Alliance Blue Belts Clean Up | Euros Blue Belt Recap

Alliance Blue Belts Clean Up | Euros Blue Belt Recap

“What’s up everybody hello from Paris France! We’re here for the 2023 ibjf European championships, and it has been an action-packed Day two with plenty of Bluebelt action and incredible storylines. One of the most important stories to highlight is the Absolute division, where Jonathan Freitas from Alliance took down the gold after winning bronze in the Super heavyweight division. In an interesting note, Freitas did not close out with his Alliance teammate, but instead battled it out in the final, winning with a dynamic Suplex to earn a last-minute advantage.”

In addition to Freitas, Eduardo Alves, also representing Alliance, dominated the Middleweight category with four submissions and six total victories. He continued his success in the absolute division with two more submissions and three more wins. The blue belt women also shined, with Eliza Cavallo from Nova unao taking double gold, boasting a total of seven wins and five submissions. Another noteworthy story is the inspiring performance of vision-impaired athlete Anatoly Rubin, who competed in the Masters wool and blue belt like featherback category, taking home gold with four submissions and four matches. Tune in for more updates and highlights from the Purple belt competition and stay tuned all week on Flow grappling for the latest from the 2023 IBJJF European Championships.

Alliance Blue Belts Clean Up

The 2023 IBJJF European Championships saw an impressive display of skill and domination by the Alliance blue belt competitors. From Corey Freitas to Anatoly Rubin, these athletes showcased their talent and left a lasting impact on the tournament.

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Corey Freitas takes down the absolute division

Corey Freitas proved himself to be a force to be reckoned with in the absolute division. After previously winning Bronze in the Super heavyweight division, Freitas fought his way to the top and claimed the Gold medal. It was an interesting note that he did not close out with his Alliance teammate, as they battled it out in the final. But in the end, it was Freitas who emerged victorious with a dynamic Suplex, securing a last-minute Advantage and securing his place as the absolute division champion.

Eduardo Alves dominates in the Middleweight category

Eduardo Alves showcased his dominance in the Middleweight category, earning himself the gold medal. With a total of 6 victories and 4 submissions, Alves proved himself to be a formidable opponent. But his success did not end there. Alves also made his mark in the absolute division, adding 3 more wins to his record. The math may seem complicated, but the bottom line is that Alves had an impressive performance and continued to bring success to the Alliance team.

Alliance Blue Belts Clean Up | Euros Blue Belt Recap

Bernardo Gotti wins the featherweight gold

In the featherweight division, it was Bernardo Gotti who reigned supreme. Gotti’s skill and technique earned him the gold medal, showcasing his ability to outperform his opponents. His victory added to the Alliance team’s success and highlighted the talent within their ranks.

Mario Landing takes the lightweight title

Mario Landing made a name for himself in the lightweight category, claiming the gold medal. His performance demonstrated his ability to compete at a high level and showcased his dedication to his craft. Landing’s victory contributed to the Alliance team’s overall success and highlighted his exceptional skills.

Eliza Cavallo shines in the blue belt women’s division

Eliza Cavallo from Nova unao emerged as a standout athlete in the blue belt women’s division. Her exceptional skills and determination led her to double gold, with a total of 7 wins and 5 submissions. Cavallo’s performance showcased her talent and marked her as one to watch in the future. Her success added to the Alliance team’s triumph in the tournament.

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Anatoly Rubin impresses as a vision impaired athlete

Anatoly Rubin’s participation in the tournament as a vision impaired athlete was truly remarkable. Competing in both the Masters wool and Blue belt like featherback category, Rubin showcased his skills and resilience. With 4 submissions in 4 matches, Rubin claimed the gold medal and proved that limitations can be overcome. His incredible execution of the Baseball bat choke was highly effective and demonstrated his mastery of technique. Rubin’s performance served as an inspiration to both athletes and spectators alike.

As the blue belt divisions concluded, the spotlight now turns to the purple belts. With promising athletes such as Cole Labate and Home Alone Rocha set to compete, the excitement continues to build. The purple belts bring their own unique skillsets and will undoubtedly deliver thrilling matches.

In conclusion, the Alliance blue belts left a lasting impact on the 2023 IBJJF European Championships. Their successes in various categories and divisions showcased their talent and dedication to the sport. Corey Freitas, Eduardo Alves, Bernardo Gotti, Mario Landing, Eliza Cavallo, and Anatoly Rubin all contributed to the Alliance team’s overall triumph. As the purple belts take the stage, the anticipation grows for more exciting jiu jitsu action. Stay tuned to FloGrappling for all the latest updates from the Euros.

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