Janaina Lebre Becomes First Ever IBJJF Women’s GP Champion

Janaina Lebre Becomes First Ever IBJJF Women’s GP Champion

Janaina Lebre has made history by becoming the first ever IBJJF Women’s GP Champion. In an interview with FloGrappling, Janaina expresses her joy and satisfaction after facing tough opponents like Louisa and Anna. She discloses that she was not expecting to be invited to the event, as she had taken a break from competitions in Brazil. Janaina trained hard for a month, and her hard work paid off as she emerged as the champion.

Janaina’s victory is significant because it marks the first women’s team in the IBJJF. The Brazilian black belt fighter acknowledges that she had previously been defeated by Louisa, but this time she was determined to give her best performance. Janaina emphasizes that she had to overcome negative thoughts and be mentally strong. In the finals, she faced Anna Rodriguez, another formidable opponent in the black belt world. Janaina’s aggressive fighting style proved successful as she quickly conquered a good position and swept Anna, ultimately winning the championship and a prize of $10,000.

Janaina Lebre Becomes First Ever IBJJF Women’s GP Champion

Janaina Lebre made history by becoming the first-ever IBJJF Women’s Grand Prix (GP) Champion. Her victory in the tournament was a testament to her skill, determination, and hard work. This article will delve into Janaina’s journey to the championship, the significance of the first Women’s GP, her feelings about becoming the champion, as well as her victories in the semifinals against Louisiana Montero and in the finals against Anna Rodriguez.

Janaina Lebre’s Victory in the Women’s Grand Prix

Janaina Lebre’s path to becoming the champion in the Women’s Grand Prix was not an easy one. She faced tough opponents in both the semifinals and the finals, but her performances showcased her exceptional skills and tenacity. Let’s take a closer look at her triumph in each of these matches.

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Defeating Louisiana Montero in the Semifinals

Janaina had previously encountered Louisiana Montero in several fights, and each time, she ended up on the losing side. This time, however, Janaina was determined to overcome her previous defeats. She entered the fight with a strong mindset, ready to give it her all.

Janaina’s performance against Louisiana Montero was outstanding. She displayed a combination of technique, agility, and strategy that outmatched her opponent. Emotions ran high during the fight, as Janaina fought with everything she had to secure her victory. In the end, she emerged triumphant, overcoming the past three losses against Montero.

Facing Anna Rodriguez in the Finals

Janaina’s journey to the championship climaxed in the finals against Anna Rodriguez, another black belt world champion. Anna was a formidable opponent with an impressive track record. Despite the challenge, Janaina remained steadfast and focused on her game plan.

Janaina acknowledged Anna’s skills but was not intimidated. She formulated a careful strategy to counter Anna’s strengths and seize control of the match. Once the fight began, Janaina exhibited remarkable aggression and dominance. She swiftly controlled the pace of the fight, quickly passing Anna’s guard and achieving a favorable position. Ultimately, Janaina secured a victory by sweeping Anna and conquering her back.

Janaina Lebre Becomes First Ever IBJJF Womens GP Champion

Janaina Lebre’s Journey to the Championship

Janaina’s road to the Women’s GP Championship was a result of her immense dedication and preparation. Leading up to the event, she underwent intense training for a month, ensuring she was physically and mentally prepared for the challenge ahead.

Janaina’s surprise invitation to the Women’s GP came when she least expected it. After taking a break from competitions in Brazil, she received an invitation to participate in the prestigious tournament. This unexpected opportunity fueled her determination to prove herself on the grand stage.

During the training camp, Janaina maintained a focused and determined mindset. She pushed her limits, honing her techniques and improving her physical fitness. Janaina’s hard work and perseverance during this period would prove crucial in her success in the Women’s GP.

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The Significance of the First Women’s GP

The inaugural Women’s GP was a watershed moment in the world of jiu-jitsu. It marked the first-ever all-women’s tournament of its kind, shedding light on the remarkable talent and skill within the women’s jiu-jitsu community. The event was a significant milestone in promoting gender equality and representation within the sport.

By organizing the Women’s GP, the IBJJF demonstrated its commitment to providing equal opportunities to female athletes. The tournament showcased the immense talent, athleticism, and resilience of the women in the jiu-jitsu community. It served as an inspiration for aspiring female practitioners and set the stage for the development of future women’s jiu-jitsu competitions.

Janaina’s Feelings About Becoming the Champion

Janaina Lebre’s immediate reaction to winning the Women’s GP Championship was one of sheer joy and happiness. The culmination of her hard work and dedication had paid off, and she felt an immense sense of satisfaction and pride. Janaina acknowledged the challenges she faced in the tournament and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to compete against such formidable opponents.

Becoming the first-ever IBJJF Women’s GP Champion was a momentous achievement for Janaina. She understood the significance of her victory in breaking barriers and paving the way for future generations of women in the sport. Janaina expressed her appreciation for everyone who supported her throughout her journey, recognizing that her success was not possible without their encouragement and belief in her abilities.


Janaina Lebre’s victory in the IBJJF Women’s Grand Prix marked a historic moment in the world of jiu-jitsu. Her impressive performances against Louisiana Montero in the semifinals and Anna Rodriguez in the finals showcased her exceptional skills and unwavering determination. Janaina’s journey to the championship exemplified her dedication and preparation.

The significance of the first Women’s GP cannot be overstated. It symbolized a major step forward in promoting gender equality and representation within the jiu-jitsu community. The event highlighted the immense talent and skill of women practitioners and set the stage for future women’s competitions.

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Janaina’s emotions upon becoming the champion reflected her hard work and commitment to the sport. Her pride, satisfaction, and gratitude were evident as she acknowledged the support she received throughout her journey.

Janaina Lebre’s achievement as the first-ever IBJJF Women’s GP Champion will undoubtedly inspire future generations of female jiu-jitsu practitioners. The future of women’s jiu-jitsu competitions looks promising, thanks to trailblazers like Janaina who continue to push boundaries and break barriers.

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