Tye Ruotolo: ‘Beating Tainan Is What I’m Coming To Do’

Tye Ruotolo: ‘Beating Tainan Is What I’m Coming To Do’

In this article titled “Tye Ruotolo: ‘Beating Tainan Is What I’m Coming To Do'”, Tye Ruotolo discusses the significance of defeating Tainan in a jiu jitsu match. He emphasizes his motivation to compete against the best, rather than opting for easier opponents. Ruotolo acknowledges Tainan’s skills and physical strength, and believes that the match will be challenging but not impossible. He also mentions that his unique and creative style may work to his advantage. Ruotolo sees beating Tainan as a major accomplishment in his career, even surpassing the value of winning a world title. However, he also contemplates the toll that intense competition takes on his body and raises the possibility of retiring after defeating Tainan.

Tye Ruotolo: Beating Tainan Is What Im Coming To Do

The Importance of Beating Tainan

Tye Ruotolo understands the significance of defeating Tainan Dalpra, the current number one middleweight in jiu-jitsu. While some people may advise him to take easier matches, Tye is not motivated by that. He believes that challenging the biggest and best opponents is what drives him. Winning against Tainan is not just about securing another world title, but it is the ultimate goal that Tye has set for himself.

Motivation for Challenging Top Opponents

Tye’s motivation to compete against top opponents stems from his strong mindset and his willingness to face adversity. He thrives on pushing himself to the limit and overcoming challenges. Tye believes that constantly dealing with adversity and being at a disadvantage has forged a strong mind within him. He sees it as an opportunity to build a mindset that is stronger than other people’s strengths. Challenging top opponents pushes him to improve and grow both as an athlete and as an individual.

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Tye Ruotolo’s Strong Mindset

Tye attributes his strong mindset to his experiences of facing adversity. He does not let his disadvantage affect his determination to win. Instead, he uses it as fuel to push himself harder. Tye believes that there are multiple paths to the top, and facing challenges head-on naturally builds a resilient mindset. By developing a strong mental fortitude, he can overcome any obstacles that come his way.

Technical Analysis of Tainan

Tainan Dalpra is a formidable opponent. He has dominated the middleweight division for two years in a row and possesses skills in every aspect of the game. Tainan is physically strong and has excellent technique to complement his strength. His expertise in the Deli heva guard and his powerful passing abilities make him a challenging opponent in any position. Tye recognizes that beating Tainan will not be an easy feat, but he remains confident in his abilities.

Tye Ruotolo’s Approach to the Match

Tye approaches the match against Tainan with creativity and an unorthodox style. While many people hold Tainan in high regard and show a great deal of respect towards him, Tye sees everyone on the mat as equals. He does not let his opponent’s reputation affect his fighting style or his mindset. Tye is determined to fight Tainan harder than anyone has before, using his creativity and unique approach to gain the upper hand.

Creativity and Unorthodox Style as Advantages

Tye’s creative and unorthodox style of fighting may give him an advantage against Tainan. While Tainan is technically proficient, Tye believes that his distinct style can throw his opponent off-guard. Tye plans to push the pace of the match and make Tainan feel his presence on the mat. By playing his game and applying pressure, Tye hopes to catch Tainan in a submission and secure the victory.

Career Accomplishments and World Titles

While winning a gold medal and standing on top of the podium would be a tremendous achievement in Tye’s career, beating Tainan holds even more significance for him. Tainan’s dominance in the black belt division, coupled with his undefeated record, makes defeating him feel like winning another world title. Tye acknowledges the importance of having a world title technically but beating Tainan is the true accomplishment he seeks.

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Considerations for Retirement

Tye contemplates retirement as a potential option after facing Tainan. The toll that competing against strong opponents takes on his body is not to be underestimated. Tye recognizes the physical demands of constantly challenging himself in the gi against formidable opponents. While retiring after defeating Tainan and leaving his belt on the ground is a possibility, Tye remains open to other possibilities and acknowledges that his decision may change in the future.

Personal Connection with Tainan

Tye and Tainan have a personal connection that dates back to their early days of training together. Tye remembers catching Tainan during their training sessions when they were younger. However, when Tainan returned from Brazil, Tye was surprised by the level of improvement in his skills and his physicality. This personal connection adds an extra layer of intrigue to the match for Tye. He is interested to see how their skills match up now and is motivated to test himself against the best.


Beating Tainan Dalpra is the ultimate goal for Tye Ruotolo. While he acknowledges the challenges that come with facing such a dominant opponent, Tye’s strong mindset and unorthodox style give him confidence. Defeating Tainan holds the same significance as winning another world title for Tye. Retirement may be on the horizon, but Tye remains open to different possibilities. Regardless of the outcome, Tye’s drive to challenge and defeat the best is what fuels his passion for jiu-jitsu.

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