Kaynan, Rider, Gabi & Thalyta In The Finals | IBJJF Euros Day 6 Recap

Kaynan, Rider, Gabi & Thalyta In The Finals | IBJJF Euros Day 6 Recap

The 2023 IBJJF Europeans have reached their final day and the excitement is at its peak. In the men’s absolute category, Kaynan Duarte and Hirizuchi will face off in a highly anticipated final. Duarte had a strong showing with three impressive submissions, while Hirizuchi had to overcome tough opponents to secure his spot. Duarte, despite his numerous achievements, is still vying for his first absolute title, making this match even more intriguing. On the women’s side, Gabby Pasagna and Khalid Lima will meet in the absolute final, providing a rematch of the 2022 final. Pasagna, a dominant force in the sport, is aiming to add another Grand Slam to her already illustrious career, but Lima is determined to stand in her way. The competition has been intense, and with the finals set, fans can expect nothing less than thrilling matchups as the athletes battle for glory.

Men’s Absolute Final: Karen Duarte vs. Hirizuchi

In the men’s absolute final at the 2023 IBJJF Europeans, Karen Duarte and Hirizuchi will face off for the championship title. Duarte had an impressive day, with three incredible submissions, including a win over Mason Fowler in the semi-final. On the other hand, Peter Zushi had a tough road to the final, which included a match with Saif Humini, a formidable opponent. However, he managed to beat Bruno Lima in the semi-final to secure his spot in the final.

This final is significant for Karen Duarte, as he has yet to win an absolute title in a major IBJJF tournament. It is surprising considering his talent and skill level. On the other hand, Zushi has made a name for himself in the past 12 months, winning the Brazilian national championship, the Rio Grande Slam, and participating in the IBJJF Grand Prix. Zushi is known for his tough, fighting style of Jiu-Jitsu, and he will undoubtedly bring a physical test to Duarte in the final. It will be an exciting battle to determine the men’s absolute champion of the tournament.

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Women’s Absolute Final: Toledo Lima vs. Gabrielli Passagna

The women’s absolute final will feature a rematch of the 2022 final between Toledo Lima and Gabrielli Passagna. Passagna is one of the most dominant athletes of any generation in the sport and has already completed a double Grand Slam in her career. She will be aiming to achieve the same feat this season. Standing in her way is Khalid Lima, who had an exceptional day with a couple of submissions on her way to the absolute final. Lima will also be competing in the middleweight final, adding to the challenge of pursuing double gold.

Both Lima and Passagna have a shot at achieving double gold in their respective weight classes. Passagna will also be competing in the super heavyweight final alongside the absolute final. The women’s divisions have been whittled down, and all the finals have been set. One notable final is between Life and Brenda Larissa, a rematch of the world championship final a few months earlier where Larissa emerged victorious. It will be interesting to see the adjustments made by both athletes in this highly anticipated final.

Kaynan, Rider, Gabi  Thalyta In The Finals | IBJJF Euros Day 6 Recap

Women’s Division Finals

In addition to the absolute final, the women’s division finals have been decided. The finals in each weight category will showcase the top two competitors. In the lightweight division, Luis Montero bounced back from her performance in the absolute category to secure a submission win in her weight class. She will face her rival and friend, Toss over Barrel, in the lightweight final.

Another noteworthy story is Vanessa Griffin’s breakout in the middleweight division. She achieved a significant win over Olympic play, an opponent she has had some trouble with in recent months. Griffin’s victory symbolizes her growth and potential in the division. She will be facing Toledo Lima, who is also seeking double gold in the middleweight final.

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Men’s Division Quarterfinals

While the women’s divisions have reached the finals, the men’s divisions are still in the quarterfinal stage. Exciting matchups have emerged in the lightweight category, providing a preview of the intense action to come. One standout performance came from black belt newcomer Elijah Dorsey, who defeated the veteran Marcia Andre in a thrilling match. Dorsey will now face maximum Vlad in his next match, adding to the anticipation of the outcome.

The quarterfinals also showcased impressive performances from newcomers and top-seeded athletes starting their campaign. Among the standout athletes are silver world silver medalist Andy Mursaka, who displayed flawless technique and creativity in his match, and top-seeded athletes like Tyne and Dopra, Adam Warzinski, and Mason Fowler. The men’s divisions promise to deliver high-level competition and captivating matches as they progress towards the finals.

Middleweight Division

As the middleweight division narrows down, one notable victory came from Aspen Matissen, who secured a spot in the final eight with an advantage victory over Bradley Hill. Matissen joins other standout athletes in the division, such as Tynan’s Alpra and Lucas Batazzo. Importantly, the top-seeded athletes in the division, including Tyne and Dopra, Adam Warzinski, and Mason Fowler, are set to start their campaign in the quarterfinals. Their participation adds another layer of excitement to the middleweight division, as fans anticipate their performances.

Female Brown Belts

The female brown belts also took the mat, and one standout performance came from Giovanna Jara in the heavyweight division. Jara’s sensational display included two quick submissions, one of which occurred in just 30 seconds during the final. Her dominance and skill were evident, further solidifying her potential in the sport. Other standout names in the female brown belt division included Arly Vern and Bridget Carvalho, who showcased their abilities on the mats.


The 2023 European Championship is set to conclude with the finals taking place tomorrow. The anticipation is high as the absolute finals, women’s divisions, men’s divisions, and female brown belt categories showcase the best of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. With captivating matchups, dominant performances, and the pursuit of double gold, the conclusion promises to be an exciting and memorable event. Jiu-Jitsu enthusiasts eagerly await the outcome of the matches and the crowning of the champions.

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