2022 IBJJF No-Gi Worlds: Day 3 Recap

2022 IBJJF No-Gi Worlds: Day 3 Recap

It’s the end of day three at the 2022 IBJJF No-Gi Worlds, and the black belts have taken the stage, solidifying some of the notable happenings for tomorrow. In the women’s categories, Amy Campo and Liz Clay have dominated their divisions, both in the running for double gold. The alliance San Diego Squad, led by Johnny Faria, has produced three division finalists: Luciano Mota Batista Cordoza, and Melissa Cueso. Not to be overlooked, Briana St Marie and Jasmine Rocha stood out with two submissions each, securing their spots in the respective finals.

Moving on to the men’s absolute division, the final is set with Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu taking on Henry Kisscone. This comes after their previous match just a month ago, where Kisscone requested a rematch and got his wish. Another developing story to watch is Standard Jutsu’s ability to produce high-level athletes, with all three of their competitors making it to Sunday’s finals. Francisco Low also deserves an honorable mention for his impressive performance, scoring a dynamic submission over Adam Warinzinski and continuing his momentum into the medium heavyweight division. Tomorrow, the quarterfinals for the men’s categories will kick off the day, leading up to the highly anticipated absolute matches and concluding the 2022 No-Gi World Championships.

Women’s Categories

Amy Campo and Liz Clay in the finals

In the women’s categories, a couple of athletes have showcased their skills and dominated their divisions. Amy Campo and Liz Clay have had impressive performances, earning them spots in the finals. Both of them have been relentless in their pursuit of victory, tearing through their respective divisions.

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Liz Clay, in particular, has been on fire, securing submissions in all of her matches throughout the day. Her technique and determination have proven to be a formidable combination, making her a strong contender for the title. Amy Campo, on the other hand, has also shown her prowess on the mats, securing a couple of submissions for herself.

Alliance San Diego Squad finalists

It’s also worth noting the stellar performances of the athletes from the Alliance San Diego Squad. Led by Johnny Faria, the squad has produced three division finalists – Luciano Mota Batista Cordoza, and Melissa Cueso. These athletes have shown great skill and determination, earning them a spot in the finals tomorrow.

The Alliance San Diego Squad has shown their prowess as a team, supporting and pushing each other to reach their full potential. With three of their athletes making it to the finals, it’s clear that their hard work and dedication have paid off.

Standout performances from Briana St Marie and Jasmine Rocha

Aside from the finalists, there were two female grapplers who stood out with their impressive performances – Briana St Marie and Jasmine Rocha. Both athletes had a strong showing, securing two submissions each and making their way into their respective finals.

What makes their performances even more remarkable is the fact that Jasmine Rocha is competing in her first No-Gi Worlds as a black belt. To make such an impact in a prestigious competition at this level is truly impressive. Both Briana St Marie and Jasmine Rocha have shown their skill, determination, and potential, leaving us excited to see what they have in store for the finals.

Men’s Absolute Division

Roberto Cyborg vs. Henry Kisscone in the final

In the highly anticipated Men’s Absolute Division, the final match will feature two fierce competitors – Roberto Cyborg and Henry Kisscone. Cyborg, a seasoned veteran in the division, is making a return to the Absolute Division this year. He will be facing off against Kisscone, who recently played against Cyborg and requested a rematch.

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This final match promises to be a thrilling spectacle, with both athletes hungry for victory. Cyborg’s experience and Kisscone’s determination make for an intriguing matchup. Fans and spectators can expect intense action and high-level grappling skills in this final showdown.

Standard Jutsu’s success with high-level athletes

One developing story worth keeping an eye on is the success of Standard Jutsu in producing high-level athletes. The academy has managed to groom three exceptional athletes who have all made their way to Sunday’s competition.

Alex Wen, one of Standard Jutsu’s athletes, has reached the final in his division. His impressive technique and skill have carried him through the tournament, and he has proven himself as a formidable competitor. Additionally, the Corby brothers, Gavin and DeAndre, have both made it to the quarterfinals, showcasing their talent and dedication.

Standard Jutsu’s ability to consistently produce top-level athletes is commendable and speaks to the quality of their coaching and training methods.

Honorable mention: Francisco Low’s performance

Another standout performer in the Men’s Absolute Division is Francisco Low. Low has been putting on incredible displays of skill and technique throughout the tournament. He scored a dynamic submission over Adam Warinzinski in the absolute division, showcasing his versatility and dominance.

Low’s momentum carried into the medium heavyweight division, where he secured a victory against Clay Mayfield. His performances have been nothing short of phenomenal, and we can’t wait to see how he fares in the upcoming matches.

2022 IBJJF No-Gi Worlds: Day 3 Recap

Men’s Categories

Quarterfinals to start the day

The action on the men’s side is set to begin with the quarterfinal matches tomorrow morning. This stage of the competition will see the remaining athletes battle it out for a spot in the semifinals. With the level of competition and the stakes at hand, these matches are sure to be intense and action-packed.

Build-up to the finals

As the day progresses, the tension and excitement will build up towards the finals. Fans and spectators will witness the athletes push themselves to the limit, leaving everything on the mat. The road to the finals will be paved with blood, sweat, and determination, and only the best will emerge victorious.

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Excitement for the absolute matches

One of the highlights of the day will be the absolute matches. This is where the best of the best will face off, regardless of weight class, for the ultimate title. The absolute division showcases the true essence of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, with competitors of different sizes and styles clashing in thrilling battles.

The absolute matches always bring a wave of excitement among spectators, as they get to witness the most skilled and determined athletes compete at the highest level. These matches often result in unexpected outcomes and showcase the adaptability and technique of the competitors.


Wrap-up of the 2022 No-Gi World Championships

As day three of the 2022 No-Gi World Championships comes to a close, we reflect on the incredible performances by the athletes. The competition has been fierce, with impressive displays of skill, determination, and heart.

From dominant performances in the women’s categories to the battles in the men’s divisions, it has been a thrilling day of high-level grappling. Athletes like Amy Campo, Liz Clay, Roberto Cyborg, and Henry Kisscone have left their mark, showcasing the beauty and artistry of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Thanking the viewers for tuning in

We would like to extend our thanks to all the viewers and fans who have tuned in to watch the 2022 No-Gi World Championships. Your support is invaluable and it fuels the passion and dedication of the athletes to showcase their best on the mats.

Tomorrow promises more excitement, as the remaining matches unfold, leading up to the highly anticipated finals and absolute matches. We invite you to join us once again as we witness the thrilling conclusion of this prestigious event.

Thank you for joining us, and we’ll see you tomorrow!

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