Victor Hugo vs Fabricio Andrey | 2022 ADCC World Championships

Victor Hugo vs Fabricio Andrey | 2022 ADCC World Championships

In the highly anticipated match between Victor Hugo and Fabricio Andrey at the 2022 ADCC World Championships, the crowd was in for a thrilling showdown. As the two heavyweights took to the mats, the energy in the arena was palpable. Despite a small mishap with an accidental eye poke, Hugo remained unfazed and ready to bring his A-game. Andrey, known for his dynamic movement, aimed to find openings and counter Hugo’s attacks. The clash between these two competitors in the absolute division showcased the intensity and skill that the ADCC brings, with both fighters giving it their all to secure victory. With the support of their respective corners, the match unfolded with exciting maneuvers and impressive displays of technique. In the end, it was Hugo who came out on top, earning the victory over a game Andrey. The match exemplified the essence of the absolute category, where legends are born and where unpredictable outcomes are the norm.

Match Overview


The match between Victor Hugo and Fabricio Andrey at the 2022 ADCC World Championships was highly anticipated by the grappling community. Both competitors had established themselves as top-tier athletes in the world of jiu jitsu, making this clash a must-watch for fans of the sport.

Victor Hugo’s Background

Victor Hugo, known as “The Mountain Man,” is a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt hailing from Brazil. He gained popularity for his impressive performances in the super heavyweight division, showcasing his strength and technical prowess. With a well-rounded skillset and exceptional flexibility for his size, Hugo was a formidable opponent for anyone he faced on the mat.

Fabricio Andrey’s Background

Fabricio Andrey, commonly known as “Febreze,” is a highly skilled grappler from Brazil. Despite being in the lightest division, Andrey has proven himself against larger opponents through his speed, agility, and technical finesse. His ability to navigate through tough situations and constantly improve his game has made him a fan favorite in the grappling community.

ADCC World Championships

The ADCC (Abu Dhabi Combat Club) World Championships is one of the most prestigious grappling events in the world. It brings together elite competitors from different weight divisions to compete in both gi and no-gi matches. The absolute division, specifically, showcases the best grapplers regardless of weight class, making it a thrilling and unpredictable competition.

Pre-Match Hype

FloGrappling Video

FloGrappling, a popular jiu jitsu media outlet, released a video hyping up the Victor Hugo vs. Fabricio Andrey match. This video generated excitement among fans, highlighting the skills and intensity both athletes brought to the table. The anticipation for the match grew as viewers eagerly awaited the outcome of this highly anticipated showdown.

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Fan Favorites

Fabricio Andrey, despite being in the lightest division, was considered a fan favorite due to his dynamic and entertaining style of grappling. Victor Hugo, on the other hand, gained popularity for his impressive performances in the super heavyweight division, solidifying his status as a crowd favorite. The clash between these two fan favorites only added to the excitement and intrigue surrounding the match.

Accidental Eye Poke

Before the match began, there was an accidental eye poke that affected Victor Hugo. However, both Hugo and Andrey displayed excellent sportsmanship by quickly resuming the action once Hugo recovered. Mishaps like these are unfortunate but not uncommon in the intensity of ADCC matches, and the athletes showcased their ability to stay focused and determined despite the setback.

Absolute Division

Victor Hugo’s Strategy

Victor Hugo approached the match with a strategic mindset, using his size and strength to his advantage. Being a dominant force in the super heavyweight division, Hugo aimed to impose his will on Andrey by overpowering him and utilizing his superior weight. Additionally, Hugo’s flexibility allowed him to move and attack from unexpected angles, creating further challenges for his opponents.

Lachlan Giles’ Success

Lachlan Giles, a previous competitor in the 77kg division, had made a name for himself by defeating much larger opponents using his technical expertise. This success served as inspiration for Fabricio Andrey, who found motivation in the notion that he could overcome the size discrepancy and achieve victory against Hugo.

Fabricio Andrey’s Discrepancy

Fabricio Andrey recognized the significant difference in weight between himself and Victor Hugo. Despite this disadvantage, Andrey aimed to prove that technique and strategy could triumph over size and strength. He approached the match with a focus on movement, speed, and technical finesse, aiming to exploit any opening that Hugo might provide.

Legends Born in the Absolute Division

The absolute division has proven to be a breeding ground for legends in the world of grappling. It is a platform where athletes from different weight classes come together to showcase their skills and prove their worth against opponents of varying sizes. The clash between Hugo and Andrey exemplified the thrill and unpredictability that often accompanies matches in the absolute division.

Victor Hugo vs Fabricio Andrey | 2022 ADCC World Championships

Coaches and Corners

Victor Hugo’s Corner

Victor Hugo had the support of his corner, headed by Halfway Elevato Jr. Having a strong and experienced coach by his side provided Hugo with valuable guidance and strategic advice throughout the match. The presence of a trusted corner can be instrumental in keeping a competitor focused and motivated during such high-stakes matchups.

Fabricio Andrey’s Corner

Fabricio Andrey had his corner led by Melky Galvao, a respected figure in the jiu jitsu community. With Galvao’s expertise and guidance, Andrey was able to formulate and adjust his game plan as the match progressed. Coaches play a crucial role in the success of a competitor, providing crucial insights and support to maximize their performance.

Role of Coaches

The role of coaches in grappling matches cannot be understated. They serve as the eyes and ears for their athletes, providing feedback, guidance, and encouragement. Coaches understand the strengths and weaknesses of their fighters and can offer valuable strategic advice in real-time, helping them navigate through challenging situations and make the most out of their abilities.

Match Analysis

Victor Hugo’s Approach

Victor Hugo began the match with a relatively passive approach, carefully feeling out Fabricio Andrey’s movements and looking for any opening to capitalize on. Hugo’s patience allowed him to assess the situation and plan his attacks strategically. This measured approach showcased his confidence in his own abilities and his ability to adapt to different opponents.

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Fabricio Andrey’s Strategy

Fabricio Andrey, known for his dynamic movement and speed, utilized his agility to create angles and openings for attacks. He constantly looked for efficient counters and took advantage of Hugo’s defensive posture. Andrey’s ability to swiftly change positions and transitions showcased his technical finesse and ability to keep his opponents guessing.

Dynamic Movement

Both Victor Hugo and Fabricio Andrey displayed exceptional dynamic movement throughout the match. Despite their size difference, they showcased agility, balance, and coordination in their exchanges. This dynamic movement allowed them to stay elusive and avoid being caught in compromising positions, showcasing the importance of fluidity and athleticism in high-level grappling.

Guard Work

Guard work played a significant role in the match, with both competitors displaying their skills and defensive capabilities. Victor Hugo’s size and flexibility allowed him to maintain a strong guard and make it difficult for Andrey to pass. Andrey, on the other hand, showcased his guard retention and ability to create sweeps and submissions from various guard positions.

Counter and Sweeps

Fabrizio Andre’s Efficiency

Fabricio Andrey displayed exceptional efficiency in his counters and sweeps throughout the match. His speed and timing allowed him to capitalize on Hugo’s advances and turn them into advantageous positions for himself. Andrey’s ability to use his opponent’s momentum against them showcased his technical prowess and ability to think one step ahead.

Victor Hugo’s Tilt Sweep

Victor Hugo executed a beautiful tilt sweep during the match, using his knee in the middle to off-balance Andrey and secure the top position. This sweep demonstrated Hugo’s understanding of leverage and his ability to disrupt his opponent’s base. It was a well-executed technique that showcased Hugo’s strength and technical skill.

Resetting the Action

As the match progressed, there were moments where the action went out of bounds or stalled. Both competitors and the referee ensured that the match was reset in the center of the mat, allowing for fair and continuous action. This commitment to maintaining the integrity of the match highlighted the importance of a level playing field in high-level competitions.

Spinning and Inverting

Both Victor Hugo and Fabricio Andrey showcased their spinning and inverting abilities, providing thrilling moments for the spectators. These dynamic movements allowed them to escape compromising positions, create openings for attacks, and maintain a high pace throughout the match. The willingness to take risks and showcase acrobatic techniques added an exciting element to the match.

Leglocking Abilities

Victor Hugo’s Competence

Victor Hugo’s leglocking abilities were on full display during the match. Despite his focus on size and strength, Hugo exhibited a high level of competence in leg submissions, including knee bars and straight ankle locks. This versatility in his grappling arsenal showcased his well-rounded skillset and added another layer of danger for his opponents.

Branding as ‘Big Man Flow’

Victor Hugo has gained recognition for his ‘Big Man Flow’ branding, emphasizing his ability to move fluidly and dynamically despite his size. This unique aspect of Hugo’s style highlighted his adaptability and showcased that being a larger athlete doesn’t mean sacrificing athleticism or technical finesse.

Flexibility and Guard Work

Hugo’s flexibility played a crucial role in his guard work and leglocking abilities. His ability to contort his body and create angles allowed him to execute submissions and sweeps that would surprise his opponents. This flexibility also provided him with a strong guard, making it challenging for his opponents to pass and maintain dominant positions.

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Febreze Andre’s Scrappiness

Fabricio Andrey displayed tremendous scrappiness throughout the match, constantly engaging and looking for opportunities to advance his position. Despite facing a larger opponent, Andrey’s determination and technical ability made him a formidable force. He showcased that size is not always the determining factor in grappling matches, emphasizing the importance of skill and strategy.

Takedowns and Defense

Victor Hugo’s Power

Victor Hugo’s natural strength and power were evident in his takedowns during the match. He utilized his physicality to power through Andrey’s defenses and secure dominant positions. Hugo’s takedowns demonstrated his ability to impose his will on his opponents and showcase his technical skills outside of grappling on the ground.

Fabricio Andre’s Flexibility

Fabricio Andrey’s flexibility played a key role in his defense against Hugo’s takedowns. He used his agility and quick reflexes to evade takedowns and remain elusive. Andrey’s ability to maintain his balance and react swiftly showcased his athleticism and defensive capabilities, adding another layer of complexity to his game.

Brutal Takedown on Concrete

At one point during the match, the action spilled out onto the concrete surrounding the mat. This brutal takedown highlighted the intensity and physicality of ADCC matches and the risks involved for the competitors. Despite the rough landing, both Hugo and Andrey quickly resumed the action, showcasing their resilience and determination.

Defensive Techniques

Both Victor Hugo and Fabricio Andrey displayed strong defensive techniques during the match. They showcased their ability to neutralize their opponent’s attacks, escape from compromising positions, and prevent each other from scoring points. These defensive skills highlighted the importance of a well-rounded game and the ability to adapt to different situations.

Guard Play and Pass

Victor Hugo’s Guard Passing

Victor Hugo showcased his guard passing skills during the match, aiming to advance his position and establish dominance. Despite Andrey’s dynamic guard, Hugo displayed a strong understanding of angles and pressure, making it challenging for Andrey to retain his guard. Hugo’s size, strength, and technical proficiency allowed him to control the match from the top position.

Fabricio Andre’s Dynamic Guard

Fabricio Andrey’s dynamic guard was a key element of his strategy. He utilized his speed and agility to create openings, sweep attempts, and submissions. Andrey’s ability to constantly transition and attack from his guard posed a significant challenge for Hugo, forcing him to be defensively aware and reactive throughout the match.

Melky Galvao’s Strategy

In Andrey’s corner, Melky Galvao called for North-South passing and running around the guard. This strategy aimed to nullify Hugo’s guard and maintain a dominant position for Andrey. By closing off angles and staying mobile, Andrey could disrupt Hugo’s defensive strategies and potentially secure a submission or point-scoring opportunity.

Closing Off Angles

Both Victor Hugo and Fabricio Andrey displayed their awareness of maintaining and closing off angles throughout the match. By restricting their opponent’s movement and limiting their options, they aimed to control the flow of the match and create opportunities for attacks. The battle for angles and positioning showcased the tactical aspects of high-level grappling.

Post-Match Analysis

Sportsmanship and Respect

Both Victor Hugo and Fabricio Andrey displayed exceptional sportsmanship and respect for each other after the match. Despite the intensity and physicality of the competition, they showed class and camaraderie, appreciating each other’s efforts and skills. This display of sportsmanship highlighted the mutual respect that exists among competitors in the grappling community.

Febreze Andre’s Performance

Fabricio Andrey’s performance in the match was commendable. Despite facing a significant size disadvantage, he showcased his technical finesse, speed, and determination. Andrey’s ability to handle a larger opponent and remain competitive throughout the match was a testament to his skill and tenacity.

Victor Hugo’s Victory

Victor Hugo’s victory in the match demonstrated his dominance and skill as a heavyweight competitor. His ability to utilize his size, strength, and technical abilities allowed him to control the match and secure the win. Hugo’s performance showcased why he is considered one of the top athletes in the super heavyweight division.

Impressed Audience

The audience at the ADCC World Championships was undoubtedly impressed by the match between Victor Hugo and Fabricio Andrey. The display of skill, athleticism, and sportsmanship kept spectators on the edge of their seats. The clash between these two exceptional athletes provided an exciting and memorable moment for the grappling community.

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