ADCC All Access: The Legends Of Grappling Have Arrived (Ep.5)

ADCC All Access: The Legends Of Grappling Have Arrived (Ep.5)

In the latest episode of ADCC All Access, FloGrappling takes viewers behind the scenes of the ADCC Open and gives them an exclusive look at the ADCC Hall of Fame honors with legendary grappler Royler Gracie. With over a thousand competitors at the Las Vegas open, the atmosphere is electric as the kids showcase their skills on the mat. ADCC is determined to spread the sport of jiu-jitsu across the globe, and they’re delivering with a crazy bracket reveal and exciting super matches. The ADCC World Championships are set to change the sport, and the anticipation is palpable as competitors from all over the world vie for the title of champion.

Behind the Scenes of ADCC Open

The ADCC Open is an exciting event that brings together some of the best grapplers in the world. In this behind-the-scenes video by FloGrappling, viewers get a firsthand look at the action and preparation leading up to the ADCC World Championships. The video begins with a glimpse of the ADCC Hall of Fame honors with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu legend Royler Gracie, giving fans a taste of the prestigious recognition that the sport’s top athletes receive.

ADCC Hall of Fame Honors with Royler Gracie

Two days before the ADCC World Championships, Royler Gracie is given the honor of being inducted into the ADCC Hall of Fame. Royler Gracie is a well-respected figure in the world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and is known for his technical prowess and numerous championship wins. In the video, viewers see Royler Gracie accept this prestigious recognition, showcasing his contributions to the sport and his lasting impact on the ADCC community.

Latest Jiu Jitsu Videos on FloGrappling

FloGrappling is a platform that provides the latest jiu jitsu videos, news, and updates to fans all around the world. Through their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, FloGrappling keeps viewers informed and engaged with the sport. The video showcases the exciting jiu jitsu content available on FloGrappling, highlighting the platform’s commitment to delivering high-quality videos and coverage.

ADCC Las Vegas Open

The ADCC Las Vegas Open is a major event in the grappling community, attracting over a thousand competitors from around the globe. Held at the Thomas and Mac venue, this open competition provides a platform for both amateur and professional grapplers to showcase their skills. The video captures the energy and enthusiasm of the event, with participants of all ages and skill levels giving their all on the mats.

Over a Thousand Competitors

With over a thousand competitors, the ADCC Las Vegas Open brings together the best of the best in the grappling world. The video highlights the sheer scale of the event, showcasing the diverse range of athletes from different backgrounds and countries. From young kids to seasoned veterans, the ADCC Open provides a competitive platform for everyone to test their skills.

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The Thomas and Mac Venue

The Thomas and Mac venue serves as the backdrop for the ADCC Las Vegas Open. This spacious and well-equipped venue provides ample space for the numerous matches taking place throughout the event. Viewers get a glimpse of the venue’s impressive setup, with multiple mats and seating areas for spectators to enjoy the action.

Kids Division

The ADCC Las Vegas Open not only caters to adult competitors but also features a kids division. This division allows young grapplers to showcase their talents and gain valuable experience in a supportive and competitive environment. The video captures the intensity and determination of the young athletes as they compete on the mats, showcasing the future stars of grappling.

Expanding ADCC Globally

ADCC is committed to expanding its reach globally and promoting the sport of grappling worldwide. The video emphasizes the organization’s dedication to spreading the love of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and providing opportunities for athletes from all corners of the world. By hosting events like the Las Vegas Open, ADCC aims to inspire and engage a new generation of grapplers.

Crazy Bracket Reveal

One of the most exciting moments leading up to the ADCC World Championships is the bracket reveal. In this never-before-seen footage, viewers get a glimpse of the process behind organizing the tournament format. The anticipation and excitement leading up to the reveal add to the overall buzz surrounding the event.

Never Before Seen

The bracket reveal in the video is described as something that has never been done before. This unique approach adds an extra layer of excitement and intrigue to the tournament. By keeping spectators on their toes, ADCC ensures that the event remains fresh and innovative, attracting fans from all over the world.

Excitement for Tournament

The ADCC World Championships are widely considered one of the most prestigious grappling tournaments in the world. The video captures the enthusiasm and excitement from the participants, organizers, and fans, highlighting the significance of the event within the grappling community. The anticipation for the upcoming matches is palpable as the competitors prepare to showcase their skills on the big stage.

The Big Show

The ADCC World Championships is often referred to as “The Big Show” in the grappling world. This moniker reflects the grandeur and importance of the event. With top-tier competitors from around the globe competing for the ultimate prize, the ADCC World Championships is a must-watch for grappling enthusiasts.

Super Matches

Super matches are one of the main draws of the ADCC Open. In the video, viewers are introduced to an exciting super match between Devin Lair, the world arm wrestling champion, and Jujimufu, a renowned athlete known for his incredible strength and flexibility. The anticipation for this clash of titans is undeniable, and fans eagerly await the outcome.

Devin Lair vs Jujimufu

The matchup between Devin Lair and Jujimufu is touted as a battle between two exceptional athletes with different skill sets. Devin Lair, with his arm wrestling background, displays his immense strength, while Jujimufu showcases his unique athleticism. The video captures the intensity of their preparation and creates anticipation for the upcoming match.

World Arm Wrestling Champion

Devin Lair’s reputation as the world arm wrestling champion adds an extra layer of intrigue to the super match. As a highly skilled and decorated athlete, his presence in the ADCC Open elevates the competition to a new level. Viewers are eager to see how his arm wrestling abilities translate to the grappling world.

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ADCC Legends

ADCC pays tribute to the legends of grappling through its Hall of Fame and special seminars. In the video, viewers hear from a grateful participant who expresses his admiration and appreciation for Tarun, the person responsible for bringing the legends together. The legends seminar aims to pass on their knowledge and experiences to the next generation of grapplers.

ADCC All Access: The Legends Of Grappling Have Arrived (Ep.5)

Thankful for Tarun

The role of Tarun, the person responsible for organizing the legends seminar, is highlighted in the video. Participants express their gratitude for his efforts and recognize the importance of preserving the history and legacy of the sport. Tarun’s vision and dedication contribute to the success and impact of the ADCC Legends seminar.

Legends Seminar

The legends seminar serves as a platform for the sport’s icons to share their knowledge and experiences with the next generation of grapplers. The video showcases the significance of this event, allowing viewers to witness the exchange of expertise between grappling legends. This seminar serves as an invaluable opportunity for aspiring grapplers to learn from the best.

World Cup of Grappling

The ADCC Open is often referred to as the World Cup of Grappling due to its prestigious nature and global appeal. The video emphasizes the international aspect of the event, with competitors from different countries vying for the championship. The World Cup of Grappling title represents the pinnacle of success in the sport and adds to the overall excitement surrounding the event.

Fighting Champions

The video highlights the importance of watching the fights and being a part of the ADCC Open. By emphasizing the significance of being present at the event, it encourages viewers to immerse themselves in the atmosphere and appreciate the dedication and skill of the fighters. The ADCC Open showcases the fighting champions and allows spectators to witness the intense battles firsthand.

Watching the Fights

Being able to watch the fights live is described as an incredible experience. The video captures the energy and enthusiasm of the crowd as they cheer on the competitors. The feelings of anticipation and excitement are palpable, adding to the overall enjoyment of the event.

Importance of Being a Part

Attending the ADCC Open is not just about watching the fights; it is about being a part of something bigger. The video highlights the sense of community and camaraderie that permeates the event. By immersing oneself in the ADCC experience, one can truly appreciate the dedication and skill of the fighters and become a part of the grappling community.

Enjoying the Event

The video emphasizes the enjoyment factor of attending the ADCC Open. By bringing together people who share a passion for grappling, the event creates an atmosphere of fun and excitement. Whether one is a competitor, spectator, or both, the ADCC Open offers a memorable experience filled with thrilling fights and unforgettable moments.

Impressions of Gordon Ryan

Gordon Ryan, considered one of the best grapplers in the world, elicits strong impressions from fellow grapplers. The video captures the observations and admiration of a fellow competitor, highlighting Gordon Ryan’s exceptional skills and dominance in the sport. As a formidable opponent, Gordon Ryan raises the level of competition and motivates others to push their own limits.

Observations from a Grappler

A fellow grappler expresses their admiration for Gordon Ryan, acknowledging his reputation as one of the best fighters in the world. The video captures their awe and respect for Gordon Ryan’s skills, highlighting his technical proficiency and ability to control his opponents. This admiration serves as a testament to Gordon Ryan’s impact on the grappling community.

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The Challenge Ahead

The video touches on the challenge that lies ahead for those competing against Gordon Ryan. As a highly skilled and experienced fighter, Gordon Ryan presents a formidable opponent that forces others to elevate their game. The video highlights the mindset required to face such a challenge and the determination needed to overcome it.

Admiration for Competitors

The video showcases the admiration and respect that competitors have for one another. It emphasizes the camaraderie and sportsmanship within the grappling community, highlighting the support and encouragement that fighters receive from their peers. This admiration serves as a testament to the tight-knit nature of the grappling world.

Meeting the FloGrappling Team

The video showcases a VIP experience where participants have the opportunity to meet the FloGrappling team. This experience allows fans to interact with the individuals behind the scenes who bring them the latest jiu jitsu videos and coverage. The video captures the appreciation and excitement of those fortunate enough to have this exclusive experience.

VIP Experience

Being given a VIP experience is described as a memorable and special opportunity. Participants express their gratitude for the chance to meet and interact with the FloGrappling team. This VIP experience allows fans to connect with the platform that provides them with the latest jiu jitsu content and further deepens their appreciation for the sport.

Appreciation for Coverage

The video highlights the appreciation that participants have for the coverage provided by FloGrappling. By delivering high-quality videos and news updates, FloGrappling ensures that fans stay informed and engaged with the sport. The video captures the gratitude and enthusiasm of those who appreciate the platform’s dedication to bringing them the latest jiu jitsu coverage.

Ready for Competition

The video concludes with participants expressing their readiness for the upcoming competition. With their training and preparation complete, they eagerly await their matches with confidence and anticipation. The video captures the determination and excitement of these competitors, highlighting their commitment to the sport and their aspirations for success.

Jiu Jitsu Super Match

The video introduces an intriguing super match between Devin Lair and Jujimufu. The match is framed as a battle between two self-proclaimed “worst” jiu jitsu players, adding a unique and humorous element to the event. The video builds anticipation for this entertaining clash and sets the stage for a lighthearted yet competitive match.

Devin Lair vs Jujimufu

Devin Lair, the world arm wrestling champion, faces off against Jujimufu in an unconventional jiu jitsu match. The matchup between these nontraditional grapplers adds an element of surprise and excitement to the event. The video showcases the personalities and skills of both competitors, giving viewers a taste of what to expect.

Battle of the Worst Jiu Jitsu Player

The super match between Devin Lair and Jujimufu is positioned as a battle between two grapplers who describe themselves as the “worst” jiu jitsu players. This playful narrative adds an element of fun and humor to the event, making it an enjoyable experience for both the competitors and the audience. The video captures the light-hearted spirit of the match and builds anticipation for this unique showdown.

Confidence and Strategies

Despite describing themselves as the “worst” jiu jitsu players, both Devin Lair and Jujimufu exude confidence as they prepare for the match. The video highlights their determination and showcases their individual strategies and game plans. This mix of confidence and humor creates a compelling narrative for the super match.


The behind-the-scenes video by FloGrappling provides viewers with an exclusive look at the ADCC Open and the excitement leading up to the ADCC World Championships. From the bracket reveal to the super matches, the video captures the energy and enthusiasm of the participants and fans. Through interviews and footage, viewers gain a deeper understanding of the anticipation, admiration, and camaraderie that define the ADCC Open. As the video comes to a close, participants express their readiness for the upcoming matches, leaving viewers eager to witness the high-level competition that the ADCC World Championships will undoubtedly deliver.

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