Keith Krikorian Scores Last Minute Submission Over Gianni Grippo! | ADCC East Coast Trials

Keith Krikorian Scores Last Minute Submission Over Gianni Grippo! | ADCC East Coast Trials

In the thrilling semi-finals of the ADCC East Coast Trials, Keith Krikorian demonstrated his skill and determination, securing a last-minute submission over his formidable opponent, Gianni Grippo. With this impressive victory, Krikorian earned himself a place in the finals, where he would go on to face the exceptional Cole Abate from AOJ. If you’re a fan of jiu jitsu, make sure to check out the video by FloGrappling to witness Krikorian’s triumph and stay updated with the latest in this exciting sport. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more exhilarating jiu jitsu videos from FloGrappling on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

Keith Krikorian Scores Last Minute Submission Over Gianni Grippo! | ADCC East Coast Trials

Event Details

ADCC East Coast Trials

Keith Krikorian vs Gianni Grippo

66kg Semi-finals

The ADCC East Coast Trials saw an exciting match between Keith Krikorian and Gianni Grippo in the 66kg semi-finals. Both athletes were determined to secure a spot in the finals and put on an impressive display of skill and technique. Krikorian managed to come out on top with a last-minute submission, setting the stage for a thrilling championship bout against Cole Abate.

Keith Krikorian’s Last Minute Submission

In a match that seemed to be heading towards a decision, Keith Krikorian shocked everyone with a brilliant last-minute submission. Despite the high level of grappling displayed by both competitors, it was Krikorian’s ability to capitalize on a small opening that sealed the deal. This victory not only advanced him to the finals but also showcased his resilience and ability to stay focused under pressure.

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Overview of the Match

Keith Krikorian’s Performance

Throughout the match, Keith Krikorian exhibited tremendous control and adaptability. He showcased a well-rounded skillset, utilizing both his striking and ground game effectively. Krikorian’s strategic approach allowed him to nullify many of Grippo’s attacks while creating opportunities for himself. His ability to maintain a relentless pace and execute precise submissions ultimately proved to be the difference-maker in securing his victory.

Gianni Grippo’s Performance

Gianni Grippo displayed exceptional technique and athleticism throughout the match. Despite his best efforts, he found himself struggling to find openings in Krikorian’s defense. Grippo demonstrated impressive agility and tried various strategies to break through Krikorian’s guard, but ultimately fell short. Despite the loss, Grippo’s performance showcased his skill and potential for future success.

ADCC East Coast Finals

Keith Krikorian vs Cole Abate

Keith Krikorian’s journey to the ADCC East Coast Finals was not an easy one. After his thrilling victory over Gianni Grippo in the semi-finals, he would now face off against the highly touted Cole Abate. This anticipated showdown between two top-notch grapplers promised to be a clash of styles and a battle for supremacy.

Keith Krikorian’s Journey to the Finals

Keith Krikorian’s road to the finals of the ADCC East Coast Trials was marked with determination and perseverance. From the early stages of the competition, Krikorian showcased his exceptional skills and unwavering focus. His ability to adapt to varying styles and capitalize on opponents’ weaknesses allowed him to navigate through the ranks and earn his spot in the championship bout against Abate.

Post-Match Reactions

Following his last-minute submission victory over Gianni Grippo, Keith Krikorian received a flood of praise and admiration from both fans and fellow athletes. Many lauded his ability to stay calm under pressure and execute a high-level technique in the crucial final seconds of the match. Krikorian himself expressed his elation and gratitude for the support he received throughout the tournament, acknowledging the hard work and sacrifices that led to his success.

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Analysis of Krikorian’s Submission

Krikorian’s last-minute submission showcased his technical proficiency and ability to seize opportunities. In the final moments of the match, he capitalized on Grippo’s slight misstep and swiftly transitioned into a well-executed submission hold. The precision and speed with which Krikorian executed the technique solidified his reputation as a formidable opponent in the grappling community.

Implications for Krikorian’s Career

Keith Krikorian’s victory in the ADCC East Coast Trials had significant implications for his career. Not only did it earn him a ticket to the prestigious finals, but it also solidified his standing as a top contender in the 66kg division. The win demonstrated his ability to perform under pressure and showcased his potential to compete at an elite level in future competitions.

Gianni Grippo’s Performance and Future

Though Gianni Grippo fell short in his semi-final match against Keith Krikorian, his performance was nothing short of impressive. Grippo exhibited excellent technique and athleticism, proving that he is a force to be reckoned with in the grappling world. Despite the loss, Grippo’s skillset and dedication to the sport suggest a bright future as he continues to refine his abilities and strive for greatness.


The ADCC East Coast Trials provided fans with an incredible display of talent and skill, culminating in Keith Krikorian’s last-minute submission victory over Gianni Grippo. Krikorian’s journey to the finals showcased his resilience and adaptability, while Grippo’s performance highlighted his technical prowess and potential for future success. As both competitors look towards the future, their performances in this tournament have undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the grappling community.

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