From A Box To Crackhouse: Wiltse Gets A New Crib! | Daisy Fresh: An American Jiu-Jitsu Story (S3:E4)

From A Box To Crackhouse: Wiltse Gets A New Crib! | Daisy Fresh: An American Jiu-Jitsu Story (S3:E4)

In the latest episode of Daisy Fresh: An American Jiu-Jitsu Story, titled “From A Box To Crackhouse: Wiltse Gets A New Crib!” Andrew Wiltse takes us on a tour of his new house in Mount Vernon, Illinois. The house, which he bought with cash, was previously occupied by crackheads and purchased for a cheap price. Although still a work in progress, Andrew is excited about the space and the potential for renovations. The episode also introduces Michael Pixley, a wrestling expert who joins the Pedigo Submission Fighting team. The crew goes on to compete on Who’s Number One (WNO), and the release dates for future episodes are provided. Viewers are encouraged to like, comment, and subscribe to and YouTube for more jiu-jitsu videos.

In this episode, Andrew Welch shares his mental health struggles and how jiu-jitsu has helped him cope. The gym, Daisy Fresh, has become a hub for individuals who live in their cars and sleep on mats, attracting people from all over the world. The episode also follows the narrator’s journey in jiu-jitsu, from their wrestling background and humbling experiences at Pedigo to their recent success in competitions. The anticipation builds as the narrator prepares to compete against Jacob Couch at the Who’s Number One championship. Excitement and tension are in the air, with expectations for possible submissions and a rivalry with an opponent who talked trash. With a strong focus on their training and confidence, the narrator predicts success in the upcoming match.

From A Box To Crackhouse: Wiltse Gets A New Crib! | Daisy Fresh: An American Jiu-Jitsu Story (S3:E4)

Table of Contents

Andrew Wiltse’s New House in Mount Vernon

Purchase with Cash

Andrew Welch, also known as Andrew Wiltse, recently purchased a new house in Mount Vernon, Illinois with cash. In a video tour of the house, Andrew explains that he and his partner, Bird, wanted a bigger living space. The previous living conditions included living in a box and sleeping on mats at the gym. They found the current house for a dirt-cheap price of under twenty thousand dollars. This allowed them to have more room, especially for their dog to run around. Despite the house needing renovations and not being up to code yet, Andrew sees it as an upgrade from their previous situation.

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Previous Occupants and Cheap Price

Before Andrew and Bird bought the house, it was occupied by crackheads. The neighbors informed them about the previous occupants, and it seems that they did not take care of the house. However, Andrew and Bird saw the potential in the house and knew that it could be transformed into a comfortable living space. The fact that the crackheads no longer lived there and the cheap price of the house influenced their decision to purchase it.

Ongoing Renovations

Since purchasing the house, Andrew and Bird have been working on renovating it. They installed an HVAC system to have heating in the house, although the vents are yet to be punched through the floor. The house is still a work in progress, but they have made improvements, such as upgrading their beds and creating a dedicated area for video production. They have also ordered soundproofing panels to enhance the quality of their content. Despite the challenges of renovating, Andrew remains optimistic about the progress they have made and the future improvements they will make to the house.

Andrew Wiltse’s Mental Health Struggles and Jiu-Jitsu

Impact on Mental Health

Andrew Wiltse opens up about his mental health struggles and how jiu-jitsu has played a significant role in helping him overcome them. He discusses his physical injuries, including herniated discs, tendonitis, tears in his elbows and shoulders, and a torn meniscus. These injuries, combined with the pressure he felt to be the best in the world, led to a serious mental health episode. Andrew shares that he came close to taking his own life during this period.

Benefits of Jiu-Jitsu

Andrew credits jiu-jitsu for helping him break out of his mental health episode and regain stability. He emphasizes the importance of returning to the gym and training as a turning point in his recovery. Andrew believes that his success in competition and his ability to openly discuss mental health has resonated with others who are dealing with similar struggles. By sharing his story, Andrew hopes to normalize conversations about mental health within the jiu-jitsu community and beyond.

Growing Number of People Living in their Cars at the Gym

As Andrew shares his journey, he mentions that there is a growing number of people living in their cars and sleeping on mats at the gym. While this may seem unconventional, he sees it as a testament to the dedication and passion that people have for jiu-jitsu. The supportive community at the gym provides a sense of belonging and purpose for those who choose this lifestyle. Andrew views it as a unique aspect of the jiu-jitsu community that fosters camaraderie and resilience.

Introduction of Michael Pixley and Pedigo Submission Fighting Team

Michael Pixley’s Wrestling Expertise

Andrew introduces Michael Pixley as a wrestling expert who is part of the Pedigo Submission Fighting team. Michael’s wrestling background and expertise bring a valuable skillset to the team. His aggressive style and competitive nature make him a formidable force in the world of jiu-jitsu.

Joining the Pedigo Submission Fighting Team

Andrew shares that he joined the Pedigo Submission Fighting team, which is known for its talented roster of fighters. By becoming part of this team, Andrew has had the opportunity to train with skilled practitioners and learn from experienced coaches. Being surrounded by a supportive and knowledgeable community has played a significant role in his growth as a jiu-jitsu practitioner.

Competing on Who’s Number One (WNO)

Andrew mentions that the team is heading to compete on the prestigious Who’s Number One (WNO) event. This competition brings together some of the best jiu-jitsu fighters from around the world. The anticipation and excitement of competing on such a significant stage motivates Andrew and his teammates to give their best performances.

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Narrator’s Wrestling Experience

Transfer to Grandview University

The narrator shares their personal wrestling experience, starting with their transfer to Grandview University. After ten years of wrestling, they made the decision to transfer to pursue their athletic goals further. At Grandview University, they had a successful wrestling season, going 30-0 with 29 pins. The dedication and hard work paid off as they experienced an impressive winning streak.

Successful Season and Decline

Following their successful season, the narrator’s performance declined due to a lack of focus and indulgence in partying. Their third place finish in a subsequent competition was a wake-up call, highlighting the need for discipline and commitment to their athletic pursuits.

Transfer to McKendree and Disqualification

To continue their wrestling journey, the narrator transferred to McKendree. They had another successful season, but it was marred by an unfortunate incident. They were disqualified after being punched in the face during a match. Despite this setback, they managed to bounce back and have significant wins and close matches against top wrestlers.

Significant Wins and Close Matches

Throughout their wrestling career, the narrator experienced both victories and challenging matches against skilled opponents. The narrator’s resilience and determination allowed them to overcome difficulties and achieve notable successes.

Narrator’s Transition to Jiu-Jitsu at Pedigo

Humbling Experience and Valuable Lessons

In their search for a new challenge, the narrator found themselves transitioning from wrestling to jiu-jitsu. They began training at Pedigo, where they had a humbling experience. The transition from a well-established wrestling career to a beginner level in jiu-jitsu taught them valuable lessons about humility and continuous learning. They realized that starting from scratch in a new martial art required patience and a willingness to embrace and learn from mistakes.

Supportive and Egoless Community

The narrator expresses gratitude for the supportive and egoless community they found at Pedigo. They attribute their growth and progress in jiu-jitsu to the positive atmosphere and camaraderie within the gym. The focus on personal development and mutual support creates an environment conducive to learning and improvement.

Training Partner’s Experience at Pedigo

The narrator shares a glimpse of their training partner’s experience at Pedigo. They notice that their partner had a black eye from training, indicating the intensity and dedication with which they approach their jiu-jitsu journey. This serves as a testament to the commitment and hard work required to excel in the sport.

Narrator’s Progress in Jiu-Jitsu

Competing in Indianapolis Open

With their newfound passion for jiu-jitsu, the narrator decides to compete in the Indianapolis Open. They express how impressive their skill development has been, attributing it to the consistent training and guidance they receive at Pedigo. Their success in the competition further motivates them to continue pursuing jiu-jitsu and push themselves to new heights.

Impressive Skill Development

The narrator’s commitment to jiu-jitsu is evident in their rapid skill development. They credit the guidance of their coaches and the support of their training partners for their progress. Through consistent training and a growth mindset, they have been able to master various techniques and strategies.

Finding a Like-Minded Community

The narrator reflects on the positive impact of finding a like-minded community within the jiu-jitsu world. They emphasize the importance of surrounding oneself with individuals who share similar goals and values. This sense of belonging fosters a supportive environment where everyone can thrive and achieve their full potential.

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Narrator’s Preparation for Who’s Number One Championship

Anticipation for Leg Lock Submission

As the narrator prepares for the upcoming Who’s Number One championship, there is anticipation for a potential leg lock submission. The narrator’s training and technique development in jiu-jitsu have equipped them with the skills necessary to execute this submission effectively.

Confidence in Defense and Offense

The narrator exudes confidence in both their defensive and offensive abilities. Through their training at Pedigo, they have honed their skills and developed a well-rounded game. They are prepared to defend against their opponents’ attacks while capitalizing on opportunities to secure submissions.

Possible Submissions: Front Headlock Choke and Arm-In Guillotine

In addition to the leg lock submission, the narrator identifies the front headlock choke and the arm-in guillotine as possible submissions they may utilize during the championship. By diversifying their submission repertoire, they aim to keep their opponents guessing and maintain an element of surprise.

Tension with Opponent Cameron Reed and Focus on Training

Trash Talk from Cameron Reed

The narrator shares that there is tension between them and their opponent, Cameron Reed. Reed has engaged in trash talk towards the narrator, which has added an extra layer of intensity to their upcoming match. While the narrator acknowledges the tension, they remain focused on their training and mental preparation.

Focus on Personal Training and Readiness

To ensure they are ready for the match, the narrator emphasizes their commitment to personal training. They understand the importance of physical and mental readiness, dedicating themselves to rigorous training sessions. By maintaining focus on their own preparation, they aim to perform at their best during the championship.

Promotion of Who’s Number One Championship

The narrator highlights the significance of the upcoming Who’s Number One championship. They encourage viewers to support the event by promoting it and generating excitement among jiu-jitsu enthusiasts. The narrator recognizes the talent and skill level of the fighters participating in the event, underscoring the importance of showcasing their abilities on such a prominent platform.

Confidence in Performance and Supportive Teammates

Expectations of Success in the Match

The narrator expresses confidence in their performance during the championship match. They believe in their abilities and their preparation, which has instilled a strong sense of self-assurance. The narrator expects to perform at a high level and showcase their skills against tough competition.

Camaraderie with Teammates

The narrator speaks highly of their teammates, emphasizing the camaraderie and support within the team. The mutual encouragement and shared goals create a positive training environment. This sense of unity strengthens the narrator’s belief in their own capabilities and solidifies their bond with their teammates.

Sign Falling Off and Litter Issue at the Gym

As the narrator discusses their gym and training environment, they mention a sign falling off and a litter issue at the gym. While these may be minor inconveniences, they demonstrate the need for ongoing maintenance and upkeep in any training facility. Despite these issues, the narrator remains focused on their training and the upcoming championship.

Age and Competing with Younger Opponents

Discussion on Age and Competitive Ability

The narrator delves into the topic of age and its relationship to competitive ability. They acknowledge that age can be a factor, especially when competing against younger opponents. However, the narrator believes that with proper training, dedication, and technique, age should not hinder one’s ability to succeed in jiu-jitsu.

Upcoming Event: Taser Who’s Number One

The narrator promotes the upcoming event “Taser Who’s Number One,” which showcases notable fighters from the jiu-jitsu world. They encourage viewers to tune in and support the event, highlighting the skill and talent on display. The narrator acknowledges the significance of events like these in pushing the boundaries of jiu-jitsu and showcasing the highest level of competition.

Prominent Fighters at the Event

In their promotion of the event, the narrator mentions the presence of prominent fighters who will be competing. This signifies the caliber of talent involved and adds to the anticipation and excitement surrounding the event. The narrator invites viewers to witness these fighters’ skills and appreciate the dedication and hard work they bring to the sport.

In conclusion, Andrew Wiltse’s new house in Mount Vernon, Illinois, showcases his determination to create a comfortable living space despite the previous occupants and ongoing renovations. Andrew’s mental health struggles and his journey in jiu-jitsu highlight the transformative power of the sport. The introduction of Michael Pixley and the Pedigo Submission Fighting team adds depth to the jiu-jitsu community’s dynamic and competitive nature. The narrator’s wrestling experience and transition to jiu-jitsu at Pedigo emphasize the importance of finding a supportive community and pursuing personal growth. As the narrator prepares for the Who’s Number One championship, they exude confidence in their abilities and promote the event featuring notable fighters. The article sheds light on the challenges, successes, and aspirations within the world of jiu-jitsu.

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