JT Torres: ‘The Time Was Right To Come Back’

JT Torres: ‘The Time Was Right To Come Back’

In this article, titled “JT Torres: ‘The Time Was Right To Come Back’,” JT Torres shares his reasons for stepping away from the IBJJF Worlds for two seasons and his decision to return for the 2023 World Championships. In the video by FloGrappling, JT explains that he feels great and ready to compete in the lightweight division. He mentions his dedication to training and maintaining a rigorous diet, which has allowed him to stay within the weight class. He expresses his excitement about the upcoming competition and highlights the hard work and sharpness of his training partners at Central Fort Campbell. JT also emphasizes his love for jiu-jitsu and how witnessing the dedication of his young group of athletes has motivated him to jump back into the competitive scene. He mentions his past experiences and successes, including winning the second ADCC World title, and how he feels ready to take on any challenge that comes his way. Overall, JT’s story of returning to the sport he loves serves as an inspiration to both his teammates and fans.

Reasons for Stepping Away

JT Torres: The Time Was Right To Come Back

Feeling great and dedicated to training regimen

JT Torres begins by explaining that he feels great and dedicated to his training regimen. He emphasizes the importance of being 110% dedicated to his training, diet, and all aspects of preparation, which has resulted in him feeling confident and prepared. He highlights that when he is fully committed, his weight falls at the lightweight division, and he is already close to the required weight for the competition. Torres expresses his excitement and eagerness to compete in the lightweight division.

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Motivation to Come Back

Love for jiu jitsu and competition

Torres shares that one of the main motivations for his comeback is his love for jiu jitsu and competition. He describes it as a love-hate relationship, acknowledging the challenging and stressful aspects of preparation, but also the excitement and fulfillment that comes from competing. Torres expresses his passion for the sport and the desire to continue pushing himself to new heights.

Inspiration from young group of athletes

Another source of motivation for Torres to come back to competition is the inspiration he draws from the young group of athletes around him. Seeing their dedication and drive pushes him to get back on the mat and continue his own journey. Torres recognizes that youth and ability to compete at a high level are limited, and he wants to make the most of the opportunity while he still can.

Feeling sharp and experienced

Torres also mentions feeling sharp and experienced as reasons for his comeback. He reflects on his previous matches and the lesson he learned from them, particularly a loss in 2019. He explains that the defeat left a sour taste in his mouth and motivated him to focus on training and successfully win the second ADCC World title. Now, after taking some time off, he feels mentally and physically prepared to face any challenge that comes his way, drawing from his wealth of experience in the sport.

Positive Training Environment

Magnetic and contagious atmosphere

Torres describes the training environment at his gym as magnetic and contagious. He explains that the hard work mentality and positive mindset of the athletes create an atmosphere that attracts and motivates others to join. The dedication and commitment of his training partners and teammates inspire Torres to push himself even further and strive for excellence.

Pushing each other to the next level

In the gym, athletes push each other to the next level. While they may challenge and push one another during training, there is a sense of camaraderie and support that allows everyone to grow together. Torres believes that this kind of environment is crucial for development and improvement in the sport. He acknowledges the effort and mindset of his training partners and expresses gratitude for their continuous support.

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Culture of teamwork and respect

Within the training environment, there is a culture of teamwork and respect. Torres emphasizes the importance of treating each other with respect and maintaining a positive atmosphere. Despite the intense nature of combat sports and the competitive drive, Torres stresses that after training, everyone shakes hands, hugs it out, and looks for their next partner. This emphasis on respect and support creates an environment where everyone can thrive and work towards their goals.

Attracting Top Level Athletes

Recognition of accomplishments

Torres highlights that his own accomplishments and track record in the sport serve as recognition that attracts top-level athletes to his gym. As an American gi and no-gi competitor, Torres has achieved significant success, and people are interested in how he did it. He also acknowledges that he achieved his previous success with limited resources and now, with even better facilities and training partners, the gym is becoming an even more appealing destination for elite athletes.

Limited resources compared to now

Despite the limited resources Torres had in his early career, he managed to achieve remarkable results. He acknowledges that with better resources, such as improved training rooms and facilities, the gym has become an even more attractive option for athletes looking to take their skills to the next level. This growth in resources has been crucial in attracting top-level athletes to train alongside Torres and his team.

Team growth and improvement

Torres expresses his excitement about the growth and improvement of the team. He recognizes that they are still a young team but emphasizes that they are looking to grow and become stronger over time. The continuous improvement and success of the team are drawing attention from top-level athletes who want to be a part of this dynamic and thriving environment. Torres attributes the team’s growth to their positive training culture and collective dedication to constant improvement.

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Focus on Personal Journey

No specific opponent in mind

Rather than focusing on a specific opponent, Torres chooses to prioritize his own self-improvement. He believes that it is essential to focus on oneself and one’s own game plan in order to achieve success in competition. While there may be exciting matchups and potential fireworks in the competition, Torres remains focused on his personal journey and what he needs to do to perform at his best.

Dedication to self-improvement

Torres reiterates his dedication to self-improvement. He aims to continuously refine his skills and elevate his game. By focusing on his own development, Torres believes he can achieve success against any opponent he faces. He understands the importance of constantly evolving and adapting to remain competitive in the ever-changing landscape of jiu jitsu.

Game plan and mindset for competition

Torres emphasizes the importance of having a game plan and the right mindset for competition. He approaches each match with a specific strategy and mentality, ensuring that he is mentally prepared for the challenges ahead. His experience and ability to adapt to different opponents allow him to approach every competition with confidence and a clear vision of his own goals.

In conclusion, JT Torres explains his decision to step away from the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) Worlds for two seasons and his motivation to come back for the 2023 World Championships. He highlights his dedication to training, his love for jiu jitsu and competition, and the inspiration he draws from his teammates and the young group of athletes around him. Torres also discusses the positive training environment, the growth of his team, and the attraction of top-level athletes to his gym. Ultimately, his focus remains on his personal journey, his dedication to self-improvement, and his game plan and mindset for competition.

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