Enter Darth Rigatoni and the Grappling Horseman! | Daisy Fresh: An American Jiu-Jitsu Story (S3:E2)

Enter Darth Rigatoni and the Grappling Horseman! | Daisy Fresh: An American Jiu-Jitsu Story (S3:E2)

In the latest episode of Daisy Fresh: An American Jiu-Jitsu Story (S3:E2), the team at Daisy Fresh welcomes new members, including Mikey Musumeci and the Grappling Horseman. The protagonist shares their experiences and accomplishments, from becoming a black belt to owning a dog. The gym has also undergone improvements, such as insulation and wiring fixes. The protagonist discusses their dreams and goals, including being sponsored by a fast food company and starting their own gym and horse riding club. Additionally, the episode highlights the journey of Wayne Hair, also known as the Grappling Horseman, who found happiness through Jiu Jitsu and horse riding. Highly accomplished Jiu Jitsu competitor Mikey Musumeci joins the team, bringing new skills and positive energy. The team trains in a laundromat, emphasizing fun and camaraderie. They prepare for upcoming matches and have a close relationship with the members of the Daisy Fresh team. The episode concludes with Mikey’s successful execution of a new submission move in a match, showcasing his determination and talent.

Daisy Fresh: An American Jiu-Jitsu Story (S3:E2)

Introduction to Daisy Fresh Season 3

In the second episode of Season 3, Daisy Fresh introduces new members to their team, including Mikey Musumeci and the Grappling Horseman, Wayne Hair. This episode promises to deliver exciting and inspiring stories from the world of American Jiu-Jitsu. Daisy Fresh has gained popularity for their unique training style and camaraderie, and this season is expected to showcase their journey to success.

Release dates of episodes on FloGrappling.com and YouTube

The episodes of Daisy Fresh Season 3 are being released on both FloGrappling.com and YouTube. For those following the series, here are the release dates for each platform:


  • Episode 1: March 29
  • Episode 2: April 5
  • Episode 3: April 12
  • Episode 4: April 19
  • Episode 5: June 21
  • Episode 6: June 28
  • Episode 7: July 5
  • Episode 8: August 9
  • Episode 9: August 16
  • Episode 10: August 23
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  • Episode 1: March 29
  • Episode 2: April 12
  • Episode 3: April 19
  • Episode 4: April 26
  • Episode 5: June 28
  • Episode 6: July 5
  • Episode 7: July 12
  • Episode 8: August 16
  • Episode 9: August 23
  • Episode 10: August 30

Make sure to mark your calendars and subscribe to FloGrappling on YouTube to catch all the latest episodes of Daisy Fresh Season 3!

The Protagonist’s Experiences and Accomplishments

Becoming a black belt

One of the major highlights in the protagonist’s journey is achieving the rank of black belt in Jiu-Jitsu. This accomplishment signifies years of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. It is a testament to their commitment to the art and their ability to overcome challenges along the way. Becoming a black belt is not just a recognition of technical skill, but also a personal milestone that brings a sense of fulfillment and pride.

Owning a dog

Another important aspect of the protagonist’s life is the companionship and joy found in owning a dog. Griddle, the protagonist’s dog, is named after a character from Harry Potter, which reflects their love for both literature and their furry friend. Having a dog provides a source of unconditional love, companionship, and support, which can be especially valuable during the ups and downs of their Jiu-Jitsu journey. Griddle adds an extra layer of happiness and fulfillment to the protagonist’s life outside the gym.

Improvements to the Gym


Improving the gym’s insulation has been a significant upgrade for Daisy Fresh. Insulation not only helps regulate temperature but also provides a more comfortable training environment for the team. It prevents extreme heat or cold from affecting their training sessions, ensuring optimal conditions for their workouts. The protagonist takes pride in their meticulous approach to insulation, ensuring that the gym is well-insulated and free from any harmful effects.

Wiring Fixes

In addition to insulation, the protagonist has made significant improvements to the gym’s wiring. All the outlets, even those that were still functional but damaged, have been fixed to ensure safety and a reliable power supply. The protagonist prioritizes the well-being of the team members and visitors, making sure that all electrical systems are in proper working order. The repairs have addressed any potential hazards and provided a secure training environment.

New Washer and Dryer

To enhance the quality of life at the gym, the protagonist has invested in a new washer and dryer. This upgrade enables the team to maintain cleanliness and hygiene on a professional level. Previously, they had to rely on industrial fans to dry their gear, but now they can easily wash and dry their equipment on-site. The addition of the washer and dryer improves convenience, saves time, and ensures that the team’s gear is always fresh and ready for training.

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Enter Darth Rigatoni and the Grappling Horseman! | Daisy Fresh: An American Jiu-Jitsu Story (S3:E2)

Dreams and Goals

Being sponsored by a fast food company

The protagonist harbors a dream of being sponsored by a fast food company, which would be a groundbreaking achievement in the world of Jiu-Jitsu. This unique sponsorship opportunity would not only provide financial support but also elevate the protagonist’s visibility and status within the sport. The dream of being sponsored by a fast food company represents the culmination of their hard work, dedication, and passion for Jiu-Jitsu.

Starting own gym and horse riding club

Alongside the ambition of being sponsored by a fast food company, the protagonist envisions starting their own gym and horse riding club. These dreams speak to their desire to create a community centered around Jiu-Jitsu and horse riding. The protagonist aims to provide a training space that fosters growth, camaraderie, and the pursuit of excellence. By combining their love for Jiu-Jitsu and horse riding, they seek to create a unique and fulfilling experience for themselves and others.

Wayne Hair: The Grappling Horseman

Journey to finding happiness through Jiu-Jitsu and horse riding

Wayne Hair, also known as the Grappling Horseman, has a unique story of finding happiness through Jiu-Jitsu and horse riding. Hailing from a challenging background in the South Side of Chicago, Wayne has faced adversity and overcome obstacles throughout his life. Seeking a better path, he turned to Jiu-Jitsu and found solace, discipline, and personal growth on the mat.

Wayne’s transformation into the Grappling Horseman symbolizes his ability to find a sense of purpose and fulfillment outside the confines of his past. By combining his love for Jiu-Jitsu and a newfound passion for horse riding, Wayne has discovered a unique identity and a new path forward. His story serves as an inspiration for others, demonstrating the power of determination and the positive impact of pursuing one’s passions.

Mikey Musumeci Joins the Team

Accomplishments of Mikey Musumeci

Mikey Musumeci is a highly accomplished Jiu-Jitsu competitor who has made a name for himself within the sport. As one of the most successful American black belts in IPGF history, Mikey’s list of accomplishments is extensive. With multiple black belt world titles to his name, his technical expertise and competitive spirit set him apart from the rest.

Joining the Daisy Fresh team

The addition of Mikey Musumeci to the Daisy Fresh team brings a new level of expertise and skill. Mikey’s decision to join the team is a testament to the reputation and camaraderie that Daisy Fresh embodies. His presence strengthens the team’s competitive edge and inspires the other members to strive for greatness. Mikey’s passion for Jiu-Jitsu and his commitment to excellence align perfectly with the values and goals of the Daisy Fresh team.

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The Most Successful American Black Belts Join the Team

In addition to Mikey Musumeci, the Daisy Fresh team has attracted some of the most successful American black belts in IPGF history. This influx of talent speaks to the growing recognition and reputation of Daisy Fresh within the Jiu-Jitsu community. The team’s ability to attract highly accomplished athletes reflects their dedication to the sport and their commitment to fostering a supportive and thriving environment. The addition of these black belts elevates the level of training and competition within Daisy Fresh, creating an even more formidable force in the Jiu-Jitsu world.

The Love for Homemade Pasta

Preference for olive oil and parmesan cheese

When it comes to food preferences, the Daisy Fresh team shares a love for homemade pasta. This culinary delight serves as a source of comfort and enjoyment after intense training sessions. The team appreciates the simplicity and versatility of homemade pasta, which can be paired with various sauces and toppings. To enhance the flavor, they have a preference for olive oil and parmesan cheese, which add a touch of richness and depth to their pasta dishes.

Mikey’s influence on Jacob Couch’s eating habits

Mikey Musumeci’s passion for pasta has also influenced the eating habits of Jacob Couch, another member of the Daisy Fresh team. Mikey’s dedication to a pasta-centric diet has sparked curiosity and interest in Jacob, prompting him to explore new culinary experiences. Jacob’s willingness to embrace Mikey’s eating habits reflects the camaraderie and shared experiences within the Daisy Fresh team. The love for homemade pasta has not only strengthened their bond but also added a touch of gastronomic adventure to their journey.

The Close Relationship within the Daisy Fresh Team

One of the defining characteristics of the Daisy Fresh team is the close-knit relationship among its members. The team operates as a tight unit, supporting and pushing each other to achieve excellence in their Jiu-Jitsu journey. The camaraderie and mutual respect within the team create a positive and uplifting training environment. This close relationship extends beyond the gym, as the team members bond over shared experiences, hobbies, and dreams. The Daisy Fresh team truly feels like a family, united by a common passion for Jiu-Jitsu and a desire for personal and collective growth.

Preparing for ADCC Trials

Aim to shock the world with their performance

The Daisy Fresh team is currently preparing for the ADCC Trials, with the aim of showcasing their skills and making a lasting impression on the Jiu-Jitsu world. The ADCC Trials serve as a platform for athletes to prove themselves and earn a spot in the prestigious ADCC World Championships. The team’s intense training sessions and unwavering dedication reflect their hunger for success and their desire to shock the world with their performance. The ADCC Trials represent a significant milestone in their Jiu-Jitsu journey, and they are leaving no stone unturned in their preparation.

In conclusion, the second episode of Season 3 of Daisy Fresh offers a glimpse into the lives and aspirations of the team members. From personal accomplishments to dreams and goals, the Daisy Fresh team embodies the spirit of perseverance, camaraderie, and dedication to the art of Jiu-Jitsu. With the addition of new members, including highly accomplished athletes such as Mikey Musumeci and Wayne Hair, the team’s potential for greatness is expanding. Through their love for homemade pasta, strong bond, and preparation for the ADCC Trials, the Daisy Fresh team is set to make waves in the Jiu-Jitsu community and inspire others with their journey.

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