2020 IBJJF Pan No-Gi Championship | Nov 21-22

2020 IBJJF Pan No-Gi Championship | Nov 21-22

The 2020 IBJJF Pan No-Gi Championship is set to take place on November 21-22, and it promises to be an action-packed event for all Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu enthusiasts. With the video coverage provided by FloGrappling, fans can stay updated on all the thrilling moments and intense battles that will unfold during the championship. From jaw-dropping takedowns to impressive submissions, this event showcases the skill, technique, and determination of some of the best grapplers in the world. Follow FloGrappling on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to ensure you don’t miss any of the exciting moments from the 2020 IBJJF Pan No-Gi Championship.

The video produced by FloGrappling captures the essence of this highly anticipated event and offers fans a front-row seat to the action. As the championship approaches, make sure to stay tuned to FloGrappling’s social media channels for exclusive content and updates. Whether you’re a seasoned BJJ practitioner or simply a fan of the sport, the 2020 IBJJF Pan No-Gi Championship is an event you won’t want to miss. So, mark your calendars for November 21-22 and get ready for an adrenaline-filled weekend of top-notch grappling action.


The 2020 IBJJF Pan No-Gi Championship is set to take place on November 21-22, bringing together top Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athletes from around the world. This prestigious event will be organized by the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF), a leading authority in the sport. With a highly anticipated competition format, a diverse range of participants, and a dedicated venue, this championship promises to be an exciting and action-packed event.

Date and Location

The 2020 IBJJF Pan No-Gi Championship will be held on November 21-22 at a location yet to be announced. As one of the most important events in the grappling calendar, the championship attracts competitors and fans from all corners of the globe. The date and location provide ample time for participants to prepare and plan their travel arrangements to be a part of this thrilling tournament.

Event Organizer

The International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) is the esteemed organizer of the Pan No-Gi Championship. With a mission to promote and develop the sport of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the IBJJF is committed to providing a fair and competitive platform for athletes to showcase their skills. As an internationally recognized governing body, the IBJJF ensures that the championship adheres to the highest standards of professionalism and sportsmanship.

Competition Format

The Pan No-Gi Championship follows a bracket-style tournament format, featuring various weight classes. Competitors within each weight class will face off against each other until a champion is crowned. The tournament is single elimination, meaning that athletes who lose a match are eliminated from the competition. The format ensures that only the strongest and most skilled competitors proceed to the next round, creating intense and captivating matchups at every stage.

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The Pan No-Gi Championship attracts a wide range of participants from different age groups and skill levels. The tournament features several categories, including adult male and female, master male and female, juvenile male and female. This diverse range of participants brings a unique blend of experience and talent to the championship, making it an exciting and unpredictable event for both athletes and spectators.

2020 IBJJF Pan No-Gi Championship | Nov 21-22


Registration Deadline

Athletes interested in competing in the 2020 IBJJF Pan No-Gi Championship must ensure they register before the designated deadline. The registration deadline will be announced by the organizers closer to the event date. It is crucial for participants to meet this deadline to secure their spot in the tournament and avoid any last-minute complications.

Registration Process

The registration process for the championship will be conducted online through the official IBJJF website. Athletes will be required to create an account, provide their personal information, and select their desired weight class and age category. Once the registration is complete, participants will receive confirmation of their entry into the competition.

Entry Fees

To participate in the Pan No-Gi Championship, athletes are required to pay an entry fee. The exact amount of the entry fee will be communicated by the IBJJF closer to the registration opening. It is important for participants to budget for this fee in addition to any travel and accommodation expenses associated with attending the championship.

Weight Classes

The Pan No-Gi Championship features various weight classes to ensure fair competition and equal opportunities for athletes across different size categories. The weight classes include:

Adult Male

This category is for male competitors aged 18 years and above. The weight classes range from lightweight to heavyweight, allowing athletes to compete against opponents of similar size and strength.

Adult Female

Similar to the adult male division, the adult female category is open to women aged 18 and above. The weight classes vary to accommodate competitors of different body weights, offering a level playing field for all participants.

Master Male

The master male division is tailored for male competitors over the age of 30. This category allows older athletes to compete against others in their age group, ensuring fair competition and an opportunity to showcase their skills.

Master Female

Master female competitors, aged 30 and above, will compete in this category. This division allows experienced female athletes to showcase their technical abilities and compete against others in their age range.

Juvenile Male

The juvenile male category is designed for male athletes aged 16-17. This division provides young grapplers with a platform to display their talent and potential as they take on opponents of their own age and weight class.

Juvenile Female

Similar to the juvenile male division, the juvenile female category is open to female competitors aged 16-17. This specific division allows young female athletes to compete against others in their age and weight category, fostering growth and development within the sport.

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Day 1 – Nov 21

The first day of the Pan No-Gi Championship, November 21, will feature preliminary matches across various weight classes. Competitors will aim to secure victories and advance to the subsequent rounds of the tournament. The schedule for day one will be released closer to the event, outlining the specific time slots for each weight class.

Day 2 – Nov 22

On November 22, the second and final day of the championship, the action intensifies as the remaining competitors battle it out for a chance to be crowned Pan No-Gi Champion in their respective weight class. Spectators can expect thrilling matches and fierce rivalries as the focus shifts to the determination of the ultimate winners.

Rules and Regulations

The Pan No-Gi Championship follows a set of rules and regulations established by the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation. These rules ensure fair competition and prioritize the safety of the athletes. It is essential for participants and spectators to familiarize themselves with these rules to fully appreciate the strategic and technical aspects of the matches.

Points System

The championship utilizes a points system to determine the outcome of each match. Points are awarded based on specific actions and positions achieved by the competitors throughout the fight. These points contribute to the overall score, defining the outcome of the match. Familiarizing oneself with the points system is crucial to understanding the dynamics and strategies employed by the athletes during their matches.

Legal Techniques

While competing, athletes are expected to adhere to a set of legal techniques approved by the IBJJF. These techniques include various submissions, sweeps, and takedowns. The use of legal techniques ensures fair play and maintains the integrity of the competition. Competitors must follow the rules closely to avoid penalties or disqualification.

Illegal Techniques

Certain techniques are strictly prohibited in the Pan No-Gi Championship. These techniques include strikes, eye gouging, hair pulling, biting, and groin attacks. The use of illegal techniques can result in immediate disqualification and other penalties. Athletes must be aware of these restrictions and avoid any actions that would violate the established rules.

Uniform Requirements

Competitors are required to adhere to specific uniform requirements during their matches. The IBJJF mandates that male athletes wear board shorts and a rash guard, while female athletes are required to wear a sports bra and active wear shorts or spats. These uniform requirements ensure safety and maintain a level playing field for all participants.

Notable Competitors

Previous Champions

The Pan No-Gi Championship has witnessed the rise of numerous champions in its storied history. Previous winners include world-renowned grapplers, such as Marcus Almeida, Rafael Mendes, Gabrielle Garcia, and Beatriz Mesquita. These champions have solidified their names in the sport and continue to set the standard for excellence in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Upcoming Stars

Alongside the established champions, the Pan No-Gi Championship is also a platform for emerging talents in the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Young and skilled competitors will have the opportunity to make a name for themselves and showcase their abilities on a global stage. With the sport continually evolving, the championship serves as a breeding ground for the next generation of Jiu-Jitsu stars.

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Key Matches to Watch

Match 1

One highly anticipated match at the Pan No-Gi Championship is between two veteran competitors, Paulo Miyao and Bruno Malfacine. Both athletes have established themselves as dominant forces in their respective weight classes and are known for their technical prowess. This clash of styles promises to be a captivating contest that fans will not want to miss.

Match 2

In the female division, a matchup to keep an eye on is between Bianca Basilio and Ffion Davies. Basilio, known for her aggressive style, will face Davies, a strategic and efficient grappler. Their contrasting approaches make this match intriguing and could potentially decide the outcome of the championship in their weight class.

Match 3

For fans of the heavyweight division, a match between Mahamed Aly and Kaynan Duarte is set to ignite the competition. These two elite athletes possess immense strength and technique, making their encounter a battle of giants. The outcome of this match could have a significant impact on the overall results of the championship.

Venue Facilities

Spectator Seating

The venue for the Pan No-Gi Championship will accommodate a large number of spectators, ensuring an immersive experience for fans. Comfortable seating arrangements will be available, allowing viewers to witness the action up close and create an electric atmosphere that contributes to the excitement of the matches.

Food and Refreshments

Throughout the duration of the championship, a variety of food and refreshment options will be available to cater to the needs of attendees. Spectators can choose from a range of snacks and beverages, ensuring they remain energized and hydrated as they enjoy the thrilling matches.

Merchandise Vendors

An array of merchandise vendors will be present at the venue, offering a wide selection of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu apparel and accessories. Attendees will have the opportunity to browse through different booths and purchase items representing their favorite athletes or teams. This presents a chance to support the sport and bring home souvenirs from the championship.

Live Streaming

Accessing the Live Stream

For those unable to attend the Pan No-Gi Championship in person, a live stream of the event will be available. The official website of the IBJJF will provide access to the live stream, allowing fans from around the world to witness the matches in real-time. This convenient feature ensures that no one misses out on the thrill and intensity of the championship.

Subscription Options

To access the live stream, individuals may be required to purchase a subscription or pay a fee. The official details regarding subscription options and pricing will be communicated by the IBJJF closer to the event. These options provide fans with flexibility in choosing the level of coverage they prefer, whether it be for specific matches or the entire championship.


The 2020 IBJJF Pan No-Gi Championship promises to be an unforgettable event, bringing together the best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athletes in a thrilling display of skill, technique, and determination. With a multitude of weight classes, notable competitors, and exhilarating matches to watch, this championship is a can’t-miss for both participants and spectators alike. From the registration process to the venue facilities, every aspect of the championship has been carefully organized to ensure a memorable experience for all involved. Whether watching live at the venue or through the live stream, fans can immerse themselves in the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and witness the crowning of the Pan No-Gi Champions.

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