John Danaher Talks Meregali’s Performance and IBJJF Pan Championship

John Danaher Talks Meregali’s Performance and IBJJF Pan Championship

In this video, John Danaher discusses Nicholas Meregali’s outstanding performance and achievement of winning double gold at the IBJJF Pan Championship. Danaher shares that Meregali had high expectations for himself and aimed to win every match by submission. He emphasizes the importance of dominating positions rather than settling for just eking out a win. Danaher also highlights Meregali’s progression in adding pressure to his game, combining his movement-based style and submission skills with the ability to apply pressure to his opponents. He commends Meregali’s dedication and eccentricity, noting that great athletes often possess unique qualities that drive them to conquer the world. Overall, Danaher expresses his excitement for the thrilling matches and the potential for more New Wave gi competitors in the future.

John Danaher Talks Meregalis Performance and IBJJF Pan Championship

John Danaher Gives Thoughts on Meregali’s Performance

John Danaher, a renowned jiu jitsu coach, recently shared his thoughts on Nicholas Meregali’s performance at the IBJJF Pan Championship. Not only did Meregali win double gold, but he also showcased his ambition to win every match by submission. According to Danaher, Meregali had high expectations for himself and wanted to dominate his opponents in every match. This ambition and drive are what sets Meregali apart and makes him a force to be reckoned with in the jiu jitsu world.

Nicholas Meregali’s High Expectations

As one of the top competitors in the jiu jitsu world, it’s no surprise that Nicholas Meregali has high expectations for himself. When it comes to competitions, Meregali strives for nothing less than victory. He sets his sights on submitting his opponents and dominating every match. This mindset not only pushes him to train harder but also motivates him to constantly improve his skills. Meregali’s high expectations reflect his commitment to excellence and his desire to be the best in his field.

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Meregali’s Ambition to Win by Submission

One of the key aspects that sets Meregali apart is his ambition to win every match by submission. While some competitors may aim to simply eke out a win, Meregali goes above and beyond. He seeks to not only defeat his opponents but to do so in a dominant and emphatic fashion. This ambition drives him to constantly push the boundaries of his skills and technique. It’s this relentless pursuit of perfection that has helped Meregali achieve tremendous success in his jiu jitsu career.

Gracie’s Grappling Ethos

Meregali’s grappling ethos draws inspiration from the legendary Roger Gracie. Gracie employed a strategy of getting mounted or rear mounted on his opponents to establish positions of domination. This ethos promotes a proactive approach to jiu jitsu, encouraging competitors to go beyond simply winning and instead seek to dominate their opponents. Meregali has adopted this ethos as a guiding principle in his own jiu jitsu journey, aiming to assert dominance and control over his opponents in every match.

Dominating Positions

One of the key elements that contributed to Meregali’s success at the IBJJF Pan Championship was his ability to establish dominant positions. Throughout the tournament, he consistently sought to mount or rear mount his opponents, showcasing his control and mastery over these positions. This strategy not only allows Meregali to dictate the pace and flow of the match but also sets him up for submission opportunities. By prioritizing dominant positions, Meregali demonstrates his understanding of the importance of control in jiu jitsu.

Rematch with Eric Muniz

Meregali’s performance at the Pan Championship also included a rematch with Eric Muniz, whom he had previously faced at the World Championships. Despite Muniz being a tough opponent, Meregali displayed tremendous growth and progression in their second encounter. Meregali dominated the match and ultimately secured a victory. This rematch highlighted Meregali’s ability to learn from past experiences and adapt his strategy accordingly, solidifying his status as a top-tier competitor.

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Meregali’s Progression

Before joining John Danaher’s training camp, Meregali was known for his beautiful movement-based game and his submission skills. However, one area where he was lacking, according to Danaher, was pressure. Over the course of a year, Meregali focused on adding pressure to his game, combining it with his existing movement and submission skills. The result was a significant improvement in his performance, as evidenced by his dominant showing at the Pan Championship. This progression showcases Meregali’s dedication to constantly evolving and refining his jiu jitsu skills.

Adding Pressure to Meregali’s Game

The addition of pressure to Meregali’s game has been a game-changer. It has allowed him to further control and dictate the pace of his matches, making it more difficult for his opponents to mount effective attacks. By adding pressure, Meregali has increased his ability to maintain dominant positions and create submission opportunities. This strategic adjustment demonstrates his commitment to continuously improving and pushing the boundaries of his jiu jitsu abilities.

Meregali’s Attitude and Eccentricities

When it comes to Nicholas Meregali, it’s impossible to overlook his unique personality and eccentricities. Known for his confident and outspoken nature, Meregali stands out from his peers. According to Danaher, this combination of confidence and perfectionism is what makes Meregali such a remarkable athlete. While his attitude may sometimes lead to frustration when he doesn’t finish a match, it also drives him to constantly strive for excellence. Meregali’s eccentricities, in many ways, contribute to his success and set him apart from other athletes in the sport.


Nicholas Meregali’s performance at the IBJJF Pan Championship left a lasting impression on both fans and jiu jitsu enthusiasts. His ambition to win by submission, combined with his dominance in positions and continuous progression, solidifies his position as one of the top competitors in the sport. Under the guidance of John Danaher, Meregali has evolved into a well-rounded and formidable athlete, showcasing his unique blend of movement, pressure, and submission skills. As he continues to push himself and take on new challenges, it will be exciting to see how Meregali’s jiu jitsu journey unfolds.

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