Why Tye Ruotolo Wants A Craig Jones Rematch

Why Tye Ruotolo Wants A Craig Jones Rematch

In a video by FloGrappling, Tye Ruotolo opens up about his desire for a rematch with Craig Jones. Reflecting on their previous match, Ruotolo admits that it didn’t go as planned. He had envisioned a dynamic bout with him on top, passing and Jones attacking his legs. However, Jones managed to secure Ruotolo’s back, leaving him on the bottom and struggling to make any significant moves. Despite the loss, Ruotolo recalls feeling Jones break mentally and physically during the match, making him eager to have another chance at defeating him. Additionally, Ruotolo expresses his desire to have rematches with other opponents, including Mika and Pedro Mourinho, as he looks to continue his pursuit of exciting fights and success in jiu-jitsu.

Why Tye Ruotolo Wants A Craig Jones Rematch

Tye Ruotolo’s Match with Craig Jones

Tye Ruotolo’s initial expectations

Tye Ruotolo had high expectations for his match with Craig Jones in the losing one championship. He anticipated a thrilling bout where he would showcase his skills in passing the guard while defending against Jones’ leg attacks. Ruotolo imagined an exciting match that would keep the audience on the edge of their seats. However, the reality of the match did not align with his expectations.

Craig Jones’ performance

Despite Ruotolo’s anticipation of an exhilarating match, Craig Jones managed to control the flow of the fight. Jones took advantage of Ruotolo’s positioning and ended up on Ruotolo’s back after a rolling exchange. Ruotolo found himself on the bottom, frustrated with his inability to execute his game plan. Jones did an excellent job of neutralizing Ruotolo’s movements and limiting his opportunities to attack. Although Jones got a few body lock passes, Ruotolo managed to defend with a buggy choke, preventing Jones from advancing further.

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Tye Ruotolo’s frustration with being on bottom

Ruotolo’s frustration grew as he remained on the bottom throughout most of the match. Being a competitor who prefers to be on top, this position was unfamiliar and uncomfortable for him. He attempted various techniques from the bottom, but Jones skillfully prevented him from capitalizing on any offensive opportunities. Ruotolo’s desire to showcase his passing skills and defend against leg attacks was diminished by his struggles from the bottom.

Tye Ruotolo’s desire for a rematch

Despite the disappointment of the match, Ruotolo expressed a strong desire for a rematch with Craig Jones. He believed that a second encounter would yield a more exciting outcome. Ruotolo acknowledged that Jones possessed formidable jiu-jitsu skills but felt confident in his ability to compete at a higher level. He yearned for the opportunity to prove himself and demonstrate a more aggressive style of play.

Tye Ruotolo’s Confidence in a Rematch

Tye Ruotolo’s observation of Craig Jones’ fatigue

One of the key aspects that bolstered Ruotolo’s confidence in a rematch with Craig Jones was his observation of Jones’ fatigue during their previous encounter. Despite being on the bottom for the majority of the match, Ruotolo sensed that Jones was becoming tired. This observation was significant as it indicated a potential vulnerability in Jones’ performance. Ruotolo intended to exploit this weakness in a rematch by applying relentless pressure and maintaining a higher pace.

Tye Ruotolo’s belief in his abilities

Ruotolo had immense faith in his own abilities, which fueled his confidence in securing a rematch with Craig Jones. He believed that his skills and techniques were on par with Jones’, if not superior. Ruotolo had a track record of dominating his opponents from the top position, and he was determined to replicate this success against Jones. With a strong belief in his own capabilities, Ruotolo felt certain that he could overcome any challenge Jones presented.

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Tye Ruotolo’s desire for a more exciting match

In addition to his confidence in winning a rematch, Ruotolo craved a more exciting match against Craig Jones. He yearned for a contest that would captivate the audience and showcase his true potential. Ruotolo wanted to engage in a battle where both competitors actively pursued their respective strategies, pushing each other to their limits. He saw the rematch as an opportunity to create a thrilling and memorable display of jiu-jitsu.

Other Matches Tye Ruotolo Wants a Rematch

Tye Ruotolo’s desire to rematch with Mika

Apart from his desire to face Craig Jones again, Ruotolo expressed a strong desire for a rematch with Mika. Ruotolo believed that a second encounter with Mika would allow him to demonstrate his growth and improvements since their previous match. He aspired to showcase his skills and prove that he could triumph over Mika’s formidable jiu-jitsu prowess.

Tye Ruotolo’s interest in fighting Pedro Mourinho

Another opponent on Ruotolo’s rematch wishlist was Pedro Mourinho. Ruotolo admired Mourinho’s development as a fighter and found his style to be exciting. He desired to test his skills against Mourinho, knowing that it would be a challenging and exhilarating match. Ruotolo yearned for the opportunity to face off against Mourinho and measure his own abilities against such a skilled and captivating opponent.

Tye Ruotolo’s eagerness to face other opponents

Ruotolo’s competitive spirit extended beyond just wanting a rematch with specific opponents. He expressed an eagerness to face various other opponents in the future. Ruotolo’s hunger for competition and his passion for the sport drove him to constantly seek new challenges. He wanted to test his skills against a diverse range of opponents, push himself out of his comfort zone, and continue to grow as a competitor.


Tye Ruotolo’s determination to continue competing was evident in his desire for rematches and his eagerness to face new opponents. Despite the frustrations he encountered in his match with Craig Jones, Ruotolo maintained his confidence and belief in his abilities. He saw the rematch as an opportunity to rectify his previous performance and showcase a more dynamic style of jiu-jitsu. Additionally, Ruotolo expressed his interest in facing other skilled fighters, highlighting his unwavering commitment to the sport and his relentless pursuit of challenges. With his focus set on getting back into action, Ruotolo’s determination remained unwavering, paving the way for future exciting and captivating matches.

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