When Andre Galvao Decided He Would Do The Gordon Ryan Match At ADCC

When Andre Galvao Decided He Would Do The Gordon Ryan Match At ADCC

In the aftermath of ADCC 2019, there was speculation that Andre Galvao’s victory over Felipe Pena would mark the end of his competitive career. Many believed that this would be his last match, leading to retirement. However, little did they know that Galvao was still considering a comeback. Despite mentally preparing himself for this to be his final fight, Galvao felt the need to return to the arena. It was a decision that came about unexpectedly, influenced by Mo, who approached him with the idea of facing Gordon Ryan. Galvao initially resisted, but ultimately decided to go for it, knowing that life is full of ups and downs and that he didn’t want to pass up on the opportunity.

The night in 2019 when Galvao defeated Pena in Anaheim was a defining moment, as many believed it would be his swan song. Yet, as Galvao went through his preparations, he came to the realization that he couldn’t resist the allure of the arena. Even though he thought it would be his last fight, fate had other plans. It was in the midst of the post-fight stare down that Galvao’s decision to return took hold. Though he smiled in the moment, unsure of what would transpire, the decision had been made. Galvao attributes the idea to Mo, jokingly placing the blame on him for what was about to unfold.


In 2019, Andre Galvao competed in the ADCC (Abu Dhabi Combat Club) tournament in Anaheim. After defeating Felipe Pena, many people believed that this would be Galvao’s last match and that he was going to retire. However, the question remains, did Galvao already have his mind made up about retiring before stepping into the arena that day?

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ADCC 2019: Andre Galvao’s Last Match

Before diving into Galvao’s decision to retire, let’s first set the stage for his final match at ADCC 2019. Galvao faced off against Felipe Pena in what would later prove to be a memorable bout. Galvao, with immense determination, secured victory and left the crowd with the impression that this was indeed his last fight.

The Decision to Retire

Galvao had been contemplating retirement, and he approached the ADCC tournament with the mindset that this would be his final battle. He poured all his energy and effort into preparing for this match, fully convinced that he would close this chapter of his life on a high note. However, life is never straightforward, and ups and downs are an inevitable part of the journey.

When Andre Galvao Decided He Would Do The Gordon Ryan Match At ADCC

The Preparation

Before competing in ADCC 2019, Galvao dedicated himself to intensive training. He wanted to ensure that he left no stone unturned and gave his absolute best in his presumed final match. Galvao’s determination was unwavering as he honed his skills and fine-tuned his technique. The preparation was a testament to his commitment to the sport.

Ups and Downs

Despite his conviction that this would be his last fight, Galvao experienced the ups and downs that life often presents. The turbulence of unforeseen events made Galvao question whether his retirement decision was final. The desire to be back in the arena, to compete and showcase his skills, began to resurface within him.

The Desire to Compete Again

As time went on, Galvao found himself longing to compete once more. The thrill of being on the mat and facing formidable opponents proved to be an insatiable desire. The fire within Galvao to prove himself and continue pushing his limits started to burn brighter than ever.

The Stare Down

After his match with Pena, Galvao surprised many by participating in the stare down with Gordon Ryan. This unexpected decision left those around him bewildered. However, Galvao had a change of heart, sparked by an opportune moment and an enticing challenge presented by Mo Jassim.

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Unexpected Opportunity

Mo Jassim approached Galvao with the proposal of facing Gordon Ryan in another match. This opportunity ignited the warrior spirit within Galvao, and he couldn’t resist the allure of one last battle. Against his initial plans, Galvao decided to embrace the challenge and embark on a new journey to prepare for this unexpected opportunity.

Contemplating the Match

Galvao had to carefully consider whether he was ready to come out of retirement and take on Gordon Ryan. He weighed the risks, the potential rewards, and his own personal goals. After deep introspection, Galvao accepted the challenge, eager to prove himself once more.


In the end, it was a series of unexpected events that led Andre Galvao to reconsider his retirement. The fire to compete and the desire to face challenging opponents burned brightly within him. Galvao’s decision to come out of retirement and face Gordon Ryan was a testament to his unwavering passion for the sport and his relentless pursuit of excellence.

Despite the ups and downs, Galvao remained true to his love for Jiu-Jitsu and the thrill of competition. His journey serves as an inspiration for all athletes, reminding us that sometimes, the unexpected opportunities that come our way can reignite the fire within and lead to remarkable achievements.

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