Romulo Rocha Tackles Euros (FULL HIGHLIGHT)

Romulo Rocha Tackles Euros (FULL HIGHLIGHT)

In the thrilling video titled “Romulo Rocha Tackles Euros (FULL HIGHLIGHT)” by FloGrappling, IBJJF purple belt Pan champion Romulo Rocha takes on the lightweight division at Euros in Paris. Throughout the video, viewers are able to witness his incredible skills as he encounters his new rival, Cole Abate. Despite allowing Abate to control the fight, Rocha expresses his happiness and satisfaction with his performance, showcasing his aggressive style and determination to constantly go for submissions. This captivating video is a must-see for all jiu jitsu enthusiasts, so remember to like, comment, and subscribe to FloGrappling for access to all the latest jiu jitsu videos.


In the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), athletes constantly push themselves to new heights and take on formidable challenges. One such athlete who has been making waves in the BJJ community is Romulo Rocha. In this article, we will delve into Rocha’s journey as he takes on the Euros competition in Paris, France. From his background in BJJ to his encounter with rival Cole Abate, we will explore his performance, fighting style, and expectations for future matches.

Background of Romulo Rocha

Romulo Rocha has made a name for himself in the world of BJJ with his impressive achievements and dedication to the sport. As an IBJJF purple belt Pan champion, Rocha has proven himself to be a formidable competitor. His passion for BJJ and years of training have set the stage for his entry into the Euros competition.

Leading up to the Euros, Rocha has honed his skills through rigorous training and gained invaluable experience competing in various tournaments. His dedication and commitment to improving his technique have played a crucial role in his journey. Rocha’s background in BJJ speaks to his determination and focus on becoming the best in his field.

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The Euros Competition in Paris

The Euros competition held in Paris is a prestigious event in the world of BJJ. It brings together top athletes from around the globe to showcase their skills and compete against the best in their divisions. The competition provides a platform for world-class athletes to test their abilities and gain recognition within the BJJ community.

The Euros competition holds immense importance and prestige for athletes like Romulo Rocha. Winning in this tournament not only signifies their skill and dedication but also opens up opportunities for future success in the sport. Rocha’s decision to compete in the Euros demonstrates his confidence and ambition to challenge himself on an international stage.

Romulo Rocha Tackles Euros (FULL HIGHLIGHT)

Rocha’s Lightweight Division

Within the Euros competition, Rocha finds himself competing in the highly competitive lightweight division. This division boasts some of the most talented BJJ practitioners in the world, making it a formidable challenge for anyone. Rocha’s preparation for this division has been intense, focusing on refining his technique and optimizing his performance against top-level opponents.

Rocha’s competitors within the lightweight division are a mix of experienced and talented athletes. Each one brings their unique skill set and style to the table, making this division a thrilling spectacle for spectators and a true test for fighters like Rocha. His encounters with these competitors provide ample opportunities for growth and learning.

Encounter with Cole Abate

One particular fighter that Rocha faces in the lightweight division is Cole Abate. Abate, a new rival for Rocha, brings his own set of skills and experiences to their matchup. This encounter promises to be an intense and captivating battle between two highly skilled athletes.

The matchup between Rocha and Abate has sparked excitement and anticipation within the BJJ community. Spectators eagerly await the clash between these two competitors, curious to see how Rocha’s style and techniques will match up against Abate’s. The fight presents an opportunity for Rocha to prove himself and make a statement in the lightweight division.

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Romulo’s Performance in the Tournament

Rocha’s performance in the Euros competition is nothing short of exceptional. Throughout the tournament, he showcases his technical skills, adaptability, and determination. Analysis of his matches reveals his ability to strategize and capitalize on openings, leading to his success in the competition.

Highlights and key moments from Rocha’s matches demonstrate his proficiency in both offensive and defensive techniques. His ability to execute submissions and escape from compromising positions is a testament to his technical prowess. Coaches and spectators alike are impressed by Rocha’s performance and commend his tenacity and skill on the mat.

Romulo’s Fighting Style

Rocha’s fighting style is characterized by his aggressiveness and finishing ability. From the moment he steps onto the mat, Rocha is relentless in his pursuit of victory. His dedication to finishing his opponents is evident, as he constantly seeks opportunities to submit them.

Consistency is a key aspect of Rocha’s fighting style. He consistently applies his techniques and remains focused throughout his matches. This consistency allows him to maintain control and put constant pressure on his opponents. Rocha’s fighting style is revered by both fellow competitors and spectators, as it showcases the true spirit and essence of BJJ.

Expectations for Future Matches

Looking ahead, Rocha has set ambitious goals for himself in the world of BJJ. He aims to continue his growth as an athlete, further refining his techniques and gaining experience. With each match, Rocha anticipates new challenges that will contribute to his development as a fighter.

Potential opponents for Rocha in future matches range from established BJJ practitioners to up-and-coming talents. Each match presents him with unique challenges and growth opportunities, allowing him to further cement his name as a formidable force in the BJJ world. Rocha’s determination and drive will undoubtedly propel him towards future success.


Romulo Rocha’s journey through the Euros competition highlights his passion, skill, and commitment to BJJ. From his background in the sport to his encounter with rival Cole Abate, Rocha’s performances demonstrate his technical prowess and relentless pursuit of victory. As he continues to refine his fighting style and set his sights on future matches, Rocha undoubtedly has a bright future ahead in the world of BJJ.

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