The Biggest Super Fight In ADCC History

The Biggest Super Fight In ADCC History

Get ready for the biggest super fight in ADCC history! FloGrappling presents a thrilling video capturing the intensity and excitement of this anticipated event. Stay connected and stay updated by liking, commenting, and subscribing to access all the latest jiu-jitsu videos from FloGrappling on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In this unforgettable showdown, witness Gordon Ryan, hailed as the new king of ADCC, go head-to-head with the ferocious lion, Andre Galvao. As the tension builds, Ryan’s unwavering dedication and his unyielding faith in God are palpable. Brace yourself for this epic clash and get ready to be amazed.

Prepare yourself for the most anticipated super fight in the history of ADCC. This explosive video by FloGrappling will leave you on the edge of your seat. Amidst the roaring crowd, Gordon Ryan, the undisputed new king of ADCC, faces off against the relentless warrior, Andre Galvao. As the stakes are high and the tension mounts, Ryan’s work ethic and discipline shine through, claiming he’s a man of God. The anticipation is over, the talking stops, and the moment arrives. Don’t miss out on this incredible showdown.

The Biggest Super Fight In ADCC History


The ADCC (Abu Dhabi Combat Club) is set to host the biggest super fight in its history, pitting Gordon Ryan against Andre Galvao. As two of the top names in the world of jiu-jitsu, this matchup has generated immense hype and anticipation among both fans and analysts. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the background of the ADCC, explore the significance of super fights, and highlight some of the previous notable ADCC super fights. We will also provide an in-depth look at both fighters and their respective journeys leading up to this monumental showdown. Additionally, we will discuss the pre-fight hype and build-up, expectations and predictions from various perspectives, and the fight itself, including key moments and highlights. Moreover, we will address any controversies and decisions that may arise, as well as provide post-fight interviews and reactions from the fighters, promoters, organizers, and the media. Finally, we will conclude with the overall impact and significance of this historic super fight in the world of jiu-jitsu.


Introduction to ADCC

The Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC) is a prestigious international submission grappling tournament founded in 1998. It attracts the best fighters from around the world to compete in various weight classes and features a unique format that emphasizes submission victories. ADCC has gained a reputation for being one of the premier events in the grappling community, showcasing top-level techniques and providing a platform for athletes to prove their skills on a global stage.

Importance of Super Fights

Super fights are particularly significant in the world of combat sports as they serve as marquee matchups between two elite competitors. These high-profile contests garner significant attention from fans, media, and the industry as a whole, elevating the status of the fighters involved. Super fights often transcend the boundaries of weight classes and other divisions, allowing for the clash of styles and creating an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation.

Previous Notable ADCC Super Fights

Over the years, ADCC has hosted several memorable super fights that have left a lasting impact on the sport. One noteworthy super fight was the clash between Marcelo Garcia and Andre Galvao in 2011. These two Brazilian jiu-jitsu legends went head-to-head in a battle that showcased their technical prowess and determination. Another notable super fight occurred in 2017 when Felipe Pena faced Gordon Ryan. This highly anticipated matchup between two rising stars in the grappling scene captivated the audience and set the stage for the future of the sport. These previous super fights have set the bar high, and expectations for the upcoming showdown between Gordon Ryan and Andre Galvao are equally sky-high.

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The Fighters

Gordon Ryan

Gordon Ryan has established himself as one of the most dominant figures in jiu-jitsu in recent years. With his exceptional grappling skills and relentless work ethic, he has quickly risen through the ranks and captured numerous titles. Ryan’s unique style blends elements of different grappling disciplines, making him a formidable and well-rounded opponent. His ability to seamlessly transition between techniques and control the pace of the fight has earned him the reputation of being a master strategist. With an undefeated record in the ADCC and a series of impressive victories, Ryan has rightfully earned the title of the new king of ADCC.

Andre Galvao

Andre Galvao is no stranger to the world of jiu-jitsu, having made a name for himself as a multiple-time world champion in various grappling competitions. His exceptional athleticism, technical proficiency, and relentless pursuit of victory have propelled him to the pinnacle of the sport. Galvao’s explosive style and knack for explosive takedowns make him a formidable opponent. With a wealth of experience and a decorated resume, Galvao is widely regarded as one of the greatest jiu-jitsu practitioners of all time. His lionhearted spirit, combined with exceptional skills, sets the stage for an intriguing clash with Gordon Ryan.

Pre-Fight Hype and Build-Up

Social Media Trash Talk

In the lead-up to the super fight, both Gordon Ryan and Andre Galvao have utilized social media platforms to engage in a war of words. Trash talk and playful banter have become commonplace in combat sports, and this matchup is no exception. The fighters have taken to various social media platforms to exchange jabs and assert their dominance. These interactions have heightened the anticipation among fans and added an extra layer of excitement to the build-up.

Training Camps and Preparation

Both Ryan and Galvao have dedicated themselves to grueling training camps in preparation for this monumental super fight. They have enlisted the help of world-class coaches and training partners to fine-tune their skills and develop strategies tailored to their opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. Countless hours of drilling, sparring, and conditioning have been invested to ensure peak performance on fight night. These training camps have provided an opportunity for personal growth and have pushed both fighters to their limits physically and mentally.

Media Interviews

As the super fight draws closer, both fighters have engaged in media interviews to provide insight into their mindset and preparation. These interviews allow fans and the media to gain a deeper understanding of the fighters’ strategies, motivations, and expectations. Media interviews also help generate publicity for the event and increase interest among casual viewers who may not be familiar with the sport.

Press Conferences

Press conferences have become a staple in combat sports, serving as platforms for fighters to square off verbally and exchange more heated words. These events provide an opportunity for both Ryan and Galvao to showcase their confidence and assert their dominance. Press conferences also serve as a forum for the fighters to promote the event and generate excitement among fans.


The weigh-ins, held a day before the fight, are often highly anticipated events in combat sports. It is during these weigh-ins that fighters face off for one last time before stepping into the cage or ring. The tension is palpable as both fighters attempt to assert their dominance and gain a psychological edge over their opponent. The weigh-ins serve as a visual representation of the clash about to unfold and add to the excitement of fight day.

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Expectations and Predictions

Analysts’ Opinions

Leading up to the super fight, experts and analysts from the grappling community have weighed in on the matchup. These experts provide valuable insight into the fighters’ strengths, weaknesses, and fighting styles, offering their predictions on how the fight might unfold. Analysts draw upon their in-depth knowledge and experience to provide educated opinions, fueling the anticipation and speculation surrounding this historic clash.

Fans’ Expectations

Fans play a crucial role in the atmosphere and energy surrounding any sporting event, and the ADCC super fight is no exception. Fans have high expectations for this matchup and anticipate a display of technical brilliance, heart-pounding action, and unmatched intensity. Many fans eagerly await the clash of styles between Ryan and Galvao, hoping for a closely contested battle that showcases the best of both fighters.

Fighters’ Mindsets and Goals

In the days leading up to the super fight, the mindsets and goals of both fighters become more apparent. While Ryan aims to solidify his status as the new king of ADCC and further cement his legacy, Galvao is determined to prove that he is still a force to be reckoned with. Both fighters carry the weight of their respective reputations and are driven by personal motivations that will undoubtedly influence their performance in the fight. The clashes of mindsets and goals add an element of intrigue to the upcoming showdown.

The Fight

Venue and Date

The much-anticipated super fight between Gordon Ryan and Andre Galvao will take place at a yet-to-be-announced venue on a date to be determined. The ADCC organizers are keen on selecting a location that can accommodate a large crowd, provide an electric atmosphere, and pay homage to the historic nature of the event. The specific date will be disclosed once all logistical details have been finalized.

Fight Format

The super fight between Ryan and Galvao will adhere to the standard ADCC format. This means that the match will likely consist of three rounds, with each round lasting a certain duration. The objective will be to secure a submission victory or score more heavily weighted points during the designated time period. The fight format ensures a fast-paced and action-filled contest, keeping both fighters and the audience fully engaged throughout.

Rules and Regulations

ADCC maintains a strict set of rules and regulations to ensure fair competition and the safety of the fighters. Various rules govern the use of techniques, illegal moves, and time limits. It is essential for both Ryan and Galvao to familiarize themselves with these rules to ensure that they can employ their preferred strategies and avoid any infractions that may lead to penalties or disqualification. ADCC’s commitment to maintaining a level playing field creates a platform in which the fighters’ skills can be truly tested.

Key Moments and Highlights

First Round

As the super fight commences, both Ryan and Galvao waste no time in showcasing their skills. The first round serves as a feeling-out process, with each fighter trying to establish their dominance and create openings for their preferred techniques. Sparks fly as both competitors exchange rapid transitions and submission attempts. The crowd is left in awe of the high level of technical proficiency and the intense back-and-forth action.

Second Round

With the first round behind them, Ryan and Galvao step up their game in the second round. The pace intensifies, and the fighters become more aggressive in their pursuit of victory. Strikes and takedowns are met with swift counters and seamless transitions. The crowd’s excitement reaches a crescendo as the fighters push their limits physically and mentally, leaving everything on the mat in a display of unparalleled athleticism and heart.

Third Round

As the super fight enters its final round, both Ryan and Galvao tap into their reserves of strength and determination. With the end in sight, the intensity reaches its zenith, and the fighters dig deep to find that extra bit of energy. The battle rages on, with neither competitor willing to give an inch. The third round showcases the heart and tenacity of both fighters as they push themselves to the limit. The atmosphere is electric as the crowd rallies behind their favorites, witnessing the culmination of months of anticipation and training.

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Controversies and Decisions

Judges’ Decisions

In combat sports, judging can be subjective, and controversial decisions are not uncommon. A super fight of this magnitude is not exempt from such controversies. Despite the best efforts of the judges to evaluate the fighters’ performances objectively, there may be instances where fans, fighters, and even analysts disagree with the final verdict. Close rounds and debatable calls may spark heated discussions and ignite debates within the grappling community.

Referee Calls

The role of the referee is pivotal in ensuring the safety and fairness of the fight. Referees are tasked with enforcing the rules, making critical judgment calls, and stepping in to ensure the well-being of the fighters. However, referees, like anyone else, are prone to making mistakes or overlooking certain incidents. Any questionable referee calls made during the super fight could potentially lead to contentious debates and a ripple effect within the jiu-jitsu community.

Post-Fight Analysis and Criticism

In the aftermath of the super fight, experts and analysts will dissect every aspect of the contest, providing their analysis and critique. They will examine the techniques employed, the fighters’ strategies, and the overall flow of the fight. Post-fight analysis offers an opportunity for reflection, learning, and growth for both the fighters and the community as a whole. Constructive criticism and differing opinions may generate healthy discussions and further contribute to the evolution of the sport.

Post-Fight Interviews and Reactions

Winning Fighter’s Thoughts

The victorious fighter will undoubtedly experience a rush of emotions as they reflect on their performance in the super fight. In post-fight interviews, they will share their thoughts on their opponent’s abilities, their own game plan, and the outcome of the contest. Their words will offer insight into their mentality and the journey they embarked upon to reach this pinnacle moment. The winning fighter’s thoughts and reflections will undoubtedly shape their future endeavors in the world of jiu-jitsu.

Losing Fighter’s Thoughts

The fighter who falls short in the super fight will also provide their perspective in post-fight interviews. They will dissect the moments that led to their defeat, analyze their opponent’s strengths, and outline areas for improvement. It is in these moments of vulnerability that athletes often grow the most and find motivation to push forward. The losing fighter’s thoughts and reflections will undoubtedly serve as fuel for their future endeavors.

Remarks from Promoters and Organizers

Promoters and organizers will have a crucial role in shaping the narrative surrounding the super fight. They will provide their insights into the event’s success, the significance of the fight, and the impact it has had on the sport. Their remarks will shed light on the effort and dedication that goes into organizing such an event and highlight the influence it has on the grappling community and beyond.

Media and Fan Reactions

The media and fans play a vital role in the aftermath of any super fight. Their reactions and opinions, shared through social media, forums, and articles, can help shape the perception of the event and the fighters involved. The media will provide in-depth analysis, while fans will share their own personal experiences and thoughts on the fight. Media and fan reactions provide a valuable platform for discussion and allow the excitement to linger even after the final bell.


The super fight between Gordon Ryan and Andre Galvao stands poised to go down in ADCC history as one of the most significant matchups in the sport of jiu-jitsu. The anticipation and hype surrounding this clash of grappling titans are unparalleled. From the pre-fight trash talk to the grueling training camps, from the intense weigh-ins to the electric atmosphere of the venue, this super fight embodies the essence of combat sports spectacle. Regardless of the outcome, the impact of this historic event will resonate throughout the grappling community, shaping the future of the sport and inspiring generations of athletes to come.

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