Andre Galvao Gives Mid-Day Update At No-Gi Worlds

Andre Galvao Gives Mid-Day Update At No-Gi Worlds

In this video by FloGrappling, Andre Galvao provides a mid-day update on the progress of his team at the No-Gi Worlds competition. He discusses Atos’ decision to focus on full-time no-gi competition training and shares his experience coaching his daughter. Galvao highlights the impressive performances of his athletes, including Jonathan’s victory over Francisco Law and the strong showing in the black belt division. He also mentions the growth and evolution of the sport, with more emphasis on nogi techniques like U-hooks and heel hooks. Despite some injuries, Galvao expresses his pride in his team’s preparation and performance in the competition.

Overall, this video offers insights into Galvao’s perspective on the No-Gi Worlds competition, Atos’ training decisions, and the current state of jiu jitsu. Capturing the excitement and achievements of his team, Galvao’s mid-day update provides a comprehensive overview of the event and leaves viewers curious about the final results.

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No-Gi Worlds Update

Andre Galvao gives mid-day update on team performance

Andre Galvao, the renowned jiu jitsu practitioner and coach, provided a mid-day update on the performance of his team at the No-Gi Worlds competition. He expressed his satisfaction with the team’s performance so far, with several athletes already making it to the finals. Galvao mentioned the notable performances of athletes such as Jonathan, Andy Murasaki, Lucas Piero, and Osama. He particularly highlighted the success of his team in the black belt division.

Atos’ decision to focus on full-time no-gi comp training

Galvao explained that Atos, his jiu jitsu academy, made a strategic decision to shift its focus towards year-round no-gi training. He recognized that many competitors are now specializing in no-gi and the sport is evolving rapidly in that direction. To adapt to this changing landscape, Galvao has allowed his athletes to train both gi and no-gi throughout the year. This decision ensures that his athletes are prepared for both types of competitions and gives them the opportunity to excel in both disciplines.

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Coaching his daughter

One particular highlight for Galvao at the No-Gi Worlds is coaching his daughter. He expressed the nerves and emotions associated with being her coach but also the immense pride he feels for her. Galvao’s daughter put on an impressive performance, showcasing her skills and determination on the mats. The experience of coaching his own daughter brings a unique set of challenges and responsibilities, but Galvao recognizes the importance of building her confidence and supporting her in her jiu jitsu journey.

Team Performance

Several athletes already in the finals

Galvao highlighted the exceptional performance of his team, with multiple athletes already securing their spots in the finals. This early success is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the athletes, as well as the effective training methods implemented at Atos. By reaching the finals, these athletes have already proven their skills and demonstrated their potential for success in the competition.

Notable performances by Jonathan, Andy Murasaki, Lucas Piero, and Osama

Galvao specifically mentioned the outstanding performances of Jonathan, Andy Murasaki, Lucas Piero, and Osama. He commended Jonathan for applying relentless pressure and not allowing his opponent to move freely. Andy Murasaki and Lucas Piero also made it to the semi-finals, showcasing their technical abilities and determination in their matches. Furthermore, Osama has already secured a spot in the finals of the rooster weight category, signaling his preparedness and readiness to claim victory.

Success in the black belt division

Galvao expressed his satisfaction with the team’s performance, particularly in the black belt division. He highlighted that the team has been on fire in this division, with impressive displays of skill and talent. Although there were some podium finishes and near misses in other divisions, Galvao emphasized the exceptional performance of his black belt athletes. Their success reflects the high level of training and dedication at Atos.

Coaching his Daughter

Andre’s nerves coaching his daughter

Coaching his own daughter at major jiu jitsu tournaments is not without its challenges and nerves. Galvao openly admitted that he experiences a certain level of nervousness when coaching his daughter. The emotional attachment and desire for her to succeed create additional pressure for him as a coach. However, he recognizes that these emotions are a natural part of the process and strives to support her in the best way possible.

Impressive performance by his daughter

Despite the nervousness, Galvao’s daughter put on an impressive performance at the No-Gi Worlds competition. She displayed her technical skills and determination, proving that she is a talented jiu jitsu practitioner in her own right. Galvao expressed immense pride in his daughter’s achievements and acknowledged the hard work she has put into her training.

Importance of building her confidence

Galvao understands the importance of building his daughter’s confidence as a coach. He recognizes that nurturing her belief in herself is crucial for her development as a jiu jitsu athlete. By providing support, guidance, and constructive feedback, Galvao aims to help his daughter grow both technically and mentally. He believes that instilling confidence in his daughter will contribute to her long-term success in the sport.

Andre Galvao Gives Mid-Day Update At No-Gi Worlds

Training Approach

Shift towards year-round no-gi training

Atos made a strategic decision to shift its training approach towards year-round no-gi training. Galvao explained that this change was prompted by the increasing prevalence and growth of the no-gi aspect of the sport. By dedicating the entire year to training in both gi and no-gi, Atos athletes are better equipped to compete in various tournaments and against competitors who specialize in either discipline.

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Allowing athletes to train both gi and no-gi

As part of the new training approach, Galvao has allowed his athletes to train both gi and no-gi. This decision takes into account the evolving nature of the sport and gives his athletes the opportunity to refine their skills in both disciplines. By training in both gi and no-gi, athletes can develop a well-rounded game and adapt to different rulesets and opponents.

Benefits and challenges of the new approach

Galvao highlighted the benefits of the year-round no-gi training approach, including increased preparedness for no-gi competitions and the ability to train with athletes who specialize in various aspects of the sport. However, he also acknowledged the challenges of managing both gi and no-gi training simultaneously. This change required adjustments to the training schedule and coordination of classes to ensure a smooth transition for the athletes.

Growth of No-Gi Jiu Jitsu

Surprising growth and evolution of the sport

Galvao expressed his amazement at the surprising growth and evolution of no-gi jiu jitsu. The sport has seen a significant increase in popularity and participation, with more people embracing the no-gi aspect of jiu jitsu. As the sport continues to evolve, athletes are constantly developing new techniques and strategies to gain an advantage in competition.

Increased prevalence of U-hooks and heel hooks

Galvao noted the increased prevalence of U-hooks and heel hooks in the no-gi jiu jitsu scene. These techniques have become more common and are now crucial elements in a competitor’s arsenal. However, Galvao also emphasized the importance of being mindful of the potential for injuries, especially in the brown and black belt divisions where heel hook attacks can be particularly dangerous.

Injury concerns in the brown and black belt divisions

While heel hooks have become more prevalent, Galvao highlighted the injury concerns associated with them, particularly in the brown and black belt divisions. He acknowledged that in order to improve and evolve in the sport, athletes must be prepared to defend against and execute these attacks. However, it is crucial to prioritize safety and emphasize proper technique to mitigate the risk of injuries.

Impressive Performances

Recognition of Jacob’s performance

Galvao took a moment to recognize the impressive performance of Jacob, a jiu jitsu practitioner who has been garnering attention. Galvao commended Jacob’s skill and dedication, acknowledging the hard work and commitment he has put into his training. By showcasing his abilities at the No-Gi Worlds competition, Jacob has proven himself as a formidable competitor.

Congratulations to Jacob on receiving his black belt

Galvao also extended his congratulations to Jacob for receiving his black belt. This milestone achievement reflects Jacob’s growth as a jiu jitsu practitioner and recognizes his technical proficiency and understanding of the sport. Galvao acknowledged the role of Jacob’s professor from Pedigo Submission Fighting in guiding him on his jiu jitsu journey.

Success of other athletes like Cyborg and Wagner Rocha

In addition to Jacob’s achievements, Galvao acknowledged the success of other athletes such as Cyborg and Wagner Rocha. He applauded their performances and highlighted their talent and dedication. Their presence in the finals of their respective divisions reaffirms their status as top-tier competitors.

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Female Competitors

Jennifer Aquino and Nick Sullivan in the finals

Galvao expressed his excitement for the success of female competitors in the No-Gi Worlds competition. He specifically mentioned Jennifer Aquino and Nick Sullivan, who have both secured spots in the finals. Their achievements highlight the growing strength and competitiveness of the women’s division in jiu jitsu.

Continued success of the women’s division

Galvao noted that the women’s division continues to thrive and gain recognition in the jiu jitsu community. The increased participation and talent among female competitors demonstrate the growth and importance of women’s jiu jitsu. Galvao takes pride in supporting and celebrating the contributions of female athletes at prestigious events like the No-Gi Worlds.

Proud of Ambi’s performance

In particular, Galvao expressed pride in the performance of Ambi, one of his athletes. Ambi’s presence in the finals of the No-Gi Worlds competition showcases her dedication and skill. Galvao recognizes her hard work and potential for success, underscoring the importance of supporting and empowering female athletes in the sport.

Support from Teammates

Support from teammates at previous AGCC event

Galvao recalled the support and unity displayed by his team at a previous event, the ADCC. He mentioned that his teammates, including Josh and many other champions, provided immense support during the competition. The camaraderie and encouragement within the team created a positive and motivating environment, fostering success for all competitors.

Importance of team unity and encouragement

Galvao emphasized the significance of team unity and encouragement in achieving success in jiu jitsu. The support and motivation from teammates can make a substantial difference in an athlete’s performance and mental state during competitions. Galvao attributes part of the team’s success at the No-Gi Worlds to the unwavering support and camaraderie among his athletes.

Positive impact on performance at No-Gi Worlds

The positive impact of the supportive team environment was evident in the performance of Galvao’s athletes at the No-Gi Worlds competition. The encouragement and belief instilled by their teammates helped them perform at their best. Galvao recognized the value of a strong support system and credited it as a contributing factor to the team’s overall success.

Nerves and Emotions

Andre’s nervousness as a coach

Galvao openly shared his nerves and emotions as a coach, particularly when coaching his own daughter. The added pressure and emotional attachment create a unique set of challenges for him. The responsibility of guiding his daughter through the competition induces a level of nervousness that Galvao admits is a natural part of the coaching process.

Feelings of pride and fear for his daughter

Galvao expressed a mix of pride and fear when coaching his daughter. The pride emanates from seeing her excel and display her skills on the mats, while the fear stems from a strong desire for her to do well. These contrasting emotions are common among parents who are deeply invested in their children’s success and well-being.

Managing emotions during competitions

Galvao highlighted the significance of managing emotions during competitions, not only for himself as a coach but also for his athletes. The ability to stay focused and composed amidst the nerves and excitement is crucial for optimal performance. Galvao emphasized the importance of mental fortitude and the ability to channel emotions in a positive way to enhance performance.


Overall satisfaction with team performance

In conclusion, Galvao expressed his overall satisfaction with his team’s performance at the No-Gi Worlds competition. He highlighted the exceptional performances of various athletes, their success in reaching the finals, and the growth of the women’s division. The team’s performance in the black belt division, in particular, showcased their skill and dedication to the sport.

Excitement for the future of no-gi training and competitions

Galvao expressed his excitement for the future of no-gi training and competitions. With the shift towards year-round no-gi training at Atos, the team is poised to further excel in this aspect of the sport. The continued growth and evolution of no-gi jiu jitsu provide opportunities for athletes to refine their skills and embrace new techniques.

Gratitude for the ongoing support

Finally, Galvao expressed his deep gratitude for the ongoing support from his teammates, supporters, and the jiu jitsu community as a whole. The support and encouragement provided by others uplift and motivate the team, contributing to their success. Galvao acknowledged that without the collective support and unity, achievements in the sport would not be possible.

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