Couch Strikes Double Gold In A Day Full Of Brown Belt Subs | No-Gi Pans Day 1 Recap

Couch Strikes Double Gold In A Day Full Of Brown Belt Subs | No-Gi Pans Day 1 Recap

In this article, FloGrappling provides a recap of Day 1 of the 2022 IBJJF No-Gi Pans tournament in Garland, Texas. The focus is on the brown belts and their impressive performances throughout the day. The highlight of the day was Jacob Couch, also known as the “Hillbilly Hammer,” who won double gold in the men’s absolute division. Couch showed incredible dominance, finishing five out of six matches with submissions. One of the most anticipated matches was Couch versus Luke Griffith, which ended quickly with Couch securing a beautiful armbar. Griffith also had an outstanding day, winning gold in the ultra heavyweight division with all submissions, including a smother tap. Another athlete who shined was Giovanna Jara, who won gold in both the absolute and her division. Numerous brown belt competitors won their matches via submission, including Pierre Leclerc, Kurt Brennaman, and Sophia Casella. The article concludes with excitement for the upcoming black belt matches in the tournament.

Day 1 of No-Gi Pans

Couch’s Impressive Performance

The first day of the 2022 IBJJF No-Gi Pans tournament in Garland, Texas was dominated by the brown belts. One standout performer was Jacob Couch, who proved once again why he is known as the “Hillbilly Hammer”. Couch, who previously won No-Gi Pans in 2020 as a purple belt, took double gold this year with an incredible performance.

Couch displayed complete dominance in his matches, finishing five out of six opponents by submission. His matches were quick, with little mat time, demonstrating his efficiency and skill on the ground. But the highlight of Couch’s day came in the absolute division. In the highly anticipated semi-finals match against Luke Griffith, Couch showcased his abilities against another top competitor. The match ended swiftly with Couch securing a beautiful armbar. It was a testament to his talent and determination.

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Comparing his performance to his previous win in 2020, Couch exhibited growth and improvement in his game. He proved once again that No-Gi Pans is his tournament, and he is a force to be reckoned with in the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Luke Griffith’s Dominance

Another remarkable performance came from Luke Griffith in the ultra heavyweight division. Griffith showcased his skills by winning gold in his division, defeating all his opponents with submissions. One notable submission was a smother tap, a rare and impressive technique that highlights his versatility.

Griffith’s matches were characterized by his clinical execution and overall dominance. Every match followed a similar pattern, with Griffith dictating the pace and imposing his game on his opponents. His performance was a testament to his technical prowess and commitment to excellence.

Couch Strikes Double Gold In A Day Full Of Brown Belt Subs | No-Gi Pans Day 1 Recap

Giovanna Jara’s Stunning Performance

Giovanna Jara, representing Dream Art, had a spectacular showing at the No-Gi Pans tournament. Throughout 2020, Jara had been steadily rising in the BJJ scene, and her performance at this tournament solidified her position as a top contender.

Jara’s game was characterized by precision and flawless execution. Her focus and attention to detail were evident in every match. Jara claimed gold in both the absolute division and her weight division, showcasing her versatility and adaptability.

In the absolute final, Jara faced off against Amanda Bruce, another dominant competitor in her weight division. Jara emerged victorious, adding to her impressive record of three submissions in the lightweight division. Her performance was a testament to her skill and ability to perform under pressure.

Brown Belt Gold Medalists’ Dominance

The brown belt division proved to be full of exciting moments and impressive displays of skill. Many of the gold medalists in this division showcased their dominance by securing victories via submissions.

One standout performer was Pierre Leclerc, who left a lasting impression with his outstanding performance. Leclerc showcased his mastery of various submission techniques, including two rear naked chokes and two leg locks. His ability to finish matches convincingly demonstrated his skill and technical prowess.

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Another brown belt gold medalist who stood out was Sophia Casella, the featherweight champion. Casella displayed her dominance in the division by securing three submissions in as many matches. Her performance was a reflection of her dedication and hard work.

Anticipation for Black Belts

As the first day of the No-Gi Pans tournament concluded, excitement began to build for the upcoming matches featuring the black belts. The anticipation for Day 2 was palpable, with spectators eagerly awaiting the performances of the highest-ranked competitors.

The black belt matches promised to bring even more action and intensity to the tournament. Spectators could expect to witness high-level techniques, strategic battles, and incredible displays of athleticism. The black belts would undoubtedly showcase their years of experience and mastery of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

With the stage set for a thrilling second day, spectators were encouraged to stay tuned and witness the incredible action unfold.


The first day of the No-Gi Pans tournament was packed with exciting matches and impressive performances. Jacob Couch, Luke Griffith, and Giovanna Jara proved their mettle and emerged as champions in their respective divisions. The brown belt gold medalists showcased their dominance with multiple submissions, leaving a lasting impression on the spectators.

As the tournament progressed, anticipation grew for the black belt matches scheduled for Day 2. Spectators eagerly awaited the chance to witness the highest level of competition and witness the incredible skills of the black belt competitors.

The No-Gi Pans tournament had already provided fans with unforgettable moments and promised even more excitement and intensity in the days to come.

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