ADCC Path To Glory: 66kg Preview

ADCC Path To Glory: 66kg Preview

“ADCC Path To Glory: 66kg Preview” by FloGrappling is a captivating video that provides viewers with an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the training and preparation of top athletes for the ADCC World Championships. With the absence of a returning champion in the 66kg division, a new champion will be crowned, adding excitement and anticipation to the event. The video features 16 gold medal hopefuls from around the world, including Cole Abate, Garry Tonnon, Fabricio Andrey, Diogo Reis, Diego Pato, Geo Martinez, Keith Kirkorian, Kennedy Maciel, and Ethan Crelinsten. It highlights the intense training regimens, mental fortitude, and determination of these athletes as they strive to become ADCC champions.

The ADCC World Championships, taking place on September 17th and 18th in Las Vegas, are described as the biggest submission grappling event in the world. This particular video focuses on the highly competitive and talent-rich 66kg division, which promises intense battles and a chance for new stars to rise. The featured athletes discuss their training strategies, respect for their competitors, and ambitions to capture the title. The video showcases the dedication and sacrifices made by these athletes throughout their lives, all in pursuit of the ultimate goal of becoming an ADCC champion.

ADCC Path To Glory: 66kg Preview

ADCC Path To Glory: 66kg Preview

The ADCC World Championships will soon take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, and one of the most highly anticipated divisions is the 66kg division. This division is talent-rich, featuring 16 gold medal hopefuls from all corners of the globe. What makes this division even more exciting is that there is no returning champion this year, meaning a new champion will be crowned. In this article, we will take a closer look at the athletes competing in this division, their training and preparation, and their mindset going into the competition.

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Talent-rich and highly anticipated division

The 66kg division at the ADCC World Championships is known for attracting some of the most talented grapplers in the world. This year is no different, with 16 gold medal hopefuls all vying for their chance at ADCC glory. The level of competition in this division is unparalleled, with competitors from Brazil, the United States, and other countries showcasing their skills and techniques on the mats. Fans can expect to see high-level grappling and intense matches as these athletes give it their all to claim the throne.

No returning champion, new champion to be crowned

One of the exciting aspects of the 66kg division this year is that there is no returning champion. This means that a new champion will be crowned, adding to the legacy and history of this division. Previous champions like Hafiz Mendes, Leo Vieira, and Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles have all left their mark on the division, and now a new legend will emerge. With no clear favorite going into the competition, it’s anyone’s game, and each competitor has a shot at claiming the gold.

Focus on training, preparation, and mindset

To compete at the ADCC World Championships, athletes must have an intense focus on training, preparation, and mindset. The road to ADCC is a demanding one, requiring hours of training each day, studying previous matches, and honing their techniques. The competitors in the 66kg division understand the sacrifices they must make to be at their best for the competition. They push their bodies to the limit, fine-tune their techniques, and adopt a mindset of determination and resilience. It is this dedication to their craft that sets them apart and makes them worthy contenders for the title of ADCC champion.

Featherweight division’s rich history and legends

The Featherweight division at the ADCC World Championships has a rich history, with many legends and pioneers of Jiu-Jitsu leaving their mark in this division. Known historically as a division dominated by Brazil, renowned grapplers like Hoyler Gracie, Leo Vieira, and Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles have all solidified their legacies in this division. The 66kg division has been the stage for some of the most exciting matches in ADCC history, and this year’s competitors are eager to add their names to the list of legends.

Cole Abate’s hopes of making history at a young age

One of the athletes to watch in the 66kg division is Cole Abate, the winner of the ADCC East Coast Trials. At just 17 years old, Cole has a chance to make history by becoming the youngest competitor to win the 66kg division. With the guidance and training of his coach, Hafiz Mendes, Cole has been preparing for this moment his entire life. He understands the weight of the opportunity before him and is determined to showcase his skills and leave a lasting impact on the division.

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Foreign athletes earning their spot through hard work

While the 66kg division has historically been dominated by Brazilian grapplers, this year’s competition highlights the hard work and determination of foreign athletes. Competitors from the United States and other countries have earned their spot in the division through hard work and triumphing in the trials. These athletes have defied the odds and showcased their skills on the global stage, proving that dedication and perseverance can lead to success.

Respect for competitors in the division

The 66kg division at the ADCC World Championships is a testament to the talent and skill of the competitors. Each athlete brings their unique style and technique to the mats, making for exciting and unpredictable matches. There is a great deal of respect between the competitors, as they understand the sacrifices and hard work required to reach this level. Despite being rivals on the mats, there is an underlying sense of camaraderie and admiration for the skills and abilities of their fellow competitors.

Training and studying previous matches for ADCC

In preparation for the ADCC World Championships, competitors in the 66kg division have been training rigorously and studying previous matches. They understand the importance of analyzing their opponents’ techniques and strategies to formulate their game plans. Many hours have been spent on the mats, fine-tuning their techniques and improving their physical conditioning. The competitors are focused on every aspect of their training, leaving no stone unturned in their quest for ADCC glory.

Open division with Tankino retired

One notable change in the 66kg division this year is the absence of the former champion, Tankino. With Tankino retired, the division is now open for a new champion to emerge. This adds a layer of excitement and uncertainty to the competition, as it is anyone’s game. The competitors will need to bring their A-game and showcase their skills to stand out among the talented field.

Insight and experience of Kennedy and Hafa

While the 66kg division is open this year, there are athletes who have valuable insight and experience to lean on. Competitors like Kennedy Maciel and Hafiz Mendes, who have competed in this division before, understand the level of skill and strategy required to succeed. They have firsthand knowledge of what it takes to navigate the competition and are passing on their wisdom to the next generation of grapplers. Their guidance and experience provide invaluable resources for the athletes in the 66kg division.

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Athletes to Watch

The 66kg division at the ADCC World Championships is filled with talented athletes who have the potential to make their mark in the grappling world. Here are a few athletes to watch in this division:

Diego Pato: Excited and confident for his first ADCC

Diego Pato is a Brazilian grappler who is making his first appearance at the ADCC World Championships. He is filled with excitement and confidence as he prepares to showcase his skills on the global stage.

Fabricio Andre: Ready to represent Brazil and win by submission

Fabricio Andre, hailing from Manaus, Brazil, is determined to represent his country and win by submission. He brings a unique style and tenacity to the 66kg division.

Gary Tonon: Dropping down to 66kg with experience as an edge

Gary Tonon, a highly experienced and skilled grappler, has decided to drop down to the 66kg division. His experience and technical prowess give him an edge over his opponents.

Keith Krikorian: Determined to fight hard and win in tough competition

Keith Krikorian is known for his determination and tenacity on the mats. He plans to fight hard and take on the tough competition in the 66kg division.

Speaker: One of the best leg lockers, ready to fight

There is a speaker who claims to be one of the best leg lockers in the world. They are ready to showcase their skills and take on any challenge that comes their way.

These athletes have prepared tirelessly for this moment and are eager to make a name for themselves in the 66kg division. They have studied their opponents, refined their techniques, and honed their mental toughness in preparation for the ADCC World Championships.

Competing at ADCC

Competing at the ADCC World Championships is both an honor and a challenge. Athletes understand the significance of the event and the level of competition they will face. They have confidence in their understanding of the rules and their own game, gained through years of training and experience.

Learnings from past ADCC performances have helped athletes avoid regrets and focus on their strengths. Capturing the title is the ultimate goal, and each competitor is prepared to give their all on the mats. With 16 hopeful competitors vying for the ADCC Champion title, the competition is fierce and promises to be a thrilling display of skill and determination.


In the highly anticipated 66kg division of the ADCC World Championships, anything can happen. This division is filled with talented and determined athletes who have dedicated their lives to their craft. With no returning champion, a new champion will be crowned, and each competitor has an equal chance of claiming the throne. As the competition draws near, the excitement and anticipation continue to build. The ADCC Path to Glory: 66kg Preview promises to be an unforgettable event that showcases the best in grappling talent.

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