HUGE COMEBACK In the World Finals | Victor Hugo vs Gutemberg Pereira | 2022 IBJJF World Championship

HUGE COMEBACK In the World Finals | Victor Hugo vs Gutemberg Pereira | 2022 IBJJF World Championship

In the finals of the Ultra-Heavyweight division at the 2022 IBJJF World Championship, Victor Hugo and Gutemberg Pereira face off in an intense match. Pereira starts strong, quickly locking in an armlock submission and earning two points. However, Hugo makes a huge comeback, scoring points, dominating the match, and securing a victory in the final minutes with relentless pressure. The match showcases both athletes’ dynamic guard play in the ultra-heavyweight division.

It’s an exciting matchup in the ultra-heavyweight division as Victor Hugo and Gutemberg Pereira go head-to-head in the finals of the 2022 IBJJF World Championship. Pereira impresses with a quick armlock submission, but Hugo shows incredible resilience by making a comeback. Both athletes display impressive guard play and relentless determination throughout the match. It’s a thrilling showdown between two talented competitors in the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


The finals of the Ultra-Heavyweight division at the 2022 IBJJF World Championship showcased a thrilling match between Victor Hugo and Gutemberg Pereira. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of the match, highlighting the dynamic guard play, each player’s performance, and the ultimate victory of Victor Hugo.


Victor Hugo and Gutemberg Pereira met in the Ultra-Heavyweight division finals at the 2022 IBJJF World Championship. This highly anticipated matchup featured two exceptional athletes competing for the title. The match took place on June 5, 2022, and showcased high-level Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques and strategies.


Gutemberg Pereira, representing GF Team, faced off against Victor Hugo of Six Blades in the Ultra-Heavyweight division finals. Both competitors brought their A-game to the mat, showcasing their skills, strength, and agility. Pereira entered the match as a formidable opponent, coming off a recent victory at the 2022 IPGF Brazileros and winning the absolute division. Hugo, known for his imposing stature at 6’4″ and approximately 260 pounds, posed a significant challenge for Pereira.

Championship Details

The Ultra-Heavyweight division was the highest weight class in the men’s division at the 2022 IBJJF World Championship. This division featured athletes with exceptional size and strength, making it a highly competitive and exciting category to watch. The finals between Hugo and Pereira promised to be an intense battle, showcasing the best of the Ultra-Heavyweight division.

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First Half: Dynamic Guard Play

The match kicked off with both Pereira and Hugo displaying dynamic guard play, breaking the mold of traditional Ultra-Heavyweight competitors. These athletes showcased their agility and skill from the beginning, leading to a back-and-forth exchange. Pereira engaged with a quick guard pull, showcasing his prowess in setting up his guard. Hugo, on the other hand, sought to counter Pereira’s guard play with his own unique approach.

Early Exchanges

In the early exchanges, Pereira utilized a lasso guard, throwing his left foot on the lapel to stop Hugo’s forward pressure. This innovative technique allowed Pereira to control the pace and direction of the match. However, Hugo countered with his immense weight and mobility, putting pressure on Pereira’s guard.

Gutemberg Pereira’s Armlock Submission

The match took an unexpected turn when Pereira capitalized on an opportunity and executed a lightning-quick armlock submission. From his lasso guard, Pereira swiftly transitioned and locked in the armlock, forcing Hugo into a precarious position. While Hugo managed to avoid a full submission, Pereira earned two points for his impressive attack and put pressure on Hugo early in the match.

Victor Hugo’s Sweeping

Despite being caught in the armlock, Hugo showcased his resilience and determination. He quickly recovered and initiated a sweeping movement, aiming to regain control and earn points. Hugo used his size and strength advantage to his benefit, sweeping Pereira and turning the tide in his favor.

Points Earned by Victor Hugo

With the sweep, Hugo earned two points, leveling the playing field. His ability to capitalize on Pereira’s vulnerability showcased his technical skill and strategic thinking. Hugo’s points earned further motivated him to continue his dominance in the match.

Back-and-Forth Action

As the first half of the match unfolded, both Hugo and Pereira engaged in a back-and-forth battle. Each athlete demonstrated their offensive and defensive capabilities, highlighting their well-rounded skill sets. The dynamic guard play continued to be a central aspect of the match, with both competitors showcasing their ability to exploit openings and create opportunities.

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HUGE COMEBACK In the World Finals | Victor Hugo vs Gutemberg Pereira | 2022 IBJJF World Championship

Second Half: Victor Hugo’s Comeback

Dominating the Match

As the second half of the match commenced, Victor Hugo found his stride and began to dominate. He displayed his technical prowess and physicality, putting relentless pressure on Pereira. Hugo utilized his size advantage effectively, striving to secure a victory.

Victor Hugo’s Point Accumulation

With his dominant position, Hugo methodically accumulated points, showcasing his control and mastery over Pereira. His calculated approach allowed him to gain a significant point advantage over his opponent, solidifying his position in the match.

Relentless Pressure

Throughout the second half of the match, Hugo maintained relentless pressure on Pereira. He continuously pressed forward, utilizing his weight and strength to keep his opponent on the defensive. Pereira struggled to find openings and mount a significant offense against Hugo’s consistent pressure.

Turning the Tide

With his dominant position and relentless pressure, Hugo managed to turn the tide of the match. He effectively nullified Pereira’s attacks and prevented him from regaining control. Hugo’s strategic approach and execution allowed him to secure a commanding lead.

Closing Minutes

In the final minutes of the match, Hugo remained in control, showcasing his ability to maintain a dominant position. Pereira fought hard to resist Hugo’s pressure, but he was unable to mount a comeback. Hugo’s resiliency and skill shone through, driving him towards victory in the closing minutes.

Victory: Victor Hugo’s Dominant Position

Final Moments of the Match

As the clock ticked down, Hugo maintained his dominant position and controlled the match. His superior technique and physicality were on full display. Pereira fought valiantly but ultimately succumbed to Hugo’s relentless pressure.

Securing a Dominant Position

Hugo’s ability to secure and maintain a dominant position throughout the match played a crucial role in his victory. He used his size advantage to control Pereira and nullify his attacks. The strategic positioning allowed Hugo to score points and showcase his technical proficiency.

Relentless Pressure

One of Hugo’s defining features in the match was his relentless pressure. He continuously drove forward, putting his weight on Pereira and making it difficult for his opponent to mount any offense. This unyielding pressure wore down Pereira and showcased Hugo’s determination to secure victory.

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Gutemberg Pereira’s Resistance

While Pereira faced an uphill battle against Hugo’s dominance, he displayed incredible resilience and resistance. He fought back against Hugo’s pressure and made every effort to turn the match in his favor. However, Hugo’s dominance proved too much for Pereira to overcome.

Victor Hugo’s Victory Celebration

With the final moments of the match signaling his victory, Hugo celebrated his incredible comeback. His hard work, skill, and determination paid off, securing him the prestigious title. Hugo’s victory celebration showcased his joy and satisfaction in overcoming the challenges presented by Pereira.


Victor Hugo’s incredible comeback in the finals of the Ultra-Heavyweight division at the 2022 IBJJF World Championship was a remarkable feat. His technical proficiency, physicality, and strategic approach allowed him to overcome Gutemberg Pereira’s early submission attempt and secure victory. Hugo’s win not only highlighted his individual success but also had important implications for the Ultra-Heavyweight division.

Implications for the Ultra-Heavyweight Division

Hugo’s victory demonstrated the dynamic guard play and strategic thinking that can be utilized in the Ultra-Heavyweight division. His ability to counter Pereira’s attacks and dominate the match showcased the potential for innovation and creativity in this weight class. The result of this match may inspire other Ultra-Heavyweight competitors to refine their techniques and adapt their strategies for future matches.

Excitement and Anticipation for Future Matches

The thrilling match between Hugo and Pereira generated excitement and anticipation for future matches in the Ultra-Heavyweight division. Fans and competitors alike witnessed the skill, determination, and athleticism on display. The level of competition in this weight class continues to rise, promising even more thrilling matches and incredible comebacks in the future.

In conclusion, Victor Hugo’s remarkable comeback in the finals of the Ultra-Heavyweight division at the 2022 IBJJF World Championship showcased his resilience, skill, and determination. His dominant performance and victory over Gutemberg Pereira serve as a testament to his abilities as a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athlete. The match between Hugo and Pereira not only captivated audiences but also shed light on the potential for innovation and excitement in the Ultra-Heavyweight division. The implications of this match on the future of the division create a sense of anticipation and enthusiasm for future matches and the continued growth of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as a sport.

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