated his opponents and emerged victorious in every match.

Impact of Lucas Pogino’s Win

Pogino’s win at the brown belt double gold has had a significant impact on the jiu-jitsu community. Representing Atos in Brazil, Pogino has made a name for himself internationally by showcasing his talent and dedication. His success at the European Championships is a testament to his hard work and serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes. With his impressive performance, Pogino has undoubtedly raised the expectations for his future endeavors.

Expectations for Lucas Pogino

Following his double gold win, there are high expectations for Lucas Pogino in the jiu-jitsu world. With his skill set, technical knowledge, and competitive drive, Pogino has the potential to continue making waves in the sport. Many anticipate that he will continue to excel and achieve even greater success. As he continues his journey, it will be exciting to see Pogino’s growth and development as a competitor.

2022 Euros Day 4 Recap: Brown Belt Double Gold Is Going To Brazil

International Fair at Brown Belt Rank

The brown belt division at the 2022 IBJJF European Championships showcased a truly international competition. Competitors from various countries delivered exceptional performances throughout the tournament, making it a global display of talent and skill. Among the standout performances were those of Hope Light Up, Shea Montague, and Nadav Bargail.

Impressive Performances from Around the Globe

The brown belt division witnessed impressive performances from athletes representing different countries. Hope Light Up from Frontline Norway dominated the ultra heavyweight category, securing the gold medal with three submissions. Shea Montague from Ireland made an impact in the roosterweight division by finishing all four of his matches with submissions. His debut as a brown belt showcased his potential for success in the future. Nadav Bargail of Israel also stood out in the featherweight category, demonstrating his skills and securing gold with a vicious footlock submission.

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Ultra Heavyweight – Hope Light Up

Hope Light Up’s performance in the ultra heavyweight category was exceptional. With a flawless victory, he won all three matches by submission. Representing Frontline Norway, Light Up’s skill and technique were on full display as he dominated his opponents. This victory not only showcased his talent but also solidified his position as a top contender in the ultra heavyweight division.

Roosterweight – Shea Montague

Shea Montague’s debut as a brown belt in the roosterweight division was nothing short of impressive. He finished all four of his matches with submissions, displaying his technical prowess and determination. Montague’s performance highlighted his potential to become a force to be reckoned with in his weight division. As he continues to grow as a competitor, it will be interesting to follow his journey and see how far he can go.

Featherweight – Nadav Bargail

Nadav Bargail’s achievement in the featherweight division was noteworthy. With a vicious footlock submission, he secured the gold medal, showcasing his skill and determination. Bargail’s victory was a testament to his hard work and dedication to the sport. As a rising star in the featherweight division, Bargail is definitely someone to keep an eye on in future competitions.

Wrap Up of Must-Watch Champs

The must-watch champs of day four included Lucas Pogino, Hope Light Up, Shea Montague, and Nadav Bargail. These athletes delivered outstanding performances and showcased their talents in their respective weight divisions.

Nadav Bargail’s Achievement

Nadav Bargail’s achievement in the featherweight division was particularly notable. With his victory, he solidified his position as a top competitor in his weight class. Bargail’s dedication and skills were evident throughout the tournament, and his victory marked a significant milestone in his career. As he continues to excel, it will be exciting to see how Bargail progresses and what other achievements await him.

Upcoming Black Belt Competition

The conclusion of day four marked the transition to the highly anticipated black belt competition. Set to begin the following day, the black belt competition promises to be an intense and exciting event. The men’s absolute division features over 30 registered athletes, making it a highly competitive field. Equally intriguing is the women’s absolute division, with over 10 athletes competing. Fans and enthusiasts are encouraged to tune in live to witness the action-packed black belt competition.

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Black Belt Competition Preview

Start of Black Belt Competition

The black belt competition commenced on the following day, kicking off with the absolute division. As the first event of the day, the absolute division featured a massive field of over 30 athletes. The caliber of competitors in this division was exceptionally high, ensuring an intense and thrilling competition. Spectators eagerly tuned in to see who would emerge as the top contenders in this highly competitive division.

Men’s Absolute Division

The men’s absolute division at the black belt competition featured a strong lineup of talented athletes. With over 30 participants, the competition was fierce, and each match promised to be a battle of skill and strategy. As the number one seed, the athlete who took home the gold in the men’s absolute division was considered the one to watch. The division showcased the best of the best in the black belt rank, and spectators were treated to high-level jiu-jitsu throughout the matches.

Women’s Absolute Division

Just like the men’s division, the women’s absolute division was equally intriguing. With over 10 athletes competing, the division promised exciting matchups and impressive displays of talent. The women competing in the absolute division showcased their technical abilities and competed with passion and determination. The division served as a testament to the growth and talent within the women’s jiu-jitsu community.


Day four of the 2022 IBJJF European Championships was filled with thrilling matches, standout performances, and remarkable achievements. From Lucas Pogino’s double gold win in the brown belt division to the impressive performances of athletes from around the globe, the day showcased the incredible talent and dedication of the jiu-jitsu community. As the black belt competition loomed, anticipation grew, and fans eagerly tuned in to witness the absolute division and the highly competitive matchups. The European Championships continue to be a platform for athletes to shine and demonstrate their skills on the international stage, and day four was no exception.

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